Covering all ugliness, but cannot cover your illness

Covering all ugliness, but cannot cover your illness

Some people say that this is an era of looking at the face. There are many benefits to a man being handsome, but someone immediately jumped out and said “a high cover and a hundred uglies”. Height is the most important!

Recently, there is a news that gives confidence to men who are not perfect in height: A study in the United States shows that although tall men may enter the marriage hall earlier, their marriage is not as long as that of short men.

The study also says that taller men are more likely to do housework and shorter men are more likely to work.

See how much height can affect.

  In fact, height doesn’t just affect marriage. Scientists have more to say about height, some kind of health.

Do you know that height is still related to cancer?

Take a look at the study together.

  Tall women and cancer In a long-term health tracking study, researchers calculated the overall incidence of cancer in the population and further segmented according to the location of the disease, and calculated the incidence of 17 cancers in women of different heights.

Statistics show that for every 10cm increase in height, the risk of developing cancer is increased by 16%.

The relative risk of cancer was increased by 37% in the highest 175cm group compared with the shortest 155cm group.

  Relative risk of cancer increased by 30%!

Well, these numbers look really scary.

Although careful analysis will find that the relative risk of 30% seems surprising, in fact, the absolute cancer risk increased every year is only about 0.

2%, but still shows that there is a certain link between women’s height and cancer.

    Tall people are prone to cancer. Breast cancer: Women taller than 175 cm are very susceptible to lung cancer and die from it.

One reason is that hormones that affect a woman’s height cause an increase in milk duct tissue in the breast.

This tissue is where most breast tumors occur, so the more catheters there are, the more susceptible you are to diabetes.

  Pancreatic cancer: Men over 185 cm and women over 168 cm are 81% more likely to develop pancreatic cancer.

This may be because people’s growing hormones also increase the chance of cancerous cells growing.

  What shorts can cause cancer and heart disease: Men shorter than 170 cm are more likely to develop heart disease than men higher than 185 cm.

The reason is that the blood vessels of short men are correspondingly narrower and more likely to be blocked, which can lead to heart disease.

  Gastric cancer: Gastric cancer is related to Helicobacter pylori infection, and this virus is also the direct cause of gastric ulcers.

Infection with Helicobacter pylori during childhood can cause slowed growth.

  Abnormal height and disease In addition to the above examples, there are some data that prompt attention to the relationship between abnormal height and disease.

For example, musculoskeletal developmental defects in patients with dwarfism, the main symptoms are stunting of growth retardation and mental retardation, patients with Marfan syndrome who are tall and thin, and so on.

  Aging and height American experts believe that there is an important relationship between height and health, but life in the early years will affect human condition and height, and health decisions in the second half of life will also have an impact.

Shortening is a natural phenomenon of the human body after aging. Its causes include muscle loss, flattened arches, fluid loss between lumbar discs, osteoporosis, and narrowing of the lumbar spine.

Too much “shrinkage” increases people’s fractures and men’s risk of developing high blood pressure, and is also associated with impaired cognitive function, such as memory loss.

  Of course, there are some other studies on height and health, such as height and mental health, height and IQ, height and longevity, and so on.

Taken together, there are advantages and disadvantages to height (in fact, this sentence is a bit nonsense, but it is a fact).

Because parents are worried that their children are not tall, adults want to do everything possible to look taller, and most of them are considered from the appearance. If only from a health perspective, it is good as long as it is not pathological.

Readme of Wife Abuse Husband

Readme of Wife Abuse Husband

Why should I beat my wife and make it clear that my wife and I formed a family after being introduced by a colleague.

Not long after the marriage, my wife and I felt from their paranoid personality differences that our hasty union was a mistake.

In my opinion, a man can be an insignificant “small role” in society. He has no power or power, and is shy in his pockets. But at home, he should naturally be the “number one”.

Because he needs “man’s dignity” to support his otherwise weak physiology.

On the other hand, a man who can feed his family outside can still bear to swallow, and when he comes home, he still has to look at his wife’s face. How aggrieved he should be when he lives!

The wife thinks that men who are full of wandering outside are not qualified to engage in a “patriarchal dictatorship” at home.

  My wife and I started an open fight for the “sovereignty” of the family.

I said that I had fried noodles at noon, but my wife bought chives dumplings. My wife said that for your mother ‘s sixtieth birthday, we only buy two roast ducks, and I do n’t spend any other penny.”Cai Juan, also holding a camera,” shake his head “in front of his wife; the wife asked me to accompany her to shop, and I said that I was panicked when I arrived at the mall.

The wife said, if you want to compete with me, I can’t write you, don’t believe it.

My wife turned on the tape recorder and the barking pop songs disturbed me.

On the weekend night, my wife waited for me to sleep with her for a good night on the bed, but I lied at my desk that the editor of the Evening News tomorrow morning would “wait for rice.”

  My wife and I accused each other of having a “psychological disorder”, but could not find a doctor to seek treatment.

Until they talked to each other, they felt that there was a “thief’s heart” in their good words.

