Practice hot yoga to quickly detox and lose weight

Practice hot yoga to quickly detox and lose weight

Outdoor high-temperature yoga can even increase the flexibility of our body, regulate personal emotions, promote metabolism, strengthen immunity, and improve joint complications.

At the same time, it can sweat a lot during the exercise, burn the adults in the body, stimulate the lymphatic system, expel toxins from the body, quickly eliminate fat, and make the skin bright and shiny.

  First, what is high-temperature yoga? Indian Bick Rom established the hot yoga system in the United States, and once it was launched, it caused a sensation in the yoga world.

Although this practice is considered by some classical yoga teachers to be inconsistent with traditional concepts and norms, hot yoga does have loyal followers.

Hot yoga has strict requirements on the venue and temperature. Practitioners need to practice 26 basic postures in a high temperature environment between 38 ° C and 42 ° C. Basically, they will sweat heavily after 10 minutes.

  Second, the characteristics of high-temperature yoga sweating can take away toxins from the body surface and purify the nervous system.

The traditional Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga make the practitioners sweat a lot in asanas, so as to achieve the purpose of discharging garbage from the body.

The high-temperature environment of hot yoga replaces the hard work of contraction. After ordinary people go in, they will sweat even if they don’t do any exercises.

Many celebrities rely on hot yoga to lose weight, and more and more people try this yoga system in China.

  Third, the role of high-temperature yoga Hot yoga has a good effect on weight loss, detoxification, and sculpted figure. It is a relatively popular innovative practice method at present.

  Muscles and tendons are stiff at room temperature, and in high-temperature environments, you will find that your body is surprisingly flexible, giving you confidence in yourself.

This is also a major feature of hot yoga.

  In addition to losing weight, long-term practice of hot yoga can also improve migraine, back pain, cervical pain and gastrointestinal diseases.

In the introduction of hot yoga, such texts appear repeatedly, and many people who come to practice hot yoga with enthusiasm also have this purpose.

Hot yoga classes are held three times a week for about one hour each time. The hot yoga room always gathers the highest popularity. Yoga mats are spread on the ground. Scholars are in their early 20s to 50s, mostly white-collar workers.

  Through gentle exercise on the human body, the softness of the spine can be improved. Squeezing the cervical spine in the opposite direction can treat migraine and cervical pain through Shujinghuoxue, which is especially suitable for people who often sit in the office.

Insufficient exercise, intense mental stress and excessive weight loss will cause the body’s cold physique, and hot yoga just combines warmth and exercise, allowing people to brave the cold to experience the “dislocation” of the season.

  Fourth, is hot yoga suitable for me?

  People who are in good health, without major illness or hidden dangers, who want to lose weight and detox.

Heart disease, high blood pressure, severe eye and ear diseases, diabetes, overwhelming illness, maternal, sub-healthy people are not suitable for practice.

  Fifth, the precautions of practicing high-temperature yoga First, practicing hot yoga will bring a certain amount of stress to the heart and respiratory system, lower blood pressure, hypotension or weak people should be cautious.

Beginners may feel dizzy, this is normal.

Pay attention to the mastery of time during the exercise, rest appropriately and replenish moisture.

  In fact, it is recommended that scholars do not eat for three hours before the exercise, drink a large glass of water 20 minutes before the start of the exercise, and do not eat for 1 hour after the end of the exercise.

Due to the cold winter, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor penetrations, we must pay special attention to prevent colds, it is best to bring a thick piece of clothing, the road from the hot yoga room to the dressing room can not be careless.

It is best to take a shower 20 to 30 minutes after the end of the exercise, otherwise the muscles and joints that are completely relaxed during exercise will easily become stiff.

  If you experience symptoms such as excessive sweating, dehydration, nausea, fatigue, and abdominal pain, stop practicing immediately and go out for ventilation.

If the symptoms do not improve after several attempts, it means that your constitution is not suitable for this yoga system. It is recommended to choose another one.

  Bring a towel and water when practicing.

Do not take a bath immediately after the exercise, wait for the sweat to dry, and wash after the pores shrink, which is more conducive to the discharge of toxins.

  Frequent visits to the gym make it easier for people who value exercise.

If you do not exercise very often, it is recommended to choose carefully.

You can try it out first to see if your body can accept it.

Chinese medicine prescription for acute tonsillitis

Chinese medicine prescription for acute tonsillitis

Traditional Chinese Medicine Prescription (1)[Fang name]Acute tonsillitis prescription.

