Celery onion is a good helper to lower blood pressure

Celery onion is a good helper to lower blood pressure

For patients with hypertension, in addition to using drugs to lower blood pressure, you can also reduce blood pressure in your diet.

And celery has a significant effect on blood pressure.

But you ca n’t eat too much, too much of each kind of food will definitely affect the replacement of other foods, and human stomach capacity is relatively fixed. Only balanced diet can get reasonable nutrition, which is the most basic to ensure healthRequirements.

  Food can manipulate blood pressure to a certain extent, but not overly superstitious of them, because for hypertension patients, if you simply use the method of improving diet and nutrition to treat it, it is not possible to treat it with drugs, supplemented with diet,The combination of drugs and their food can achieve higher efficacy.

Also, you don’t need to eat too much when choosing blood pressure.

Some people think that the more you eat, the better the antihypertensive effect, but in fact it may not be.

  Hypertension is a chronic disease, and there are many reasons for this disease.

The results of a considerable number of epidemiological investigations and clinical observations have shown that anticipation and nutrition are important among the many causes of its effect on blood pressure.

Therefore, by improving hypertension and its nutrition, it can indeed prevent the occurrence of hypertension and help patients with hypertension to manipulate blood pressure.

  The claim that celery, onions, potatoes, bananas, kelp and other foods can lower blood pressure has been circulating in the people for a long time.

According to clinical experiments, celery can indeed achieve a comparatively low blood pressure effect.

Studies have shown that this may be related to apigenin, an important component in celery, which can exert its antihypertensive effect and affect the central nervous system.

Vegetables with clear antihypertensive effect are also amaranth. Experiments show that choline and choline acetate contained in them have antihypertensive effect.

  There is another obvious feature of the antihypertensive foods that are popular among the people, that is, they are all foods such as potassium phosphate, calcium and magnesium.

Modern medical research shows that expected potassium, calcium, and magnesium are inversely related to elevated blood pressure.

That is, the more potassium, calcium, and magnesium we absorb from food, the less likely it is that blood pressure will rise.

Peanut Jujube Soup tonic and nourish skin

Peanut Jujube Soup tonic and nourish skin

Many women’s faces are dull, yellow, and lackluster, which is actually caused by insufficient blood.

If you want to brighten the complexion, the face is like a peach blossom, you must effectively blood.

Yao Lanying, chief physician of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Hangzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, said that Qi and blood can make the complexion ruddy, normal menstrual blood, and strong.

She recommended a peanut and jujube soup for everyone.

  Take 100 grams of red dates and 100 grams of peanut kernels. After soaking in warm water to remove impurities, add an appropriate amount of water to the pot, cook on low heat until it is soft, and add 200 grams of honey until the juice is thick and cease to cease.

You can also use a pressure cooker to cook peanut kernels and red dates for 30 minutes. Add honey after cooking.

  In addition, black fungus, mulberry, and black sesame substitute for “blood-forming materials”, which is also helpful for brightening the complexion.

Dry mouth and eyes are a large systemic system

Dry mouth and eyes are a large systemic system

In clinical practice, some people often encounter dry mouths, dry eyes, tears, and cyanosis, but they are not considered to be sick.

Wait until the condition develops and there are multiple systemic damage to the whole body, and then come to the doctor, only to know that he has suffered from Sjogren’s syndrome.

  Sjogren’s syndrome is a chronic systemic autoimmune disease that invades the exocrine glands, especially the salivary glands. The lacrimal glands are the most common in middle-aged women. Too many patients must bring water glasses when they go out.

The etiology and pathogenesis of this disease are not yet clear.

Generally believed to be related to genetics, immunity, and viral infections.

  In addition to the primary Sjogren’s syndrome, it may be secondary to a variety of connective tissue diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, scleroderma and dermatomyositis.

The main clinical manifestations of this disease are dry mouth, reduced saliva, and even inability to eat dry food, multiple dental caries, and blocky tooth loss; dry eyes, foreign body friction, reduced tears, or even no tears; enlarged parotid glands; joint pain and swelling;There will be further multiple systemic damage, including interstitial lung damage, atrophic gastritis, chronic hepatitis, renal tubular acidosis, blood system damage, nervous system damage, and lymphoma.

At present, Sjogren’s syndrome cannot be cured, and there are no effective drugs. It is mainly based on substitution and symptomatic treatment. Traditional Chinese medicine has its unique effect.

  Chinese medicine regards Sjogren’s syndrome as “bi-syndrome”, and some doctors call it “dry-bi”.

