National Opera Grand Ceremony pays tribute to Da Zhai Men, Chen Baoguo Liu Peiqi Siqin Gaowa reunites

“National Opera Grand Ceremony” pays tribute to “Da Zhai Men”, Chen Baoguo Liu Peiqi Siqin Gaowa reunites
On December 19th, Anhui Satellite TV 2019 “National Opera Festival” officially announced that it will be broadcast on January 1, 2020.The show will pay tribute to the classic “Mansion Gate” 18 years ago.In the face of such a classic national drama, 18 years later, Siqin Gaowa called the evaluation still quite high, “I think it can be recognized as beautiful with” Dream of Red Mansions “, tasteful, and chewing.”Chen Baoguo, Liu Peiqi and Siqin Gaowa walked out of the gate of the mansion reappearing on the stage of the national drama ceremony.Official photo. In 2008, when the first Anhui Satellite TV Gala was founded, classics such as “Da Zhaimen” appeared as a tribute to the national drama. The director Guo Baochang starred in Siqin Gaowa.on the stage.Eleven years later, they gathered again on the same stage.Chen Baoguo said frankly at the scene: “Remember we have all said that after seeing the script of” Da Zhai Men “, we know that it is a script that meets every 50 years.We are very honored to participate in the performance of this play.Speaking of the honor of special contribution, I think it should be the screenwriter and director of this play Mr. Guo Baochang.”Liu Peiqi also said that I would like to thank Guo Baochang for the drama he wrote with his life,” at this moment I also feel that the honor of “National Drama Grand Prix” is heavy.But no matter what award or honor you get, return to zero and return to the starting line.Otherwise, it will float, swell, and will be arrogant, no one in the eyes, I am not willing to be such a person.I want to read the script seriously, act seriously, and act honestly. This is what I want in my life.”Sauna, Night Net Editor Liu Wei Tong Na proofreading Wei Zhuo