I pointed at the tip of my wife’s nose and said sternly: “With me, you can’t miss anything!

The wife yelled on her hips and shouted, “Yeah, in the society, even the big sesame seeds are not mixed up, but teach me every day?”

A man who can only cross in the nest!

What kind of man?

“I said,” I have to decide what I want!

“The wife also Zhenzhen said:” You have the final say?

Are you rich or powerful?

Tell you, I’m not a man made of soft persimmons!

“I patted the table indignantly:” Look at you as a foolish woman, and I’ve lost my mold for eight lives! ”

“My wife also jumped and said,” Marry you, a man who can only compete with my wife. I was blinded! ”

“I don’t know why or from which day, when I heard my wife’s words, the thorny maggots rose up, until my mind” hummed “, and I could no longer care about the scholar’s Sven, looking at his wife’s faceAn ear scraper.

The wife then slammed back, grabbed, scratched, and scratched until she was “out of breath”.

The wife’s nose showed blood, my area, and the whole body also scratched out of the blood channel, and the young son was so scared that he cried.

My wife dared to fight back against me, which aroused my cruelty and beat her harder than ever.

At one time, my wife and I were too noisy to ignite the local heating a few days in advance.

I pointed impatiently at my wife’s forehead: “I see you dare to put out the stove?

I beat you!

“The wife really turned and went straight to the kitchen, plucked the fire hook, and then hooked the stove.

I sneered, and couldn’t help but tell, holding my wife’s hair together, splitting my face into a few mouths!

Late at night, my wife and I were fighting outside the courtyard.

The neighbors stopped persuading them that they were accustomed to my “war” with my wife.

  My wife and I had a pitiful relationship. In the hostile fight, there was only one layer of skin left, and that was our son.

None of us “transformed” who satisfied us.

We are very tired and at a loss.

  Faced with the wedding photos of that year, the wife’s eye sockets became swollen and bluish. She looked at my eyes coldly, and made a sneer or two from time to time, which made me scared.I think my wife’s revenge must be after I fell asleep tonight.

Is she the big knife for chops in the kitchen?

Or use a folding spring knife in a plastic compote?

It seems that I have to sleep with my eyes open tonight.

  My wife’s gaze stared at me was still cold and scary, but she said something very calm: “Divorce.

Please find your marriage certificate.

“I braced my spirit and replied calmly:” I can fulfill you, and go to the divorce procedure tomorrow.

“I turned up and down in the study to find the marriage certificate in the kraft paper pocket, but when I heard my wife in the son’s room, I cried and said to the son,” I ca n’t let your dad fight, Mother can only divorce her father.

Mom is unemployed and has no fixed income, so you have to follow Dad . “” Mom!

“My son cried and said,” Mom, I don’t agree with your divorce from my dad! ”

“I couldn’t help the tears in my eyes, wiped my face, and my heart hardened again.

The red satin-breaded marriage certificate has been found. When I opened it, 13 years ago, my wife and I looked young with bright smiles.

Today, the photos are still there, but the bright smile is heartbreaking.

My heart was flat and my teeth were bitten. I handed my marriage certificate to my wife.

My wife raised her tears and stared at me.

I noticed that my wife’s mouth grinned with a grimace.

The wife lowered her head and stroked the photo with trembling hands.

  ”Our fate is over .” The wife’s tears dripped on the photo.

  There was a despair of loss in my heart.

Soon, I was very angry again: “Do you think we really have fate?

13 years, I’m too depressed!


Do you understand?

“The wife covered her swollen eye sockets and said,” I have suppressed you for 13 years?

This, I never thought about it, which women don’t love me?

I just want you to get rid of some problems that are not suitable for our common life. It can also be said to make you better . “” That’s enough!

“I patted the coffee table:” I hate that you say ‘perfect’!

What qualifications do you have for ‘perfect’ me?

In the past ten years, I have done almost all the housework, shopping, cooking, bringing children, washing and washing . But you always raise my nose and eyes, and accuse me of no reason!

“The wife stood up in excitement, and she said,” No matter how big my mistake, you can’t just raise your hand and hit?

You read many books and write articles, but you are so rough!

Forget it, let’s break up!

“My heart filled with regret. On the day I wrote an interview in the office, it was almost 3 am when I got home.

The wife was not asleep and still thoughtfully sitting on the sofa.

That’s it, I don’t want to say anything to my wife.

I just feel tired and never tired.

I sat on the other side of the sofa and closed my eyes sleepily.

My mood is extremely bitter.

  ”Did you hate me particularly?”The wife broke the embarrassing silence with a husky voice.

  I opened my eyes and said, “No, I only hate myself.

“Then why did you give me your marriage certificate?”

You’re not forcing me . “The wife shed tears and didn’t say any more.

  I frowned and asked, puzzled: “Aren’t you going to the court tomorrow?

The wife sobbed and said, “You, you don’t understand a woman’s heart at all.