Its pathogenesis is related to congenital insufficiency, acquired injury, and invasion of external evils. The pathogenesis is metamorphosis of fluid, operation, and abnormal application.

Clinical is often divided into the following syndromes: dry evil criminal lung, lung and kidney yin deficiency, liver and kidney yin deficiency, spleen and stomach yin deficiency, qi and blood obstruction.

There are different clinical treatment methods and different curative effects.

  According to different syndromes of cold and heat, and different treatment methods, Sjogren’s syndrome can obtain good results.

In particular, the application of Jianpi Yiqi Shengjin method and Jianpi Yiqi Tongyang method in treating Sjogren’s syndrome can relieve the pain of many patients with Sjogren’s syndrome, thus making tears of joy long gone.

  After clinical trials, by invigorating the spleen and invigorating qi, shengjin fluid can be used to reach yang qi.

The body fluid is applied to the yang qi and applied to the skin, moisturizing the skin, mouth, and eyes, and raising the body’s internal organs.

At this time, it can be supplemented with blood circulation stasis, Tongluo analgesic prescription, and even significantly improve symptoms such as dry mouth, dry eyes, joint pain, or adjust immune function.

Such as Jianpi Yiqi Tongyang Decoction, it can be effective after taking it for about 12 weeks.

  However, the symptoms of dry eyes and dry mouth due to other diseases need to be distinguished from Sjogren’s syndrome, such as eye diseases and endocrine diseases.

  In short, Sjogren’s syndrome is not a minor disease, but it is not terrible. Integrated Chinese and Western medicine is currently a good choice.

Simple skin care method that will not cost you beauty


Simple skin care method that will not cost you beauty

Life is comfortable. I am taken care of by the air conditioner wherever I go. The skin seems to be seduced by the flirtatious, but it is actually secretly damaged. When the insects can not use the air conditioner, try not to let the skin breathe free air.Replace the water, replenish yourself anytime, anywhere, walk around every time, massage your skin, many small habits can protect your skin.


Applying protein-it is difficult to apply makeup to blackheads, noses, and reds. Going to blackheads is definitely not the same day as dating, but it is best to do it one day in advance.

The method is to break an egg, apply egg white to the nose, then apply a piece of paper (without soft cotton) to the face and apply it on the face. Wait for 10?
After 15 minutes of facial tissue drying, pull up the tissue paper from bottom to top, which is very effective at removing blackheads, but remember that after the tissue paper is removed, you must apply an alcohol-free toner.


Water is the source of a woman’s life. Water is the cheapest and healthy drink, so drinking more water is a must.

Generally sugary drinks only make you fat, while water can promote your body’s metabolism and make you healthy and beautiful.

But don’t drink a lot of water before bed because you are worried about your body’s lack of water, otherwise you will see puffy faces and eyes the next morning.


Don’t neglect the eye and lip skin. Before going to bed, you must absorb the moisturizing eye cream and lip cream, so as to avoid fragile eye and lip skin due to dry lines.


Eye cream massage-for dark circles, eye massage has the effect of removing dark circles, if you apply eye cream, by the way, circular massage on the eyes 15?
30 times, the lower eyelids will accelerate blood circulation, and the dark circles can even change from black to dark red in time. Try it!


Hot water lip-easy to peel off dry and dry lips. I only noticed when I applied lipstick. Can I tear it off by hand?


You must see blood, and it is easy to cause allergic symptoms. It is best to apply a thick layer of lip balm and apply hot moist cotton pads on the lips for 15 minutes.

Then gently brush the lips with a toothbrush to brush off the lip.


Strengthen the air humidity and keep the skin locked in water. Do n’t think that the air humidifier is only used in winter. At this time, in order to maintain the humidity in the bedroom air at night and avoid excessive dryness of the skin, a small humidifier needs to be placed on the bedside.Device, adjusted to a suitable value according to the indoor humidity.

Eat radish alternately in winter and spring to prevent colds

Eat radish alternately in winter and spring to prevent colds

Winter and spring alternate, warm and cold at first, especially in the evening when the temperature is low, people with weak constitutions are more susceptible to cold and cause colds.

In addition, the New Year in the first month has just passed, big fish and meat, and greasy food eaten too much, it is also easy to induce a cold.

At this time, if you eat some radishes properly, you can play a role in preventing colds.

  Radish has a high edible and medicinal value, raw food tastes cold and cold, cooked food is slightly cool.

Radish contains various minerals such as glucose, sucrose, fructose, crude fiber, vitamins, and a small amount of crude protein, as well as a variety of amino acids, which can enhance immunity and even inhibit growth.

