2017 World Table Tennis Men’s Singles Final Malone VS Fan Zhendong match video live address entry_1

2017 World Table Tennis Men’s Singles Final Malone VS Fan Zhendong match video live address entrance
【世乒赛-樊振东横扫对手会师马龙 中国包揽男单冠亚军】北京时间6月5日,杜塞尔多夫世乒赛展开男单半决赛的厮杀,中国球员樊振东4-0(11-6, 11-9, 11-6, 11-1) defeated South Korea’s Li Xiangxiu to advance to the final, will compete with Malone for the men’s singles championship, the two men also won the men’s singles runner-up for the Chinese Table Tennis World Championships in advance.  2017 World Table Tennis Men’s Singles Finals Malone VS Fan Zhendong match video live address entrance:    20:30 on the evening of June 5 CCTV live    video highlights of the game: https://v./x/cover/8kgky7w2id16axb/o0024e3t5gc.html  中青在线北京6月5日电(中国青年报·中青在线记者 郭剑)扔出球拍、长啸一声倒地庆祝,龙队又赢了,世乒赛男单决赛上演荡气回肠的七局The war finally ended with Malone’s successful defending!  The Düsseldorf World Table Tennis Championships were packed, and fans of Ma Long and Fan Zhendong shouted one after another in the stands. Applause, cheers, and cheers made this high-level World Championship men’s singles final a veritable home derby.  At the start of 0:4, Malone, who lost 7:11 in the first game, obviously did not enter the state. For the first time, Fan Zhendong broke into the men’s singles final of the World Championships.After struggling in the middle of the second game, Malone also found his rhythm on the court, and the defending champion who shouted his momentum also frequently forced Fan Zhendong’s mistakes.  The 1:3 backward Fan Zhendong did not easily send the victory away. Instead, he used pressure to make Malone difficult to parry. Fan Zhendong, who won two consecutive games, stubbornly dragged the game into a cruel tiebreaker.  The suffocating seventh game allowed no mistakes. Like the whole game, the winning balance finally pointed to the more experienced Malone after swinging left and right.After missing a championship point, Malone finally used a perfect side attack to win the championship with 12:10.  Malone, who was in danger, showed the heart of the Grand Slam champion. Malone said that all he wanted in the game was to focus on playing the ball. The two people’s wonderful performances dedicated a classic battle to the World Table Tennis Championships.  Today the whole game is very dramatic. Anyone who makes mistakes will be caught by opponents to score continuously. Fortunately, I won the game today.Malone commented on today’s game.  For his opponent Fan Zhendong, Ma Long also spoke highly of it: Fan Zhendong has made great progress in recent years. He has the strength to win the championship. The future is his!  As the winner of the Super Slam, Ma Long, who had won the victory over teammate Xu Xin, admitted that his mentality before the game was not sure. Whether he would be happy to deal with it or work hard again, Ma Long couldn’t find a way to find head coach Zhi Duoxing Liu Guoliang to solve the puzzle.However, Ma Long, who refused to disclose details, said Liu Guoliang’s answer was very important to him.  Ma Long, who successfully defended his title, caught up with Zhang Jike in the World Championships. Ma Long thanked Zhang Jike specifically after the game. I would like to thank Jike. He is my idol and is very happy from looking up to him and shoulder to shoulder with him.  Although Zhang Jike won the Olympic title in four years and Zhang Jike achieved the men’s singles title in the World Table Tennis Championship in four years, Ma Long finally used his own efforts and strength to achieve the men’s table tennis twins side by side!Fan Zhendong, who failed to stand on the highest podium, was enough to be respected by his opponents. He tenaciously dragged the game into the tiebreaker and he tenaciously saved a championship point.  However, Fan Zhendong, who watched the whole game as a substitute at the Rio Olympics, still failed to cross the most difficult mountain in the past few years-Malone, but his circumstance and technical progress in the stalemate are obvious to all.Fan Zhendong, who was blushing after the game, admitted that he did a good job, but he was too close to force when he was leading.Fan Zhendong said: Generally speaking, this game was a good one, but when the chance came, the ability to expand the score and catch the fighter was still worse. I hope that I won’t make such mistakes in the future.  Unable to tell whether the face was sweat or tears, Fan Zhendong’s face was full of regret, and his unyielding eyes made people see that the 20-year-old teenager could become the mainstay of Chinese men’s table tennis in the future.Fan Zhendong, who wants to grab the class, is still a bit tender, but it is Fan Zhendong’s responsibility to take over and take over.(Editor of the Ministry of Sports)    (original title: World Table Tennis Men’s Singles Final Malone continues to win thanks to idol Zhang Jike) Extended reading: 2017 World Table Tennis Live Streaming: June 5 schedule for men’s singles finals and women’s doubles finals

Hundred Orchards warm the spring to help farmers act again, 700 tons of unsalable honeydew melons in Hainan go on the market

Hundred Orchards “warm the spring to help farmers” act again, 700 tons of unsalable honeydew melons in Hainan go on the market
Sauna, Yewang learned from Baiguoyuan on March 18 that 700 tons of desert melons collected from unsalable farmers in Lingshui County, Hainan Province were recently put on sale.This is also the second fruit product supported by the Baiguoyuan “warm spring to help agriculture” action after the Jinhuang Mountain in Hainan.In just one month, desert melons have undergone tremendous changes from poor sales to seeking alternatives.Both days, Li Kui, a fruit farmer in Lingshui County, was very happy.The desert melons he planted have finally sold and have sold more than 90 tons.Just a month ago, Li Kui had been worried.The desert honeydew melons that are ripe to be harvested in the field have no one’s attention, and become a sad “slack fruit”.Lingshui County is one of the main cultivation bases for honeydew melons in winter.However, affected by the new crown epidemic situation, traffic was blocked, foreign merchants could not come to purchase, and the village could not expand the organization of personnel to pick up in the mountains, causing the price of honeydew melons to plummet.”The honeydew melons we plant are all high-quality varieties. For so many years, we have insisted on using organic fertilizers. The average weight of a single fruit is 1.Around 7kg, the central sugar content is 16 degrees.”Li Kui said he hopes to find a good business and take away all the good melons in the field.”If you can’t sell it, there is basically no harvest, and you will lose a year’s hard work.Like Li Kui, other fruit farmers in Lingshui County have encountered such difficulties.Affected by the epidemic, the market demand is extremely low, and oversupply leads to the sale of good fruits, and the fruit farmers are seriously serious.”After receiving help, our team urgently discussed with the group and made various connections to fully understand the characteristics of the origin and scale of the slow-selling melons, as well as the requirements for procurement, logistics and transportation, and formulate a targeted agricultural assistance strategy.”Relevant person in charge of Baiguoyuan said.Baiguoyuan eventually purchased honeydew melons at a price higher than the average purchase price in the market, to protect fruit farmers’ income instead.According to reports, during the whole fruit season, Baiguoyuan will help Lingshui County sell about 700 tons of desert honeydew melons, which is equivalent to the production of more than 350 acres of melon fields.In just one month, the desert honeydew melon in Lingshui County has undergone tremendous changes from poor sales to supply and demand.Relevant person in charge of Baiguoyuan said that citizens need good fruits and farmers need good prices.In the future, the action of “warm spring to help agriculture” will continue to be normalized.Sauna, Yewang Ouyang Xiaojuan Photo source Image courtesy editor Zhu Fenglan proofreading Li Ming