You shouldn’t give me your marriage certificate, you shouldn’t . I was amazed at my wife’s tears, her eyes bloodshot, her heart pounding.

Somehow, his wife became tender and amiable at this moment.

I remembered that on many nights, my wife had held me a glass of soaked American ginseng; she had quietly placed on me a bag of walnut kernels she had smashed out.

The wife often said that you stay up all night writing articles and brains.

I know that these supplements were bought for me by the wife with the money she earned from working after she lost her job.

The wife said that the reason why I agreed to marry you was that I wanted you to be more literate than me, and I like cultural people.

Thinking of my wife’s affection for me in the past, my heart was very unpleasant. I actually moved towards my wife and held my wife’s hand.

The wife said, “Just because I am your daughter-in-law for more than ten years, you really shouldn’t hit me like that!

I am your wife . “The wife cried, weeping.

  Looking at my wife’s eye socket and the messy bruise on my cheek, my heart was filled with regret.

I cried too.

I took my wife’s hand and hit me at both ends.

The wife broke free from my hand and said, “Don’t do this. For the sake of this family, we both have trouble living.

Have you thought about it, you beat me again and again in front of your son, where do you let my face go?

How does this affect my son?

If your son grows up and fights with others as soon as you commit a turmoil, in case of any major disaster, we will be restless in our lives.

For my son, you can’t hit me again if I ever get wrong again.

Please . “I cried with tears on my face, and felt pain in my heart.

  My wife wiped the tears from my body and said, “I speak with a straight temper, so don’t tell me anything.

You are 5 years older than me, my brother, please ask me to be my sister in the future!

Sometimes, I’m upset, and let me vent to you if I don’t vent to you?

You are my closest person, and you should coax me like an elder brother, husband.

I know, I always irritate you, and I can’t help you in many places . “I reflect on my wife and myself, but my heart is still heavy today.

My actions have constituted domestic violence, and it will shame my wife all my life.

Chopsticks overdose aflatoxin

Chopsticks overdose aflatoxin

消费者在选购竹筷、木筷时,总是为了追求天然选择‘裸色’的筷子,但实际上,如果不涂上一层生漆的话,这些筷子就容易磨损开裂,食物残渣更容易残留In the crevice and breed bacteria.

Food packaging experts said that the repeated use of chopsticks themselves will become darker or lighter in time and frequency, and the color-changing chopsticks must be changed quickly.

Chopsticks that are used overdue will breed various molds, and mild cases may cause infectious diarrhea, vomiting and other diseases. Severely moldy chopsticks will breed “aflatoxin”, which can induce liver cancer.

Raw lacquer, also known as natural lacquer, is a milky white colloidal liquid cut from the lacquer tree. Countries in various countries have issued national standards for raw lacquer to regulate the quality requirements of raw lacquer.

When you need to contact high temperature, fried food and so on, try not to choose raw lacquered chopsticks, you should choose “all naked” chopsticks.

The country has introduced mandatory national standards for disposable wooden chopsticks and bamboo chopsticks for quality control, but there is currently no national standard for reusable chopsticks.

Food packaging experts recommend that chopsticks that can be reused should minimize bumps during daily use, reduce wear and pits on the surface of chopsticks, prevent food residues, grease, and filter residues, and provide a place for the growth of bacteria.

It is recommended to replace it every six months and try to place the chopsticks upright. Do not choose strong acid and alkali detergents, as the residual chemicals may cause harm to the human body.

In addition, many units of canteens, restaurants, and restaurants now use plastic-like chopsticks. This material is “melamine”. If it is cleaned, the chance of breeding bacteria is small, but you must pay attention to the QS logo and beware of uraldehyde.Resin is a fake and shoddy product that is heat-resistant and easily releases carcinogen formaldehyde.


Psychological motivation for girls to pursue neutralization

Psychological motivation for girls to pursue neutralization

First, the pursuit of innovation.

  In this age of publicity, personality is more fair.

Anti-traditional, seeking new, has become an attractive bright spot for girls.

So some girls can be neutralized to get more recognition.

Some girls never wear skirts, prefer to wear loose T-shirts, talk about their pain and mimic the appearance of boys, and move around on campus; this behavior has attracted the love and worship of other girls.

Adolescent girls are “beautiful”. In their eyes, fashion is beauty.

So I followed suit and followed suit.

  Second, the guidance of family education.

  Most families have only one child. Parents, considering the pressure of social competition, will require girls to be independent and not dependent on men, so they will train them in a masculine direction.

“Men’s education” includes encouraging children to be able to influence others, lead others in the process of interacting with others, and also be able to engage in some traditional concepts in career choices. It seems that women are not suitable for forced labor.

According to a survey, more than 90% of households currently use masculine methods to educate girls.

  Third, do not like their female gender.

  A research survey of the “Adolescent Sexual Psychology Study” found that the proportion of female students who are dissatisfied with their gender is 50%.

They are dissatisfied with their own gender because they feel that being a woman means being weak and bullied, being sexually harassed, and learning more and more, but boys are vulnerable to discrimination in employment and other aspects.