Li Shizhen pointed out in the “Compendium of Materia Medica” that radishes can “give down qi, eliminate valleys and neutrality, and remove evil heat.”

Therefore, eating radish in the early spring not only smoothes the air, helps the stomach promote digestion, but also prevents colds.

  If you eat it raw, choose crispy and tender radish, shred it, and mix with vinegar, sugar, sweet and sour.

If you use radish to boil water as tea, it can effectively prevent colds.

The specific method is: take 250 grams of fresh and juicy white radish, wash, slice, add three bowls of water, cook to two bowls, drink one bowl while hot, and drink the second bowl one hour later.

Drink like this for three days.

Six Body Languages See Through Men’s Psychology

Six Body Languages See Through Men’s Psychology

Is yours a playboy?

Without prejudice, let us help you interpret his body language, help you, send you into his flower world, and fix the flower bowels in his belly!

Definitely fast and fierce!

  One of the body language: He has something to say that the body movement is similar: he leans forward, hangs forward, and his eyes float over your head.

  Many people decide to reveal the truth of the matter at a critical moment, and they will make this body language involuntarily.

This posture represents his psychological obedience, obedience, and secretly hoping to get your understanding.

However, you don’t have to make a conclusion immediately-what he is about to say may not be the thing you are most worried about.

Maybe he just needs your help.

  Tips to deal with: Let ‘s use an understatement to open the question with “You seem to have something to say to me”, then just shut up, allow time for him to consider the wording, and wait patiently for his response.

Don’t keep asking like firing a machine gun, but instead “grabbed” his chance to speak.

  If what he wants to say is not something that is sorry for your bad intentions, of course, you will not hide in your heart for too long.

If he repeats his words more and more, and then eats it again, it means that the truth of the matter is likely to make you very unhappy-at this time, you’d better be mentally prepared, otherwise if you get confusedYou can’t calmly think about how to deal with it.

  Body language two: He is in a state of restless body movements close: his hand is inserted below the longitudinal direction-sitting on his own hand.

  When people express their feelings freely and unreservedly, their hands often fly around unconsciously, with their hands next to each other, sitting on their own hands, which means that the person is trying to control himself, so as not to confuse himselfWhat to say.

  Coping tips: Praise him as a sweet baby and so on.

You can also calm his anxiety with relaxed body language-stretch your arms behind the chair, put on a contented look, or give him a hug of surprise from behind him.

  He may not be hiding something invisible, or he is afraid that what he says will mess up the whole situation or atmosphere-in fact, many people will have this habit from childhood.

It also means that he is worried that his next words and actions will cause discomfort to others.

When he realizes your peace and tranquility, he will also relax, and the insecurity will fade away.

  Body language number three: He was annoyed by changes in body movements: he clenched his fists, his eyes moved, and his jaw tightened.

  Because anger and aversion are emotions that are not easily hidden, he is bound to reduce the chance of direct contact with your eyes.

Subconsciously, he is worried that once you look directly into his eyes, the inner restlessness will be seen through you.

Unconsciously clenching both fists is also a symbol of impending anger.

Finally, see if his jaw and cheek bones are tight.

If he squeezed his lips, the muscles near the jaw above his cheek kept twitching and contracting, then he was really angry deep inside.

  Tips for coping: Apart from the severe externalities of severe violence, most boys prefer to remain silent rather than engage in direct confrontation with girls.

To see why he is angry, look into his eyes.

If, after you meet his eyes, he just glances at you and immediately turns his eyes away, then your eight achievements are the cause of his anger.

  At this time, you’d better tell him directly: “You can see that you are very unhappy. Is something wrong?

“This means that you are willing to work with him to troubleshoot.

If he is angry about something else, let him understand that you can reset the person he talks to and slowly soothe him.

  Body language No. 4: He is very stressed and his body movements change: he keeps stroking or combing his hair with his fingers.

  Playing with hair is a symbol of stress.

Fiddle with the buttons on the jacket and fold the napkin back and forth have the same meaning.

He may also constantly change his sitting position, shake his feet, and slap his fingers on the table like a piano.

  Tips to deal with: What you can help him is to distract him and prevent him from continuing to dig into the horns.

Otherwise, the pressure rolls down like a snowball.
Don’t keep asking him what happened.
You can pull him absently back to reality, invite him to take a walk in the park, watch a movie, and rely on another activity to interest him.

Once he takes the trouble out of his mind, he will most likely tell you the cause of the stress.

Many times, he may not necessarily understand exactly why his troubles come from!

  Body language No. 5: He doesn’t have your body movement changed in his heart: his eyes often turn to the left and right, and he turns his body away from you.

