2014 10 size forward forecast: Zhanhuang Durant fights for melon third _1

2014 10 size forward forecast: Zhanhuang Durant fights for melon third
On August 21st, Beijing time, ESPN expert Bradford Dulit used the WARP lateral placement tool to rank players in various positions in the NBA in the new season.In this issue of the small forward ranking, LeBron James, who returned to the Cleveland Cavaliers, topped the list, Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder and Carmelo Anthony of the New York KnicksRanked second and third.  (Note: The WARP value, the full name of winsabovereplacementplayer, is often translated as the contribution value of victory.Simply put, this value is used to predict the player’s contribution to the team.To be more precise, at the expected playing time, a player (usually the starter) will bring more victory to the team than other players in the same position.) 1) LeBron James predicted the WARP value for the new season: 20.0 win rate: 75% want to take the emperor’s position, it takes more than one year.Last season, Durant’s WARP value led the league and surpassed James.You know, in the previous five seasons, James’ WARP value is the highest in the league.Although James WARP may be ranked second in next season, this is his 10th consecutive season in the top two in the league.In short, this performance is amazing.  James’ efficiency and output have remained basically unchanged in some respects, but his rebounds, steals and blocks all overlap.This change can be directly reflected in the true positive and negative values, and his true positive and negative values on the offensive end reach 8.7, set its highest since joining the Heat; but the true positive and negative value on the defensive end is only -0.8. Below the league average.2) Kevin Durant’s predicted WARP value for the new season: 17.1 win rate: 69% Last season, Durant has been ranked first in the league for the first time in the ranking of WARP value, and also took the MVP trophy from the regular season from LeBron James.Today, only the spread data on his resume: an NBA championship.In the regular season, Durant performed better than ever, and his WARP value and winning percentage set new career highs. To some extent, this needs to be attributed to his passing ability.  In the first three seasons of entering the league, Durant’s assist rate was only 3.2%, since then, his data began to increase.Last season, his assist rate and 2012-13 season (6.4%) Doubled locally.There is no doubt that Durant has gradually reduced his turnovers in the past two seasons.He is one of the best players in the NBA today, and he is entering the peak of sports.3) Carmelo Anthony’s predicted WARP value for the new season: 10.4 Win percentage: 59% There have been enough reports about Anthony becoming much better since joining the Knicks.In fact, he has never been as good as he is now.Not just dream fame, in terms of statistics, he is the top 10 players in the league.  Last season, his WARP value reached 14.2. It is 3 higher than the highest personal value in the previous 10 seasons.2, and ranked ninth in the league.In addition, his true positive and negative value is 3.8. Set a career high.Therefore, his influence can be reflected from the team level.Now, Anthony, who has turned 30 years old, will play in a system that may further improve his efficiency, and may also enhance his passing ability.4) Gordon Hayward’s predicted WARP value for the new season: 10.3 Win rate: 59% Not every young player has the opportunity to see themselves as the core of the team’s offensive, but last season, this opportunity came to Hayward.The WARP value of his career high is more based on production than efficiency.With the improvement of the Jazz’s strength, Hayward’s round share is expected to decline, but even if it does not decline, his three-point shooting should be higher than last season’s 30.4%.Hayward’s ability has been recognized in the free agent market this summer, and has gained a fat contract.5) Nicholas Batum’s predicted WARP value for the new season: 9.6 Win percentage: 57%    Maybe this is from France, but think of Batum, Noah and Dior!These three players have brought great value to their respective teams, and their skills are very comprehensive.  Last season, Batum’s WARP value reached 8.7. Ranked 29th in the league, even if his round share fell to the lowest since the rookie season-16.5%.In addition, his true shooting percentage has increased significantly, and his passing and rebounding are better than ever.He is entering the peak of his career and has enough time to improve his shortcomings.  Note: The 6th to 10th places are: Giannis Antetocompo, Andre Iguodala, Kowai Leonard, Chandler Parsons, Rudy GayYi.(Rosen) Extended reading: 2014 NBA summer signing transaction summary: Zhan Huangluo signed with Cavaliers ESPN to retire in the new season. Team prediction: Lakers Rockets top two Knicks again on the list