Therefore, when they want to be boys, they naturally agree with neutrality in words and deeds.

  Fourth, want to get friendship with the opposite sex.

  Because girls are always required to be “decisive, restrained, duty, ladies,” because they are easily in a passive state of life and lose the initiative of interpersonal communication and choice.

And very masculine girls, just as they are dressed like boys, their personality can be as straightforward, easy-going, joking, easy to be with the boys in the class, and even can be called brothers and sisters, satisfying their adolescents longing for heterosexualityPsychological needs.

Constructing the Psychology of Happiness

Constructing the Psychology of Happiness

Although it is hard and the process is very tortured, the decoration can always arouse our great enthusiasm. It carries our excitement and dreams for a new life, and it can also carry our own psychological expression.Formation test.

  A decoration show is booming. Every weekend, countless Chinese families lock their TV channels on “Swap Space.”

This is a home improvement reality show: two families exchange a family space for renovation, only two days, 8,000 yuan.

Almost everyone cried, and they saw a miracle of their own: the original space without personality has now become an exciting palace.

  In a few years, the ratings of “Exchange Space” have been rising all the way.

Host Wang Xiaozhang said, “I think it’s because we are facing ordinary people and the players on the show are also ordinary people. We decorated them for a better home and touched his and her emotional buttons.

“It’s true that” Swap Space “captures a problem that is of particular concern to some people today: decoration.

Anyone who has renovated, is renovating, and wants to renovate will be led by the show to express complex emotions and memories.

  ”Why didn’t a small broken flower give me?

“The families participating in” Exchange Space “were overjoyed with the decoration results, and the Wawa family is one of the few exceptions.

In fact, she was extremely dissatisfied!

She once highlighted to the designer that she has a “little broken flower” complex. When she closed the house, she not only saw the colorful flowers but did not give a single flower.

What’s more, the living room of his own home has become an art bar with a gray color, and even the ceiling is black!

  ”Is this my home?

It turned out to be this feeling!

My home should be softer, this is too rigid, not my field . “On TV, Wawa’s voice was a little hoarse and trembling:” Why didn’t a small broken flower give me?

Why is there no feminine element in the entire space?

“On the first night after closing, Wawa was sleepless all night, and the cold black room made her feel absurd.

After work the next day, she kept crying in her car and didn’t want to go upstairs.

“From small to large, I have a neutral style, short hair, and a personality like a boy.

When I went to college, my female consciousness was awakened, I began to like female beauty, and I turned to feminization.

“For Wawa, the little broken flower is already a symbol of her feelings towards home; her longing for the world of two people.

Although her husband likes the “grey black bar”, this cold space like cement completely completes her!

Despair and anger made her tolerate this decoration for another day!

  On the third day after the house was closed, with the help of another designer, Wawa began a huge transformation of the project, and finally turned the black room into a bright Mediterranean style. She bought a small floral tablecloth.Satisfied his complex.

“After doing all this, I immediately relaxed.

“The disturbed subconscious is easy to realize that some of the demands we insist on in the decoration are often related to some of our complexes.

Wawa is definitely not the only one.

Independent designer Zhu Yuxiao recently met a military customer. In the decoration, he reminded Zhu Yuxiao to keep the shower room he had used for many years.

This shower room is very old, and the white glaze has been stained into yellow long ago, which is very inconsistent with the current home style.

  ”I understand their emotions very well.

The small broken flower is human, and the old shower room is also human.

“Zhu Yuxiao said:” It was owned by this soldier in a difficult time. At that time it was very good. He always used it and was very emotional.

And our memories of the past will be pinned on some specific objects, which can activate our memories, let us be with the past, and also with ourselves.

I must respect this emotion.

“In the end, Zhu Yuxiao renovated his home into a nostalgic feeling, which not only carried the soldier’s feelings for the past, but also allowed him to live in the present.

  To psychologists, living space is an extension of one’s self.

“Because it is so closely connected to each of us, it is decorated in a certain style, which is directly related to each of us’s best interests-personal happiness.”Psychological counselor Wang Zhi said.

  A space that fits our emotions, emotions, and ego as a whole can only make us feel free, and can we show more of our truest and most ego states, gather and release richer life energy.
As Alan Deborton puts it, “Without worshipping any deities, a home can help us remember our true self.

“Will some kind of will become a special appeal in the decoration?

“Our past family life, our relationship with our parents, the structure, layout, color, decoration, etc. of our past living space, including some of our important experiences, satisfying the needs and complexities we meet are all part of ourselves.

Wang Zhi said that these “parts of self” often become very specific demands in decoration, and some may sound unreasonable.

  The test of intimacy For single men and women, no matter how unique their requirements are, it is their own business; for a partner, decoration may be a great test of intimacy, because it is a two-person, longThe life experience of the two merged together, and the subconscious of the two people collided and confronted dramatically in the home project of decoration.