  [Composition]25 grams of raw gypsum (fried first), 10 grams of black ginseng, 10 grams of isatis root, 5 grams of catechu.

  [Usage]Simmer until warm.

  [Government method]clearing away heat and detoxification, swelling and swelling.

  [Attending]children with acute tonsillitis.

  [Source]Daquan of traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions.

  Chinese medicine prescription (two)[party name]Acute tonsillitis prescription two.

  [Composition]Honeysuckle 15g Big Green Leaf 15g Banlangen 5g Brocade Lantern 6g Eustoma 6g Licorice 6g Burdock 6g Black Ginseng 6g Danpi 6g Red Scallop 10g Mabo 5g Artemisia 15g Mint 6Gram dandelion 10 g Scutellaria baicalensis 6 g.

  [Usage]Soak in water for half an hour, boil for 8 minutes for the first frying, boil for 20 minutes for the second frying, take it frequently, 1 dose per day.

  [Governing Law]Detoxification and clearing heat, dispersing blood stasis and swelling.

  [Indications]Acute tonsillitis in children, fever, throat soreness, tonsil enlargement, obvious congestion, or secretions, red tongue or red tongue tip, thin yellow or yellow thick fur, pulse count.

  [Source]Chinese Traditional Medicine Recipes

Notes for everyone on medicated diet good _1

Medication for everyone

Food therapy and medicated diet are the treasures of the motherland’s medicine. Because of the medicinal ingredients in the diet, which have both nutritional and therapeutic effects, they have been favored by people for thousands of years, especially in winter.
One of the main raw materials of medicated diet is traditional Chinese medicine. Among the more than 4,000 commonly used Chinese medicines, there are 500 kinds of medicinal dietary materials. Among them, about 60 flavors are safe and delicious, and ginseng, deer antler, yam, eucommia,Poria, Angelica, Radix Ginseng, Chenpi, Pearl Powder, Cordyceps, Cassia, Asparagus, Clove, Astragalus, Paeonia lactiflora, Codonopsis chinensis, Lycium barbarum, Glycyrrhiza uralensis, Ophiopogon japonicus, Mature land, Ganoderma lucidum, Gastrodia elata, Radix PolygoniMedicine-based.
  The traditional Chinese medicated diet is by no means a simple addition of food and traditional Chinese medicine, but is a kind of medicine, food and seasoning refined under the guidance of the theory of syndrome differentiation of traditional Chinese medicine.Special foods for preventing and curing diseases and strengthening health.
Traditional Chinese medicine has strict contraindications to medicated diets, which mainly include contraindications to medications, contraindications to diets and foods, contraindications to foods, and disease contraindications.
If you do not have the medical knowledge and make or supplement medicated food blindly, you will inevitably go astray.
The Qing dynasty doctor Zheng Qin’an said: “When the disease is taken, the aconite, rhubarb, and arsenic are all precious; when the disease is not taken, the ginseng, Qi, velvet antler, and wolfberry are arsenic.
“It means that the so-called toxic medicine, if properly applied, can save people from fire and water, and if the tonic products are not proven, they can kill people like poison.
Since the medicated diet is different from the ordinary diet, it is necessary to pay attention to the nature of the traditional Chinese medicine, the contraindications of the medicated diet, the selection and processing of the medicinal diet, and the cooking techniques, and to master several basic principles of medicated diet application.
  Differential diet based on constitution The medicine of the motherland pays attention to dialectical treatment in the process of treating diseases. In fact, supplementing medicated diet should also be based on its constitution to achieve dialectical diet.
Traditional Chinese medicine is divided into cold, cold, warm, and hot, and it should be selected scientifically according to the physique or illness of different people.
Generally speaking, warm and hot Chinese herbal medicines, such as ginger, shallots, red dates, walnuts, mutton, cumin, etc., have the functions of warming, dispersing cold, and helping the sun., Yin syndrome patients, mainly manifested by chills, fatigue, easy sweating, poor memory, backache, knee weakness, cold stomach, loose stools, poor sexual function and so on.
Cool and cold dietary Chinese medicines, such as mung bean, coriander, watermelon, pear, coriander, purslane, chrysanthemum, etc., have the functions of clearing heat, purging fire, cooling blood, and detoxifying. It is suitable for people with a sunburn or heat, Yang syndrome patients, manifested as fear of heat, prone to excitement, sweating and thirst, dry throat, constipation, red urine and so on.
  Preferred medicinal materials Scientific cooking The medicinal materials must be fresh and high-quality. Anything that is spoiled or musty should not be eaten.
The Chinese medicinal materials and food used in medicated diet must be cleanly selected first, so that they are clean and free of impurities, foreign matter, dust, and mildew, and they should also pay attention to its pure color and taste, beautiful appearance and good quality.
In order to ensure the efficacy of medicated diet, the necessary processing of medicinal materials and food should also be performed.
Some need to be sliced, shredded, diced or cut into pieces, some need to be crushed into fines, and some need to be processed according to the requirements of traditional Chinese medicine processing to reduce its toxicity or side effects.
Good medicated diet must pay attention to cooking techniques.
Traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine without unpleasant smell can be cooked together with food. If there is a lot of medicine or obvious unpleasant smell, the medicine can be wrapped with gauze and cooked with food. The medicine will enter the food or soup.Remove the residue when eating.
You can also cook Chinese medicine first, filter out the medicinal juice, remove the residue, and then add medicinal juice in the food cooking process to reduce the damage of nutrition and effective ingredients.
  药膳虽好 适可而止  有人认为中药毒性小或无毒,买回一把茴香就炒着吃,抓上一把枸杞就煮粥,拿上几根人参就煨汤,这样做是不正确的,也是很dangerous.
Traditional Chinese medicine is very particular about the dosage. The large and small amount is directly related to the efficacy of the medicine. The blind use of the drug regardless of the dosage will cause serious consequences.
Some people take 20 grams of ginseng tincture soup at one time, which causes cerebral hemorrhage after taking this kind of lesson.
“Diet and diet” is an important health care principle of traditional Chinese medicine, and medicated diet should also be moderate and moderate.
Do not eat too much in the short term, do not rush to achieve success.
Should be based on your own situation, often take a small amount, perseverance, will be effective over time.
It is worth noting that although there are many benefits to medicated diet, its pertinence and therapeutic effect are far inferior to those of medicine. Only when the two are used in combination and complement each other can better results be achieved.
  天人相应 因时制宜   祖国医学认为天人相应,治疗疾病讲究三因制宜,同样药膳也应讲究因时制宜即四季五补,春天万物复苏,五脏属肝,适宜升补;夏季分In the early summer and long summer, the qi is hot in the early summer, and the five internal organs belong to the heart, which is suitable for clearing up. In the long summer, the internal organs are hot, and the five internal organs are in the spleen, which is suitable for light supplementing.The five internal organs are kidneys and should be warmed.
If you violate this natural rule, it will also affect the benefits.

