2016 ATP year-end finals opener Djokovic sends egg to reverse Tim to take the lead _1

2016 ATP year-end finals opener Djokovic sends egg to reverse Tim to take the lead
Beijing time on November 14th, the 2016 ATP year-end finals started in London, the singles opener match, the world’s second Djokovic team in the Rendell group against the finals Tim Tim.As a result, he made timely adjustments in the case of a tiebreaker defeat. In the end, he sent an egg 6-7 (10) / 6-0 / 6-2 to reverse Tim and get the group stage starter.Druid celebrated the play Druid and Tim League played three times, the Serbian king won a single victory, this is a singles opener, for Druid, if he wants to regain the world No. 1 from Murray, his result of each gameBoth are very important, and Tim naturally looks forward to getting a good start. Both of them have not been in the best form recently, but Druid’s game experience is even better.  In the first set game, Djokovic took the lead in serving. As a result, he lovegame made it easy. Tim’s service was 40-15 ahead and was chased to 40 draws, but he still won the game with a strong serve and a straight line.Two points, smooth service, and since then the two services have been successfully served, so that the score alternately rose to 5-5.  In the 11th inning of the first set, Druid returned the ball to the net to send a break point, but the Serbian made a two-point thriller and threw the pressure to Tim 6-5. The Austrian star blasted the ACE and successfully secured the first set.Seven, in the middle of the tie-break, the small German net saved the ball accidentally and fell to the ground. After changing the side 2-4, Tim overcomes the 5-2 lead caused by the high pressure in front of the net, and each scored a point. Tim took 6-3In the three counts, but he made two double errors in a row, Xiao De took advantage of the situation to catch up to 6-6, and since then both shots played a good show to save the inventory, Tim cashed in the 7th inventory with a forehand win, 7-6 (10) Career took the first set from Druid for the first time.  Djokovic quickly adjusted and broke 3-0 in the second set. After a short break, Djokovic easily maintained a 4-0 lead. In the fifth game, Djokovic took over the brave,Tim made mistakes again and again. The Serbian broke the service 5-0 for the third time and entered the service victory set. Eventually, the gradually overcame service was cashed in, and the game was brought to the final set 6-0.  In the start of the tiebreaker, Tim defended strongly and stopped the continuous decline. However, the small Germany had adjusted the state to a 2-1 lead, and then both of them defended their own.-2 Continue to have an advantage.In the seventh inning, Tim made too many mistakes. Druid broke the serve again and entered the serve to win the game 5-2. As a result, the Serbian scored four points and scored 6-2 to achieve the reversal.