  作家陆晓娅在《装修心理断想》中特别指出:“两个人原本是因为有些地方相同才走到一起,但一装修,相异之处就暴露无遗……装修也是一大生活事件,‘过去的我’与‘现在的我’同时显现,且在时间的压力下,很容易产生紧张和冲突。”A wife insisted on choosing a floor during the renovation. Her husband felt very soiled, and the two played like enemies.

She found out a long time later that this floor was used at home when she was a child.

Lin Lin and her husband were even harder.

She wanted continental style and western style, but her husband chose those colors that were “soiled and drossed”. He had to put all three walls of the living room on top of the bookcase.

  When the house is half-furnished, the two people will say divorce. When the decoration is finished, the love is gone and the fate is gone.

“I realized after two years: I had no dolls and no princess costumes since I was a child, and I wanted our house to be like a palace; he was born in the countryside, and his ex-daddy was a professor. He was dumped, and this became his heart.Ending.

“This is the psychological trap in the decoration.

It is difficult for our subconscious to be disturbed by the decoration.

Moreover, the conflict in the decoration is often very lethal, both of them are angry, no one pays attention to the wording, what is the most aggressive and the most fierce, regardless of launching like gunpowder.

  Lu Xiaoya said that one of her friends and couples had watched more sexual wars in the decoration. Before the decoration started, the two agreed: No one should mention divorce!

  The design is to enhance our happiness. A couple in Beijing provided a waterscape commercial house together with a 13-year mortgage period. Because of the decoration, the relationship came to an end and the woman kicked the man out.

This is exactly what many partners don’t even think about: after becoming a house slave recklessly, decoration will be a stressful thing.

Only the partners can deal with each other’s hidden complexes at the same time, and decoration can become the beginning of two people’s real creation of a new life.

  ”I think both of them may have their own needs in mind, or you may feel scared and have a lot of defense when the other person denies themselves.

Lu Xiaoya said, “During this process, don’t blame first, tell him / her, you are curious: why do you like this thing so much?

Maybe he / she will give a reason, and you can respect his / her special needs.

  If something he or she likes is a bit out of place in your home right now, you can suggest looking for your designer, maybe he / she has a way for you to combine these two well.

In this way, the conflict is resolved, and it is likely to become a point of creation and even a particularly interesting place in your home.

“In addition to communicating with your partner, communicating with the designer is also important.

Zhu Yuxiao suggested that, when decorating, try to choose a designer with a mentality in design.

“They will take the initiative to listen to your story and at the same time be content and content.

Because of your experience, your definition of self is decisive for your home decoration.

Zhu Yuxiao said, “Does this designer know you very well? It is a very important question.

If you think that he is only dealing with simple requests on some drawings, it is difficult to believe that he / she will make that living space into a home that suits you.

After all, design is to enhance our happiness.

“” The decoration must listen to what the hostess said!

“” I have a very important principle, that is, you must listen to what the hostess said when decorating!

“Zhu Yuxiao said:” Because 90% of women in every corner of the house are using it, men, most of them listen to his wife.

After all, he wants his wife to like this home, and he wants to go home to face a comfortable relationship.

Only his collection or something is particularly closely related to his inner spirit and needs to be carefully considered.

“Designer Qiao Qian will also consider the balance to the hostess.

He designed living rooms for newlyweds Luo Hao and Suna in “Exchange Space”.”I found a cheongsam in the hostess’ wardrobe, which became a breakthrough for my design.

“In the original white-tone living room, he turned into a kingdom of colors with his hands: orange, red, yellow, black, purple, and a bright yellow Chinese-style cabinet with butterflies flying on it . very successful!

Su Na, who studied oil painting, thought it was amazing, Luo Hao couldn’t help thanking him aloud: “Major Joe, I love you!”

Zhu Yuxiao believes that home is for two people and cannot be completely designed for one person.

There are couples who are alone when it comes to decoration. The husband feels hurt and the house is not ready to move in after the decoration.

“When conditions permit, there must be something combined by two people in it, otherwise the other party will psychologically resist this space.

Shiquan medicated diet to prevent cold hands and feet

Shiquan medicated diet to prevent cold hands and feet

Everyone is apt to feel cold hands and feet in the spring and winter seasons. The method of preventing cold hands and feet can promote blood circulation through multiple activities. At the same time, Chinese doctors recommend that people can choose flavored Shiquan medicinal ribs soup, or Danjiang Huoxue tea tonic.It can keep good health and better resist cold and warm up.

  Chen Chaozong, Honorary Chairman of the Chinese Medicine Association of Taipei, pointed out that in the past few days, the outpatient clinics found that the symptoms of elderly people’s cold treatment of hands and feet have increased, mainly due to the deterioration of physical function due to old age, or the inability to blood due to cardiovascular disease.Fully circulate to the peripheral blood vessels. From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, qi should be given priority at this time.

  It ‘s easy to keep your hands and feet cold and healthy. First, replenish Qi and replenish Qi. Codonopsis sibiricum, scutellaria baicalensis, Polygonum multiflorum, Eucommia ulmoides, Eucommia ulmoides Oliv.And develop exercise habits, can make the body less afraid of cold.