  His wandering eyes, listless sitting position, his body turned away, unwilling to face you, it is likely that he no longer cares about you.

If he tilts his head back, he can tilt his hands to the back of the chair or the side of the armrest.

再加上他对于你的问题总是简单几句‘是’、‘不是’就算回应,也不主动找话跟你讲,让你一个人像唱独角戏似的自说自话,证明了他的心已Fly away.

  Coping Tip: You must keep calm!

You might as well just shut up and wait for thirty or forty seconds to see if he would speak as a cold field between the two.

If it doesn’t work, it often means that he really has nothing to say to you.

However, body language alone is not necessarily 100% fair. You should also check whether there are other signs of “fever reduction” in the relationship between husband and wife, such as if he is dissatisfied with you, and then decide what to do next-go.

  Body language No. 6: He is lying. Body movements are close: he covers his mouth, or scratches his nose and ears.

  If he suddenly raises his ears, nose, or covers his mouth with his hands, you better pay attention!

Because the blood will rush to the face when lying, causing the nose, ears and other parts to start itching due to the slight increase in temperature, which makes people grab it unconsciously.

Symptoms of lying include sudden pitch rises or falls, repeated use of the same words and words, and doubled blinks.

  Tips for coping: He may have told insignificant lies just to ridicule the hero and not to humiliate himself.

If he was restless and his cheeks were red, things would not be simple.

At this point, you should never ask questions like a prisoner.

May wish to use a very calm attitude to directly say “it is okay to have something to say.”

Demystifying the nutritional value of soybeans

Demystifying the nutritional value of soybeans

What is the nutritional value of soybeans?

Life is now improving, causing bad harm to people’s health!

So pay special attention to the nutrition diet, don’t eat unnutritive food!

The elderly must pay attention to the nutritional value of soybeans!

  The nutritional value of soybeans1, increasing the protein in vitamin soybeans can increase the excitement and inhibitory functions of the cerebral cortex, improve the efficiency of learning and work, and can also relieve depression and depression.

  2. Prevention of cancer Soybean contains protein inhibin. It has been found through experiments that it can inhibit a variety of cancers, and the inhibitory effect on cancer is most obvious.

  3, assisted antihypertensive research by American scientists found that the diet of hypertensive patients absorbed too much sodium and too little potassium.

Ingestion of high potassium foods can release excessive sodium salts in the body, which has the effect of assisting in lowering blood pressure.

Soy beans are rich in potassium, with a potassium content of up to 1503 mg per 100 grams of soy.

Hypertensive patients often eat soybeans, which is very helpful for timely supplementation of potassium in the body.

  4. Phytosterols in soybeans that lower blood lipids have the effect of lowering blood samples.

It competes with cholesterol within the first level and reduces plasma absorption.

While reducing the “bad cholesterol” in the blood of patients with hyperlipidemia, it does not affect the “good plasma” in the blood and has a good lipid-lowering effect.

  5. Make smart soybeans mixed with soy lecithin, which is an important component of the brain.

Eating more soybeans can help prevent Alzheimer’s.

In addition, the sterols in soybean lecithin can increase neural function and vitality.

  The nutritional value of soybeans is to lower blood lipids, make the brain smart, increase energy, and assist in reducing blood pressure!

A nutritional supplement!

The elderly also need to absorb these and be good for health!

Pay attention to the nutritional value of soybeans!

Quit smoking inventory: exercise aerobics to shift focus

Quit smoking inventory: exercise aerobics to shift focus


Make a plan for yourself for the past week, set a schedule, and don’t allow yourself a second to smoke.


Throw away all the smoke.


Every morning I said to myself: I hate cigarettes, I hate cigarettes.


Learn a set of aerobics and jump out of sweat when you want to smoke.


Soak a cup of honey water or red dates longan tea, and always warn yourself that your body needs to be carefully maintained.


Calculate: Save money on cigarettes for a year, you can buy an extra brand-name watch or other goodies.


It is also a good choice to donate the money you buy to the Hope Project.


Keep a few pots of pleasing flowers, cultivate your sentiments, and try to divert your attention.


Clean the room and keep your world clean and tidy.


Buy some snacks you usually like and eat more fruit.


Say to friends around: “I quit smoking.

“Let them be your witnesses to quit smoking.


Seeing a smoker, he said in his heart, “Fool, you are committing suicide chronically.


If someone gives you a cigarette, you tell him you bet with someone. If you smoke another cigarette, you have to give that person a million.


Praise myself: I have perseverance and even quit smoking. It seems there is nothing I can’t do.