Become a superwoman behind a man

Become a superwoman behind a man

I often hear some wives refuse, and my husband is busy working day and night. Although my career is predicted to be midday, he is becoming more and more indifferent to me. I do n’t have the feeling of thinking about the scene where the family of three was happy.

“Sometimes I was overly anxious during the day and awakened from my dream several times at night. My husband asked me what was wrong, and I didn’t dare to tell the truth, for fear that it would upset him.

“After work, give his quiet wife more time to think about her husband’s position. When people reach middle age, they have rich experience and mature thoughts.

  Being able to serve in an official or semi-employed position proves that he has development potential. If he does not properly serve as an official, he will be eliminated by the tide of competition.

As a result, his career led him to focus on it, leaving no time to care for his wife and family.

I have to take a break to return home after a busy day. Of course, I want to be quiet. Most of the time, I don’t want to “overtime” to accompany my wife for a walk and listen to their complaints.

  At this time, the wife can get along with her husband in another way, such as giving him a cup of hot tea or squeezing a cup of fresh fruit juice, and letting him sit still for a while and take it slowly.

From these quiet and subtle actions, the husband can notice his wife’s sincere understanding and concern, and he will give back to his wife and be able to accompany him.

The relationship between husband and wife will also slowly precipitate and deepen in such quiet and silent communication.

  Understand his silent husband’s workload, stress, consumption and fatigue, so his wife should pay more attention to his diet and life, understand his emotional changes, and understand his quietness.

  At this time, his wife’s smile, tenderness, love and ready for delicious food are his best nourishment, silent love and strong support.

  After all, you are husbands and wives. When your husband is busy with work, he should take time to care for his wife and meet his wife’s reasonable needs.

Can’t even go for a walk every day, talk, at least once every ten days and a half?

There is also the maintenance of sex life, regularly attending friend gatherings and so on.

The husband’s performance in this regard is also a “barometer” of the relationship between husband and wife.

  Don’t be bored all day long to enrich your wife’s brain and make up her emptiness and boredom.

As her life becomes more colorful, her dependence on her husband and cranky thoughts will diminish.