However, citizens should be aware that most medicated meals in the winter have the effect of activating qi and blood, so if the body is prone to inflammation, such as frequent mouth tears, people with hemorrhoids, or cellular tissue inflammation, they should be avoided.So as not to aggravate the condition.

Anti-cold first Qi-warming medicated tea drink flavored Shiquan medicinal ribs soup ingredients: Angelica, Chuanxiong, Cinnamon, cooked land two or two dollars, Baiji, Dangxiong, Chinese wolfberry, Atractylodes, Fuling 3 yuan each, Huangji, except licorice1 yuan each, 5 black dates, 500 grams of ribs, salt.

  Practice: 1.

Wash the herbs and cook in the pot for 1 hour.


Wash the pork ribs and cut into chunks. Put them in boiling water and blanch them.


Add pork ribs to the boiled medicated soup, cook for another hour, season with salt and serve.

  Efficacy: Nourishing qi and blood, preventing cold hands and feet in winter and increasing immunity.

  Ginseng red jujube tea materials: 2 grams of ginseng, 6 grams of longan, 5 jujubes.

  How to cook: Boil all the ingredients with 500 cc of water until boiling, then cook on low heat for 5 minutes.

  Efficacy: qi to warm up, nourish qi and blood.

  Dan Jiang Huoxue Tea Ingredients: 12 grams of salvia, 3 slices of ginger, 5 grams of brown sugar.

  How to cook: Boil the salvia and ginger with 500 cc of water until it boils, cook for 3 minutes on low heat, and then add brown sugar.

  Efficacy: Activating blood and nourishing blood, Tongluo warm up.

  By knowing how to prevent the coldness of the hands and feet of the medicated diet above, we can make a cup of warm medicated tea in the office, at home or on the journey, so that the hands and feet are no longer cold.

Five Mistakes You Have Made

Five Mistakes You Have Made

Water is the source of our life, and it is also one of the most important material resources that human beings rely on for development and survival. Our life is also inseparable from water. Water is one of the most important materials in human lifeBut you know what?

You have to drink water properly.

  Five Misconceptions of Drinking Water One: Drinking too much water, drinking too fast or too much, causing the water to be absorbed too quickly, the body’s water rapidly increases, and the burden on the heart is greatly increased.Difficulty breathing.

Patients with heart disease should pay particular attention to repeated drinking of small amounts.

  Misunderstanding 2: Drinking too much or too cold water will burn the mouth, esophagus, and gastric mucosa and reduce gastric function.

Too cold water can irritate the gastric mucosa, cause the stomach to contract, and cause gastric dysfunction.

  Misunderstanding 3: Excessive drinking water before going to bed. Because there is too much water in the body, it will increase the burden on the kidneys, affect kidney function, increase the frequency of urination, and affect sleep quality.

In addition, it will cause eyelid and facial edema after getting up in the morning.

  Misunderstanding 4: Quick exercise and drinking water immediately after a meal will increase the burden on the stomach and intestines, reduce gastric juice, reduce the bactericidal effect of gastric juice, and prevent digestion of food.

Drinking water too fast causes the blood volume to increase too fast, which suddenly increases the burden on the heart, causing temporary disturbances of electrolytes such as potassium and sodium in the body, and even heart failure, chest tightness, and bloating.

Therefore, after exercise, do not overdose, drink water too fast, and do not drink cold drinks, otherwise it will affect the heat dissipation of the body surface, cause colds, abdominal pain or other diseases.

  Misunderstanding 5: Continuous heating and heating for a long time. If tap water or barrel water is placed in the home, in order to prevent secondary pollution, you can consider boiling the water and then heating it.

  However, if the boiled boiling water is repeatedly heated, it will cause a large loss of nutrients in the water, and the deposition of certain heavy metals and the generation of nitrite substances will occur. At the same time, it will cause carcinogenesis in the stomach fluid after entering the bodyOf nitrosamines.

Therefore, repeatedly heated water for a long time is harmful to the human body.

  What are the benefits of drinking plenty of water? 1. Detox After getting up in the morning, drink a glass of salt water to promote detoxification.

In the morning, when the blood viscosity of the human body is the highest, drinking salt water will cause our blood pressure to be higher, especially for people with poor heart function, including people with high blood pressure.

  2. Beauty water is essential for beauty, and good skin cannot be separated from water.

But it doesn’t mean that the more water you drink, the better, 8 glasses of water a day is enough to meet your needs.

In addition to these 8 glasses of water, we can also add a lot of water through food. Drinking more water will increase the burden on the kidneys.

  3, people who resolve constipation can drink plenty of water appropriately, be sure to drink large mouthful, swallow faster, so that water can reach the body as soon as possible, stimulate bowel movements, and promote defecation.

While replenishing water, you can also eat chives, celery, apples, and other fruits and vegetables that replace fiber, which can better relieve constipation.

