Multi-angle thin waist exercise do not bucket waist


Multi-angle thin waist exercise do not bucket waist

What is the “bucket waist”, you can pick up a tape measure and measure your waist circumference and hips. If you measure your waist-to-hip ratio to reach or exceed zero.

8, then unfortunately, you are the typical “bucket waist”.

銆€銆€Part 1 Action Exercise 1.

Chair practice: (1) Sitting on the chair shallowly, legs together, the upper body straight, hands on the lower abdomen.

銆€銆€(2) Slowly lean back on the back of the chair until the back is close to the back of the chair, hold for 5 seconds, and repeat the movement 10 times.


Pose posture practice: (1) supine on the ground, legs bent together, feet on the ground, hands on the lower abdomen (2) use the waist and abdomen strength, let the upper body slowly rise, hold for 5 seconds.

Then slowly lie back to the ground and repeat 10 times.


Table and chair practice: (1) On the shallow chair, the legs overlap, like the posture of the legs, the feet touch the ground, the arms are straight, and the palms are placed on the edge of the table.

銆€銆€(2) Slowly leave your legs and keep moving to the chest for 10 times.

This action can effectively tighten the abdominal muscles.


Pose posture practice: (1) lying on the ground, legs bent together, hands clasped knees, calves and the ground in parallel, (2) hands clasped to allow the legs to approach the chest, to maintain recovery after 5 seconds (1), repeat 10 times, 5.

Chair practice: (1) sitting on the chair, legs apart and shoulder width, thin arms bent upwards, (2) the upper body slowly twisted to the right until both hands grasp the back of the chair until after 5 seconds to return to the originalThe action is performed in the opposite direction and repeated 10 times.

銆€銆€Part 2 is twisted in place.

Prepare for standing posture, put your hands on both sides of the waist, open your legs, shoulder width, and prepare for inhalation.


The left and right twisted legs remain unchanged, the center of gravity is placed on the waist, and the waist is slowly twisted from left to right 10 times.


The position of the front and rear twisted legs remains unchanged, the center of gravity is placed on the waist, the back is straight, and the waist is made forward and backward, repeating 10 times.


Rotate and twist your hands on your hips, draw a circle clockwise or counterclockwise above the waist, and the action can be enlarged.

Rotate 10 times.

Practical body: easy month slimming


Practical body: easy month slimming

Some of Mommy’s original girl’s body is completely gone after childbirth, even if she drinks water. Some moms can always 鈥渟kinny back鈥?even if they have a few births. In addition to physical fitness, the perception of slimming is actually the key.Don’t always want to accept life for a long time. In fact, slimming is a lifelong lesson. You should start observing your physique when you are pregnant. When you are pregnant, you should manage your weight during the month and lose weight after 6 months.Period, until a lifetime.

銆€銆€are you tired?

Just want to be tired!

But slimming is not only to make your body look good, but also to make your body function healthy. Because of this, no matter which slimming method you choose, remember that health is the biggest!

銆€銆€There are three opportunities for women to increase their weight most easily: (1) puberty (2) pregnancy (3) menopause.

銆€銆€If you can maintain your weight during puberty, you can maintain normal weight during pregnancy, and increase 7 kg during pregnancy?
12 kilograms, it will be easy to quickly restore a healthy posture after childbirth, and the doctors found that the labor process is progressing smoothly, and the healthy pregnant women have the common advantage of maintaining proper weight before and after pregnancy.

Pregnancy weight for postpartum weight loss before pregnancy, bmi> 24 or more than 70 kg, pregnancy weight should be increased by 4?
Within 5 kg; before pregnancy, bmi> 27 or more than 80 kg, try not to increase excessive body weight at the end of pregnancy, the obstetrics prognosis is better.

Studies have shown that women who have a normal bmi before pregnancy have an increase of 20 kg in more than 1/4 of their pregnancy, or an average of 0 per week after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

68 kilograms, these mommy will have 40% of the weight lost during pregnancy in the 6 months after delivery.

Pregnancy is not the time to lose weight, but Mom should pay attention to nutritional balance and moderate exercise to maintain proper weight and physical fitness.

The benefits of exercise during pregnancy are improved physical fitness, improved cardiovascular function, inhibition of weight gain and slight hoarding, and smooth labor and reduced pregnancy complications.

The three months after the most intelligent production of confinement is the fastest time to lose weight, and then the rate of weight loss will slow down until 6 months after delivery.

銆€銆€Because of the traditional concept of confinement, mainly including high concentration, it is easy to overlap too much aunt and plasma, beware of the increase in waist circumference!

Whether there is an absolute relationship between postpartum and postpartum weight loss!