In fact, the “emotional estrangement” that some wives worry about is not caused by the husband’s infidelity.

When your wife becomes active and busy, her mindset will naturally change.

The husband will be glad to see that his wife is no longer unhappy all day.

No one wants to see a grieving grieving woman all day, a happy smile can infect her husband’s emotions.

Niu Er, a Japanese drugstore exploring, also praises_1

Niu Er, a drugstore in Japan, also praised

Famous Japanese brands sold in large domestic department stores, such as Shiseido, Kanebo, Kose, etc., have a richer range of products to choose from in drugstores, and usually have a discount of about 70%.Very “approachable”, the unit price of most products is less than 100 yuan.


hzh {display: none; }  1.The black super cool nose patch is very similar to the Birou nose patch, but the cleaning power is stronger. The key is that it does not hurt when it is peeled off and does not pull the pores.

The online sales price is 40-50RMB, and the Japanese sales price is equivalent to about 30RMB.


Omi Brothers’ sunscreen is a product that looks familiar, is it like Xinbi?

This is the cheapest physical sunscreen product that can be used in recent trials.

To ask its “killer”, in simple terms, the four words “thin and effective”.

There are nearly ten models for different needs. The online sales price is between 40-60 yuan, and the local sales price in Japan is equivalent to about 30 yuan.


Warm activated carbon pore cleansing film This is the sales champion of Shibuya drugstore. Teacher Kevin from “I’m the Biggest” strongly recommends-use heat to dissolve the dirty things that can not be washed away by facial cleanser, and make skin tone brighter!

  Warm massage lotion ingredients + medicinal charcoal improve the absorption of sebum sweat, warm and relax the pores to dissolve and float out the dirt. After a few minutes, you can use a cotton pad to immediately “rub” your oily acne.

  How to use: After washing the face, wipe off the excess moisture and use it. Squeeze a suitable amount of POLA mask on the palm of your hand, absorb it in the whole area, and massage the entire face until the particles completely disappear.

Wipe with a cotton pad or wash with water. After cleaning, you can perform other maintenance procedures normally.


TIFFA Eyeliner (Silver) This is also a sales champion product. 5 minutes from any Japanese drug store, a girl bought this eyeliner or the same mascara.

The shiny waterproof formula is definitely a magic weapon for party makeup.


The beautiful Kanebo REVUE series foundation has a beautiful water chip on the lid. Even if you take it out on the bus, you are not afraid to lose face, huh!

The effect of this powder is also good, the best thing is to cover the pores.

  6, tiss cleansing oil This bottle of parity cleansing oil must be familiar to everyone. Recently, a new wet and dry version has been released. A bottle is equivalent to about 50 yuan, which is very good value.


KATE Makeup KATE Eyeshadow is the cheapest and best, with rich colors and easy to color.

This five-color disc is a hot product on the Internet this year.

3 Secrets to Clever Wife’s Life

3 Secrets to Clever Wife’s Life

Before marriage, a friend asked by phone: “How much is his monthly salary, does he have a deposit, and how many girlfriends have he had?

“I asked three questions.

Girlfriend hurried: “What do you know, you don’t know if you sold yourself!

I rejoiced and replied, “I know that he is well educated, that he has a sense of responsibility, that he is natural and kind, and that he cares about me.

  How much money is in his passbook, and who is his former girlfriend? Does it matter to me?

I never knew this. I haven’t been to his company, I haven’t met his parents, I never thought he would always be good to me forever.

I have my profession, my friends, my passbook and the future; I am self-improving and self-reliant, and these have been able to guarantee my happiness in life.

Why do I have to keep everything for him, to bear the fear of everything and to hold him responsible for my life?

“Don’t tell me you never lied.

I believe that some lies are well-intentioned.

Why do I have to tell you what I did, tell you my email address, and tell you my passbook password?

  I don’t trust you, but I believe my girlfriend is a standard good wife and mother. Her husband’s clothing, food, and behavior are all of little concern.

Her husband was traveling by car, she was worried about a car accident; her husband went to the bar, and she was worried about accidents after drinking; her husband returned late, and she called me every few minutes.

Girlfriend told me everything she had in her husband.

I was happy, and said in my heart, “Most of what you know is false.

Really when he is a transparent person?

“Man is born to lie.

Ask a man, if he invites a female classmate he once admired to eat, how many wives and wives tell the truth

Not to mention the ex-girlfriend.

It is impossible for two people who are close to tell each other everything.