  4. Epinephrine is usually called “pain hormone” to relieve irritability. When a person is suffering from irritability, adrenaline will soar. Like other toxins, it can inject water through the body.

Therefore, when you are upset, you may wish to pour a glass of warm water and sit down in your seat to drink it slowly, which will make you feel more relaxed.

Students responsible for injuries in physical education

Students responsible for injuries in physical education

Accidental injuries in a physical education class, known as “knots” by the education community, were recently staged in a primary school in Qingdao. Due to the lack of relevant legal basis, this accident has been delayed and cannot be reasonably resolved.

  Citizen Ms. Pan told reporters that her son in the sixth grade was knocked down by his classmates during a physical education class and his left hand fractured.

She asked the parents of the other party for 5,000 yuan compensation on the grounds that “the other party’s children were intentionally injured and had a serious impact on the future development of the son.”

However, the parents of the other party approved themselves to consult the legal department, so there was no need for such a large amount of expenses, and they were only willing to compensate 2,000 yuan.

  In this accident, parents of both parties believed that the school had an unshirkable responsibility.

In this regard, a principal of the school named Liang said that the school has been actively coordinating the solution after the incident.

Finally, the school proposed a compensation of 1,000 yuan, but the parents still did not agree.

Principal Liang said that the school was engaged in normal sports activities, and accidents occurred, and the school felt wronged.

  It is understood that Shanghai has issued the first local primary and secondary school regulations to deal with school injury accidents of primary and secondary school students, “Shanghai Primary and Middle School Student Injury Accidents Management Regulations”, which will compensate for campus injury cases on the insurance industry date, so that the event will eventually have law.

People in the education sector in Daocheng have called for the introduction of such a regulation.

Four reasons why love walks into the grave


Four reasons why love walks into the grave

Studies by social and psychologists have found that: around us, many people who have been fighting in marriage for many years, almost no longer look back at the existence of love in marriage, and it seems to have become the grave of marriage, that is love; andThose who are about to enter the marriage hall are also fearful.

     Some psychologists say: In a way, marriage is the grave of love.

     How did love walk into the grave?

Xu Shunsheng, Department of Clinical Psychology, People’s Hospital of Wuhan University believes that love gradually entered the grave through the establishment of marriage life.

It is mainly caused by the following reasons: First, the “halo effect” disappears. When you look directly at the strong light source body, you will feel that the “halo” formed by this light source body diffuses to the surroundings, causing a large area nearby.The shroud is almost as dazzling as the light source body.

When in love, our bodies have at least one of the great advantages of fascinating each other. In the eyes of lovers, they will “cover the ugliness.”

This is a psychedelic feeling that is fermented in love.

Once married, they live a trivial, monotonous life without covering each other, the “halo effect” disappears, and both sides return to their original appearance.

So the shortcomings that have been attached to the body have emerged and have been magnified.

     Second, when the roles of the two sides change, when the two are in love, the two become together as lovers and treat each other. The relationship between the two sides still belongs to close heterosexual friends.

Lovers are independent, equal, and respectful of each other, and in order to achieve the purpose of marriage, each other can be considerate of each other, accommodate each other and more or less aggrieved.

However, after marriage, they relaxed their self-discipline, and psychologically wanted each other to adapt to themselves, obey themselves, and some even intentionally or unintentionally wanted to control each other, resulting in irreconcilable contradictions.

     Third, the seductiveness of sex is reduced. After repetitive sexual relationships are confirmed and fixed in the form of marriage, the interest of men and women in sex is greatly relieved, and the feeling of sex is not as strong as before.

     Fourth, there is no new content to promote the development of love in marriage. When in love, couples put “I miss you” and “I love you” every day.

However, after marriage, the lover felt that they would no longer have to work so hard, and they turned their attention to each other and began to think for themselves.

TCM Blood Remedy Recipe Makes You Beautiful and Evergreen

TCM Blood Remedy Recipe Makes You Beautiful and Evergreen

Introduction: If a woman is a flower, then the blood is the water in the flowering branches. Only the blood is sufficient and unblocked. It brings oxygen and nutrients to the skin in an uninterrupted circulation, and removes carbon dioxide and metabolites.

Only when the blood is unblocked can the flowers bloom longer and more beautifully.

Below, Xiaobian introduces you to different traditional Chinese medicine blood supplement recipes for women at different physiological periods, so that you can always make a rosy rose, always enchanting.

First, the follicular phase: the first period of the physiological period?
Day 9 1.

Reason for blood supply: At this time, the follicles begin to grow in the ovaries, and the ovaries secrete hormones to help the endometrium grow.

To advance follicular development and maturity, we should focus on nourishing blood and nourishing yin, while paying attention to nourishing kidney.


Blood Remedy Recipe: Lycium barbarum is a kind of sweet, flat, and nourishing yin medicine with liver and kidney, eyesight, and lungs.

Often regarded as a nourishing and anti-aging medicine.

Want to quickly restore your complexion while nurturing yourself?