Always go home and look at it, and pay your cigarettes and gifts for your parents.

Eat coarse grains to make the skin delicate

Eat coarse grains to make the skin delicate

The ancients said, “Grain is for food” means that eating whole grains is good for health.

“Coarse grains” mainly include internal products such as corn, sorghum, millet, buckwheat, oats, oats, potatoes, and various beans.

  Eating coarse grains is also good for the skin. Different coarse grains have different effects. For example, corn is recognized as the “golden crop” in the world. Its fiber is 4-10 times higher than that of polished rice and refined flour.

And cellulose can accelerate intestinal peristalsis, can exclude factors of colorectal cancer, reduce plasma absorption, and prevent coronary heart disease.

  Mung beans are sweet and cold, have diuretic swelling, neutralize detoxification and cool thirst; buckwheat contains “chlorophyll” and “rutin” possessed by other grains.

Buckwheat has more vitamins B1 and B2 than wheat, and niacin is 3-4 times.

Nicotinic acid and rutin contained in buckwheat are medicines for treating hypertension.

Regular consumption of buckwheat is also effective for diabetes.

Fresh coarse rice is more beneficial to health than polished rice, because the more refined the food is, the more vitamins, protein and cellulose are lost.

  Many benefits of eating coarse grains for weight loss directly bring benefits to the skin. For example, the fiber in coarse grains accelerates bowel movements, promotes defecation and detoxification, and reduces skin diseases such as acne. Coarse grains diuretic and swelling make the skin delicate and even;It is said that the supplement of vitamin E in the fats of beans and nuts can help anti-oxidation and eliminate free radicals, and it is an angel protecting the skin; especially coarse grains also contain a large amount of magnesium, which can promote the excretion of body waste and have the effect of losing weight.It is also the key to ensuring skin fitness.

  Amy ‘s lady, middle-aged people with “three high symptoms, people with long-term constipation, people who have been sitting in the office for a long time, have contact with a computer to target their families, and people who eat meals have to eat more coarse grains.

Especially summer is rich in fruits and vegetables, coarse grains can be tired, it is more appropriate to eat more.

For example, you can eat more fruits during the day and multi-grain porridge for dinner.

If you stick to it for a summer, your skin will definitely improve.

  Tips but note: coarse grains generally have the disadvantages of poor sensory and poor absorption. You can solve this problem by cooking coarse grains or mixing them with fine grains.

Elderly people with poor long-term function (over 60 years old) and children with impaired digestive function should eat less coarse grains and eat coarse grains carefully.

Patients suffering from gastric ulcer, gastrointestinal ulcer, and acute gastroenteritis have soft and soft food requirements, so avoid eating coarse grains; prevent chronic diabetes, and patients with chronic inflammatory inflammation eat less coarse grains.

Six types of white collar workers most likely to be laid off

Six types of white collar workers most likely to be laid off

In today’s increasingly specialized science and technology, a “baby infant” without a skill can’t be achieved unless he is very talented and diligent.

  Therefore, elders who are neither “talented” nor skilled are often candidates who are first considered for layoffs.

  The “shark type” that lacks team spirit is refined through social division of labor. A work can often be completed efficiently only with the cooperation of the crowd.

Therefore, in the future society, individuals need teams, teams also need individuals, and the two need each other.

If the individual is not good at collaboration and has no team spirit, the individual can only be abandoned by the team.

  The upheaval of the stubborn “shell-shaped” society has determined that it is impossible for people in society to play a fixed social role forever in a changing social environment.

This requires people to constantly update their knowledge, improve their skills, adjust their mindsets and reposition themselves to suit future roles.

Those who are self-contained and do not think about the aggressive “shell type” will eventually lose their advantages in the fierce competition, and even out.

  Nowadays, the “machine type” that follows the rules is still more and more popular with employers who have pioneering and innovative capabilities.

“Machine type” talents who have a command to move the button will find it difficult to adapt to the rapidly changing social environment in the future, and they will be more crowded into the ranks of the unemployed.

  Some people who only say “no horn” do not seem to be full of money and often talk about “things other than donkeys and horses”.

It seems that as long as he says, everything is changing.

In fact, nothing has changed.

Elites, these “speaking giants, action dwarfs” are distinguished from those who “do less and do more” and are more likely to lose everything in the competition.

  The tortoise with low efficiency is unknown, and the seemingly faithful and reliable tortoise can indeed arouse people’s sympathy.

However, in the already high-tempo, high-efficiency brutal market competition, those “turtle” talents who are slow to move and inefficient will be no doubt overwhelmed by the fierce competition.