If you step by step, most of the results are lies.

And, for men, freedom is more valuable.

It has nothing to do with loving you.

Of course, the premise of laissez-faire is mutual trust.

  A few days ago, my husband came back from work and suddenly said that he was going to Nanjing for a business trip at night.

At that time, several friends were visiting guests at home, and they were all embarrassed when I heard this. Just now I told others that I would wait for my husband to have dinner.

  I was surprised at my husband’s sudden decision and asked him if he had bought a ticket. He replied, “Go by car.

“I haven’t said anything yet, my friend hurried first:” driving?

It’s dangerous at night, no!

“My husband said lightly, and then hip-hop smiled and handed me a bunch of flowers.

  ”No wonder you bought me flowers!

No intention.

“I refused in my heart. I still persuaded him to go by train or plane very gently.

Husband did not hear when he was busy, looking for his traffic route map.

I knew at a glance that he had to drive.

Since the day when the Beijing-Shanghai Expressway was opened to traffic, my husband remembered driving.
He may not know where he changed his clothes, but he must know where his “Self-Guided Tour Manual”, “National Highway Traffic Map”, and online downloading information about driving and traveling.

Sure enough, he shoved the baby stuff into his bag, and then left home easily.
  I know the main purpose of the old public car is to play, but I did not expect that he left half of China as soon as he left.

I’m also worried about what to do with something unfamiliar in his life, but what’s the use of worrying about him?

There will be no fate of the king.

If I resolutely oppose his travel, he will only tell me that he is on a business trip.

The car at home was parked downstairs, and I had reason to miss that he was flying to a city in an airplane, and then he would get involved.

  Probably because of the strictness of tutoring since childhood, her husband hates being controlled most.

He sometimes joked: “I was governed by my mother for the first 30 years and my wife for the next 30 years, and I was dead.

“With regard to restraint, my husband has his fighting experience: he will not say anything when he is killed, or lie.

He has his reason: a big man, why should he tell you all his thoughts, actions, and plans?

  I think I can understand, a man, what you really want to do, you can’t stop it.

Therefore, I will never press for what my husband is unwilling to say.

Of course, I also have the right not to tell him what I don’t want to say.

  The days when my husband was away, I was not idle.

Once, he called home and I was not there.

Now, this man who loves freedom is a little anxious: “How do I think I’m not at home? Are you happy?

“” If the state official is allowed to set fire, the people are not allowed to light.

“My husband heard my laughter and didn’t say more, and returned home at an accelerated rate.

  I didn’t ask my husband if this operation had been planned.

What he planned was his business, anyway, he came back safely.

He asked me what I have done these days and I don’t answer.

See you next time and leave me at home?

  Don’t say you are willing to change for me, nothing can change a person’s nature.

  Not to mention being responsible for my life. Some responsibilities ca n’t afford my husband to go home in the same year. My mother has counted my various shortcomings, and my words have grown so long. The implication is to entrust me to my husband completely.

I listened to it, but I didn’t expect my husband to take it seriously, and asked me very seriously: “Can I be responsible for your life?


“I blurted out.

Then Zhenzhen has a saying, “No one can change who, and no one can be responsible for the life of others.

“Maybe this is neither tender nor romantic, and my husband groaned silently after listening.

However, it didn’t take long for him to understand this sentence.

  I know that I am far from the standard requirements of my husband.

Ideals are ideals, just like my husband asked me, “What is your ideal husband style?

“I always answer:” Young talents who love career.

Then he smirked.

“My husband is not the kind of” excellent young man “with a career as his duty.

He lives in his own way, and socially recognized evaluation standards do not help him.

I used to intimidate and try to change him by my standards, but it was useless.

He just didn’t like the white-collar life with a salary of 100,000 a year from 9 to 5, but he didn’t want to work hard for fame and success.

  After my “Shaping Plan” failed, I reflected and asked my husband to become an outstanding youth.

Because that’s the track of success that everyone recognizes. Transform it and go. The future is something. It’s clear at a glance.
In this trajectory, our future life will be smooth and worry-free.

This way: I have a lifetime.

But if life doesn’t work in this trajectory?

Absolutely not.

At the very least, I was doing well when no one was “responsible” for me.

That’s it. I’m responsible for my life. My husband chooses some kind of life, and he does whatever he wants.

  I don’t know how far it will always be, nor do I believe it is your only love in this life.

  What makes love lasting is not the promise of men, not the confidence of women, to chat with friends, and somehow talk about lovers.