Quite simply, a bowl of wolfberry Tremella will be done!

Method: Softly foam a small piece of Tremella beforehand, and simmer for 10 minutes in the pot after the roots are removed. The water volume has just passed the Tremella, then add 10-15 wolfberries, cook on low heat and cook slowly.Thirty minutes later, the fungus turned transparent and turned off.

If you like more sticky, then cook until you are satisfied, and finally add a rock sugar seasoning according to your preferences and you’re done.

Tip: The effect of warming the body of wolfberry is quite strong, it is a cold and fever, the body has inflammation, and diarrhea is best not to eat.

Approximately, healthy adults eat about 20 grams of wolfberry every day. Don’t overdo it.

Second, the ovulation period: the 10th in the physiological period?
Day 12 1.

Reason for blood supply: After the follicle matures, the egg is discharged and sent from the ovary to the uterus via the fallopian tube.

To promote ovulation, on the basis of nourishing blood, medicines for Tongluo, Qi, and blood circulation should be added.


Blood Remedy Recipe: Some flavor medicines, the effect of blood replenishment is comparable to that of the Siwu Decoction that has been noticed, that is, salvia miltiorrhiza.

In addition to replenishing blood, it can also activate blood circulation and regulate menstruation, clear the heart and remove annoyance, and relieve pain and soothe the nerves.

Method: Soak 500 grams of jellyfish skin in salt water before use.

Wash and slice salvia, 15 grams is enough. Then cut ginger slices and green onions together in a stew pot, add water and heat over high heat, and turn to a low heat for 20 minutes after the water is boiling.When it’s almost done, cut it out and put it into a pot. Finally, put salt, MSG, sesame oil, and seasoning on it.

If you put some cooking wine, it will taste better!

Tips: Salvia and alkaloid water, you must not put alkali in the pot.

Large doses of Salvia miltiorrhiza may cause allergic reactions to the skin, including pruritus, rash, urticaria, and chest tightness, suffocation, dyspnea, and even chills, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and restlessness.

It is necessary to pay attention to the dosage, which is generally 9?
15 grams.

Third, the luteal phase: the 13th in the physiological period?
Day 21 1.

The reason for blood supplementation: this is the late stage of ovulation. If there is no fertilization, the endometrium stops growing. At this time, yin and yang should be supplemented, and kidney yang should be the main factor.

The armor increases the corpus luteum function, creates a good conception environment, and prepares for the implantation of the pregnant eggs.

Even if you are not pregnant this time, you will lay the material foundation for your next menstruation.


Recipe for nourishing blood: Shudi is sweet, warm in nature, moisturizing, and can be used in liver meridian and kidney meridian.

Method: Add a little cooked land in the porridge, which can nourish the blood and nourish the yin, and keep health and beauty.
Wrap 30 grams of cooked ground with gauze, add it to a casserole, add 300 ml of water for 30 minutes, and cook over high heat.

After boiling several times, if you see that the juice is brownish yellow and the smell of the medicine is tangy, you can add the previous rice and use low heat to cook it. The rice will be boiled until it is cooked. Remove the cooked land and serve.

Note that it is difficult to brew effective ingredients with boiling water, so the best way is to cook porridge with rice, and take it after it is cooked.

Tips: This product is moist and sticky, which is even worse than raw land. It has a hindrance to digestion. Those who have more qi and stagnation and eat less will be stubborn.
Fourth, the menstrual period: the 22nd of the physiological period?
Day 28 1.

Causes of blood replenishment: The endometrium can’t continue to grow and will gradually peel off, and blood and broken mucous membranes will be discharged from the uterus through the vagina.

At this time to guide the situation, use the method of activating blood circulation to regulate the flow.


Recipe for nourishing blood: Cinnamon powder is a medicinal material for warming blood. It can nourish yang during warmth, dispel cold and relieve pain, promote blood circulation, and promote blood circulation. With it, can you worry about irregular menstruation?

of course not!

A nutritious and delicious cinnamon beef, which not only solved the roundworms, but also rid of dysmenorrhea!

Method: The ingredients are very simple, 4 grams of cinnamon and 250 grams of beef. The condiments are ginger, refined salt, rice wine, monosodium glutamate and spring onion.

Wash the cinnamon, cut into 2 cm long and 1 cm wide strips, cut the beef into pieces, put it in a pot, add an appropriate amount of water, and cook it with seasoning just like usual stew!

For a brighter color, add a little carrot and wolfberry.

Tips: 1.

Cinnamon is hot, suitable for eating in the cold weather, and not eat in summer.


Because cinnamon heat and blood circulation, vulnerable to fetal gas, pregnant women must eat with caution.


Crows with symptoms of yin deficiency, fire and fever such as fever in hands and feet, dry mouth and throat, are not suitable for consumption.

Blood-heat-type eyebrows with excessive menstrual flow or frequent nosebleeds are not suitable for consumption.


Patients with pelvic inflammatory disease, sore throat and other fevers should not eat.

Bloody crushes should also fast.