The purpose of confinement is to make the wound heal as soon as possible, reduce the internal repeated recovery, and restore the function of the body organs to the normal operation before the birth.

If the month is not done well, the wounds of the body will not heal properly, the endocrine will be out of tune, and the body will naturally reduce the metabolic rate for self-protection. As a result, the metabolism of the cells becomes slower, and it is not impossible to accumulate during pregnancy.濮?is consumed, and more cockroaches accumulate.

If you can use the confinement to lose weight, it is the smartest way. Just after giving birth to a child, the energy and endocrine effect of the wound healing will cause the body to be in a state of high metabolic rate, and the diet is correct.In fact, you don’t need to mix too much exercise, it will be easy to reduce 3 in a month?
5 kg.

Siwu Decoction for the treatment of impotence


Siwu Decoction for the treatment of impotence

Siwutang, which is composed of Chinese herbal medicines of Angelica sinensis, Rhizoma Chuanxiong, Radix Paeoniae Alba and Rehmannia glutinosa, is the main function of blood and blood transfusion. It is known as the 鈥淕eneral prescription for all blood diseases鈥?and 鈥渟pecial agent for regulating liver and blood circulation鈥?”.

銆€銆€Judging from the square meaning of Siwutang, Rehmannia glutinosa is mainly composed of blood and has the effect of tonifying the kidney and filling the essence; Angelica sinensis, blood circulation, and yang in the yin, the single-flavor medicine has the effect of aphrodisiac and Xingyang;The blood in the blood; the sputum medicine swells the yin and nourish the blood, the Chuanxiong and the peony can relieve the blood vessels through the catheter and increase the arterial blood supply.

The whole party is a blood medicine, which constitutes a blood treatment agent.

銆€銆€Because the basic standpoint of TCM treatment of reproductive system diseases is “male female blood”, and “sperm blood homologous”, that is, sperm and blood are the basic substances of human body fluid, and the blood and blood can be transformed into each other.In order to promote the production of fine, and the essence of filling is the role of nourishing.

It can be seen that the basic theory of blood and blood transfer of Siwutang and the similarity of “sperm blood” provides a reliable basis for the treatment of impotence.

銆€銆€Middle-aged people with impotence and coronary atherosclerosis, a certain correlation between stroke, and impotence is often a local manifestation of systemic vascular disease, so Siwu Tang has a better therapeutic effect on vascular impotence.

What are the benefits of ginseng tea?


What are the benefits of ginseng tea?

Winter is the best season for taking ginseng.

For shortness of breath, fatigue, frequent dizziness, low blood pressure, easy to catch a cold, winter is afraid of cold and easy to suffer from cold qi physique is best to take ginseng tonic at this time.

There are many ways to eat ginseng. Soaking in water as a ginseng tea is one of them. What are the benefits of drinking ginseng tea?

1 improve memory, usually drink ginseng tea can improve human memory, ginseng tea contains a lot of ginsenosides, this substance can directly affect the human brain, improve brain cell activity, promote brain cell regeneration, increase intelligence and improve memoryThere are great benefits.

2 improve the heart function, usually drink ginseng tea can effectively improve the function of the human heart, it can enhance the contractility of the heart muscle, can also regulate the heart and brain and then accelerate blood circulation, high myogenic myocardium, ventricular fibrillation and coronary heart diseaseAnd other common heart diseases have a good regulation.

3 hypoglycemic ginseng tea has a good conditioning effect on human hyperglycemia and diabetes, and makes high blood sugar lower. It contains ginseng polysaccharide and ginseng saponin, which are natural hypoglycemic components, which can improve blood sugar island function.Promoting diabetes for urinary tract is the most suitable health tea for people with high blood sugar and diabetes.

4 improve immunity ginseng as the preferred medicine for qi health care, can promote serum protein synthesis, nano-protein synthesis, bio-protein synthesis, etc., often drink ginseng tea can improve the body’s immunity, inhibit tumor growth, and effectively fight cancer.

When does ginseng tea drink? Normally, ginseng tea is better to drink after a meal, and it is hot.

Some people think that ginseng tea tastes bitter and tastes bad. The taste is not very good. Can I add some honey or sugar to it?

In fact, when drinking ginseng tea, it is best not to add other things, the original is the best.

Who is suitable for drinking ginseng tea? People who have a cold often have a cold, and their physique is often weak. Those who do not often have a cold have better physical fitness.

And often eat ginseng, can enhance physical fitness, not easy to catch a cold.

Some experts believe that ginseng should not be eaten during a cold and fever. After a good cold or ginseng can be used to prevent colds, many ancient recipes can be used to treat colds with ginseng, and it is a prescription.