A friend asked: “If one day, you see your husband having dinner with a MM, and they are having a good talk, what will you do?

I replied, “I don’t know.

Most likely will follow him.

“Go home and tell her husband about it, he laughed:” You?

Will definitely sit next to us and find a GG to accompany you for dinner.

“Go through her husband’s book and find a picture of the girl from the inside.

Want to come, who should be her husband’s girlfriend.

I put away the photos and put the book back in place.

I know that in the conflict between her husband, there are letters and photos of her former girlfriend.

To be honest, I was curious, but I have never read those letters.

If your boyfriend showed the letter you wrote to other women, how would you feel in your heart?

  Sometimes, my husband would talk to me about his former girlfriend.

Of course, he won’t tell me everything.

When he said it, I listened carefully, joked a little, and discussed with him the reason for the breakup; he didn’t say, and I didn’t ask.

If a man tells you that he has never been interested in another woman, that is a falsehood.

  I do n’t know if my husband has a friend of the opposite sex, but I do.

A friend of mine has known each other for nearly 20 years.

Sometimes, when I get angry with my husband and think that a man is just unreasonable, I call and get angry with him.

Many times, when he analyzes the problem from the perspective of a man, I find that things are not what I thought.

Because I am not a man, I will never know what they think.

But a male friend, he will give me an answer to the question that I can’t understand.

  So sometimes, when my husband hurriedly told me “Why are you always like this”, I would like to let him know: it’s not me, not women.

If he has several friends of the opposite sex, he may understand.

  Yes, my husband cannot have all the advantages of all men in the world, nor can I combine the benefits of women in the world.

Therefore, everyone can be excited about what the other party does not own. At this time, it depends on how you choose.

  I said to my husband: “You can choose me or someone else.

And once you make a decision, you are responsible.

I don’t believe that the prodigal turned back and Jin did not change that set, nor would he become friends with the so-called “red confidant”.

When you are indecisive, I must be silent, waiting for your choice.

“My friend said I was too laissez-faire to my husband.”

I’m just such a person. I don’t care about people by nature, let him go.

I do n’t use my husband ‘s cell phone, do n’t know his e-mail password, and do n’t call to track his whereabouts.
And I don’t share a sense of security for that.

What makes love last is not the promise of men, not the confidence of women.

Men and women whose virgin body is more important

Men and women whose “virgin body” is more important

There are many problems in emotional life. Sometimes there will be breakups, but after the breakup, the other party often cannot forget the first time (virgin and virgin) gave to the other party.的也会给对方的第一次而说 后悔,在这种想法以后,而大家往往都会说是女孩的第一次重要,而认为男孩的无所谓。  Why do you have such thoughts, is it true that boys are not as good as girls for the first time?
Is there such a big gap?
I agree that there are gaps, but in my opinion the gap is that for the first time boys are more important than girls.
  Maybe you see that the above will cause me a kind of dissatisfaction, especially female horror, then I will talk about why I think that the boy’s first time is more important than the girl.
  After the first occurrence of many men and women, the girl will break the hymen for the first time. Then, it will never be a virgin. Will she think that this is not more important than the boy?
And girl, did you think that your first time gave it to the boy and the first time the boy gave it to you, do you think he will still be a virgin after the first relationship with you?
  Speaking of this, some people may think that what I said is also correct, but at most it shows that the first time boys and girls are equally important, and why do I say that boys are more important than girls?
Maybe everyone knows that there is such a medical operation in the society. After this operation, a woman who is not a virgin can be returned to her virgin to repair her hymen.
  Yeah, when a boy and a girl have their first relationship, the girl’s virginity is gone, and the boy’s virginity is gone. Do you still think that girls are more important than boys’ first time?
Hymen surgery can dye a woman who is not a virgin and change back to a virgin, and boys, have you heard of the medical technology of returning a virgin to you?
The boy’s virginity can never be repaired.
Those who were dissatisfied with me at first, do you have any other thoughts when you see this?
Have you ever thought about the same problem as me.
  In today’s society, many girls who have repaired the hymen will look for her pure and sincere love, and often they will get the kind of love she wants. The boy treats her very well and loves her very much.She, because he thought she gave him her first time, could he not pamper him with the best love.
The girl lived a life like her first love again, and lived a life without a medium!
And has she thought about boys?
After giving it to her for the first time, she will never repair her virginity. What kind of life will he bring to him and another one?
Wouldn’t a girl mind nothing about a boy?
Who would want this.
Boys can never find the same purity and sincerity as girls.

