Ding Junhui’s Haikou Open finals thrilling victory was repeatedly spoiled by flies _1

Ding Junhui’s Haikou Open finals, thrilling wins were repeatedly “spoiled” by flies
Minnan News March 13 Yesterday, in the second round of the 2014 World Snooker Haikou Open, Ding Junhui completed a reversal and defeated Advani.In the game, flies and flying insects repeatedly “choke”, Ding Junhui also stomped anxiously, but ultimately won the tiebreaker victory.Despite winning the game, CCTV commentator Jiang Yi pointed out that Ding Junhui’s status is slow and hot, and he is so thrilling to advance that no one can stand it.  In the first half, the two had a 2:2 draw. Although the opponent got the match point 4:2, Ding Junhui finally reversed to achieve promotion.In the sixth inning, Ding Junhui led 8:1. Waving his hand on the ball before hitting turned out to catch the flies. Then the referee cleaned the table. The body of the worm was on the table. Jiang Yi ridiculed not to spend money to watch the game fall.Ding Junhui won the seventh inning to save a match point. When he hit the red ball in this inning, a fly stopped on the ball, but Ding Junhui ignored it and continued to hit.  Jiang Yi commented on Ding Junhui’s performance: “Even after completing the tiebreaker streak, but still have to criticize Ding Junhui’s slow-heating state, who can’t stand anyone playing Ding Ding’s adventures.””