Concerned about the cervical spine computer family to improve the prevention of cervical spondylosis

Concerned about the cervical spine computer family to improve the prevention of cervical spondylosis

Cervical spondylosis is more common among office workers who sit and work at a computer for a long time.

Due to the complexity of the condition, most people do not know how to deal with the threat of cervical spondylosis, and misjudgment and blind treatment of cervical spondylosis can easily aggravate the development of the condition.

Therefore, we should face up to the dangers of cervical spondylosis and use reasonable and effective treatment methods to stay away from the threat of cervical spondylosis.

At the same time, the scientific method of preventive health care is used to ensure the health of the cervical spine.

Here are some health care methods for cervical spondylosis.

  Preliminary: Changing the sitting position uses a computer for a long time every day. I still have to take a car or drive after work. The “sit” time for a day will be particularly long, and cervical spondylosis will “sit” like this.

  Establishing a correct sitting posture can reduce the incidence of cervical spondylosis by at least 40%.

  Establishing the correct posture can be summed up in one sentence, with the head slightly tilted, the chest straightened, and natural relaxation.

  Step 2: Relieve pain For people who have already experienced symptoms of cervical spondylosis, it is even more urgent to eliminate cervical pain correction, because this is related to normal, comfortable work and life.

  In general, hot compresses are very effective in relieving cervical pain.

In addition, the correct massage and some targeted drugs such as neck rehabilitation can all work well when the neck and shoulder pains are aggravated or the activity occurs.

  Step 3: Change the pillow. Yes, the two ends of the pillow conform to the quality of sleep. For patients with cervical spondylosis or those who are threatening the health of the cervical spine, a good pillow means less pain and sustained injuries and even rehabilitation needs.

  The choice of pillows should follow three principles: soft and comfortable, good support, and conform to the physiological curvature of the cervical spine.

  The fourth step: local functional exercise is important. The reason why the cervical spine problem is complicated is that its symptoms recur.

To ensure the continued health of the cervical spine, enhanced stress resistance and anticipation are the key points.

Therefore, it is necessary to perform some targeted functional exercises of the cervical spine, such as “cervical spine exercises” and “cervical spine yoga”.

  Step 5: Use less computer and exercise more. In the treatment of cervical spondylosis, doctors often highlight “physical therapy”. What is “physical therapy”? In popular terms, it is exercise.

Local functional exercise of the cervical spine also belongs to the category of physical therapy. However, each part of the human body is closely related and does not separate the overall local health. Therefore, whole body exercise will be more effective for rehabilitation and treatment of cervical spondylosis.

For patients with cervical spondylosis, playing badminton, swimming, etc., in addition to exercising the whole body, is also very targeted.

  To sum up the above five methods, we must do a long-term exercise to do a good job of cervical health care.

The above-mentioned contents can usually be achieved by everyone. It is important to continue to maintain the long-term health of the cervical spine.

Usually, try to shorten the time of using the computer as much as possible. When using the computer to work, remember to move your neck frequently. In short, your own health needs to be carefully maintained.

Recommended 9 fragrance body creams for winter


Recommended 9 fragrance body creams for winter

On dry and cold winter days, the aromatic and moisturizing body milk surrounds the skin with a charming and delicious relationship.

  The smell of the morning rain goes through the dense green rain forest, peach trees, grass and mountain springs in the morning light . The air is vertical, and the sweetness of verbena and lime is left on the skin, and the rainforest-flavored body lotion makes the skin feel like MuIn the morning light, the water runs smoothly through autumn and winter.


Lavera Organic Verbena Green Lemon Body Milk 199 Yuan / 150ml Weak acidic body milk that is very close to the pH value of the human skin surface, soothes and softens the skin, deeply locks in water, organic green lemon fruit and verbena essence, so that the skin and spirit are refreshed togetherCheer up.


CLARINS silky smooth body lotion 380 yuan / 200ml sorbus flower buds, Kadafu bark essence, peach tree and other best plant moisturizing essence, forming a thin “cream-like film” on the skin surface, showing a satin-like gloss, And emit a faint plant aroma.

  Fresh shell taste Close your eyes and feel the fresh taste of shells washed to the shore by the waves. While the marine body cream moisturizes the skin, it can also bring home the vast romance of the sea.


H2O + fresh body deep moisturizing cream 160 yuan / 240ml cress, Iceland moss and other plant extracts and marine mineral composites can deeply moisturize dry skin and bring a fresh marine smell.

Aloe vera, shea butter, moisturizes and repairs damaged skin.


Lolita Sea Memory Fragrance Body Lotion 400 yuan / 200ml exudes a fresh oriental fragrance. This jewellery-like body lotion gives the skin a vibrant oceanic kiss and the smoothness brought by a variety of moisturizing and moisturizing ingredients.Skin quality.

  Fashionable garden flavours. A winter date for a spring date. The purple garden is holding a stylish party with faint lilies, ylang-ylang, jasmine, and passionate fresh oranges, mouth-watering pomegranate juice.Skin becomes plump, supple and charming.


Estee Lauder Modern Urban Body Lotion 500 yuan / 200ml makes the body sink into the fragrance of the purple flower room. The light silky lotion contains rich coconut oil and jojoba seed oil, which makes the skin moist and tender, and the highly moisturizing effect makes the fragrance last longer.Staying on the skin, shiny factors make the skin shiny and sexy.


GUERLAIN Body Lotion 470 yuan / 200ml fresh as raindrops, silky as silk, this fragrant body milk with love, moisturizing the skin all day.

Special precious perfume ingredients and tiny golden pearl particles can brighten the complexion and make the skin delicate and moist.


Jean Paul Gaultier I love the body milk 350 yuan / 200ml sweet pomegranate flavor, has the functions of turbidity, brighten skin tone, anti-oxidation, so that the body’s skin can also enjoy care.

The charming rose scent drips into the attractive black raspberry and grapefruit essence, giving out a fresh and pleasant floral and fruity scent, letting the body bath and nourish with love.

  Fruit honey taste the honey for the skin. It has the sweetness and sweetness of apricots, the deliciousness of lychees, the fragrance of osmanthus, roses and hibiscus, and the coolness of bergamot.Sugary winter day.


Benefit Feminine Moisturizing Cream 260 Yuan / 200ml In addition to maintaining the seductive floral and fruity fragrance of feminine perfume, it is also very moisturizing, refreshing and transparent to make the skin soft and sexy, and the shiny factors added in the lotion make the skin emit a healthy glow.

  Tips: The key to how to keep the fragrance body milk fragrance is to keep the skin moist before using it. Do not use the fragrance body milk in dry conditions.

You can prepare a moisturizing spray to lightly spray the skin, then use a little more amount of perfume emulsion to massage on the skin until it is absorbed, then pat it to let the active ingredients penetrate into the inner layer of the skin, so that the fragrance will stay longer.


Chloé Fragrance Moisturizing Lotion 760 yuan / 150ml exudes the elegant scent of roses, peony and freesia, allowing every inch of skin to enjoy a full moisturization, showing a soft and plump velvety.

Falling in love is a bit psychologically resilient

Falling in love is a bit “psychologically resilient”

Modern people don’t seem to care much about losing love, but from the way they pursue love, they can see that they are less confident about love than watching people with traditional love, and even dare not expect to have love for life.
They seem very pragmatic in their pursuit of love, such as “grasp the present” and “only care about what they once had.” In fact, this shows a psychological emptiness.
  So what kind of psychological quality do we need to be able to make us more comfortable and advancing in modern love?
  1. Believe in love, but not superstitious love.
It is unrealistic to believe that everlasting true love exists, but expect it to transcend everything.
Knowing this way can make us not superstitious about love, and it is not easy to get hurt and despair.
  2, can go in and out.
You can forget yourself when you invest, and you should let reason stand up when the results appear, so that you can grasp the initiative of love.
  3. Active and rational attitude.
Waiting for love, waiting for love, will miss many opportunities, but blindly robbing love will hurt others.
With a proactive attitude, pursue love with confidence, without letting love be buried by your own improper pursuit.
  4. Have the ability to love.
The ability to love includes the ability to give, the ability to understand, the ability to tolerate, and the ability to take on oneself.
Do n’t expect love to share everything for us, we still need to face many things alone; giving is better than asking for happiness and making ourselves happier; tolerance has an unexpected effect on love.Tolerances that may not be achieved may work.
  5. A little psychological flexibility.
Enjoy the intimacy of love, accept the estrangement of your lover, loose and tight can be grasped leisurely, cherish when you have it, turn quickly if you lose, you don’t have to mourn the past endlessly.
  6, understand a little love psychology.
In a state of seemingly available and unavailable, feelings can easily heat up. Use this to strengthen the love atmosphere; lovers encounter frustration and need comfort most.
  7. There is a little economic foundation.
Although material and love are not necessarily directly proportional, there is a certain material basis that is absolutely conducive to the healthy growth of love. Love without fireworks will not last long.