People with significant memory loss have also documented the role of ginseng in “hiking”.

Therefore, whether it is a mental worker or a manual worker, eating ginseng often plays a positive role in restoring or improving memory.

People with cardiovascular disease have a very good effect on cardiovascular disease, which is unmatched by western medicine.

After years of ginseng treatment of cardiovascular disease, Korean experts believe that ginseng is the guardian of vascular children and has obvious curative effects on cardiovascular diseases and other blood diseases.

Many males with impaired function or impotence have ginseng in the aphrodisiac.

In fact, sexual dysfunction and impotence patients can eat ginseng alone, and the most alternative method is to drink ginseng tea.

Ginseng’s taboo population 1 Insomnia patients If there is insomnia and people with poor sleep quality, then Xiaobian does not recommend taking ginseng.

Because taking ginseng at this time does not even improve the quality of sleep, it will make the central nervous system more excited.

The cause of insomnia in pigs is due to excessive excitation of the cerebral cortex, which affects the balance of the body. Ginseng has the effect of increasing nerve excitement. If ginseng is taken at this time, it will not even promote sleep, but it will aggravate insomnia.

2 patients with high blood viscosity, the so-called high blood viscosity of patients, is actually the case of congestion in Chinese medicine.

As the blood concentration in the body increases, blood circulation is affected.

Ginseng promotes the growth of red blood cells after entering the body. If the number of red blood cells increases, the viscosity of the blood will rise.

Therefore, in order to be healthy, it is best not to take ginseng in the case of congestion.

Lose weight must eat low metabolism and full of food


Lose weight must eat low metabolism and full of food

Many women often stay up late because of Internet or overtime, etc., and they are hungry; or the pressure is huge, and the quality of sleep is not high.

At this time, you can choose some foods that are low in speed and can relieve nerve pressure and help sleep.

We recommend the following weight loss foods for you!

銆€銆€Calcium and other ingredients in warm milk dairy products, such as whey protein, can help burn excess candy. If the total conversion of intake is constant, if you increase the absorption of dairy products in daily intake, you will greatly reduce the excess aunt.It also helps you control your weight healthily.

銆€銆€The statement that drinking warm milk before going to bed helps sleep is well known because milk contains a tryptophan that acts like a fatty acid.

銆€銆€However, the milk itself has a certain content, so be sure to choose low-fat plain milk.

銆€銆€Many women often stay up late because of Internet or overtime, etc., and they are hungry; or the pressure is huge, and the quality of sleep is not high.

At this time, you can choose some foods that are low in speed and can relieve nerve pressure and help sleep.

We recommend the following weight loss foods for you!

銆€銆€The antioxidant power of vitamin C, e and carotene contained in red wine can increase the age of accumulation and reduce metabolism and make the skin better.

The wine is rich in iron, and the alcohol itself has the effect of promoting blood circulation, so it can improve sleep, warm the kidney and kidney, and effectively reduce the accumulation of moisture in the body.

銆€銆€However, be careful to buy wines that are produced by the manufacturer.

The good wine is made entirely from fermented grapes, which are sweet and slightly sweet and contain no additives.

The kind of wine that is sweeter to drink adds a lot of sugar, so a cup of 250 ml of red wine is about the same as a bowl of white rice, about 240 calories.

銆€銆€Drinking red wine before going to bed should not be greedy, just a small cup (about 50 ml).

If you drink too much, the conversion of red wine itself will replace the effect of losing weight.

銆€銆€Many women often stay up late because of Internet or overtime, etc., and they are hungry; or the pressure is huge, and the quality of sleep is not high.

At this time, you can choose some foods that are low in speed and can relieve nerve pressure and help sleep.

We recommend the following weight loss foods for you!

銆€銆€Honey honey has excellent bactericidal effect and detoxification effect, which helps to excrete waste accumulated in the body.

As a result, the metabolic function of the whole body is improved, and the excess accumulated in the body due to the inability to consume well can be burned as energy.

If the sugar of honey can be transported from the stomach to the blood, it will become energy and quickly eliminate fatigue.

As the blood sugar level rises, the feeling of fasting also disappears.

銆€銆€Before going to bed at night, wash a cup of honey with warm water (in the proportion of honey 1 boiling water 10), help to sleep and nourish the skin, add a variety of trace elements, detoxification, smooth bowel movements, small stomach naturally small.

銆€銆€The sugar in honey can promote the stagnation of your brain. Feeding is a recently discovered neurotransmitter associated with persistent waking.

A large number of sugars have an excitatory effect, but a small amount of glucose can timely suggest that the brain secretes orexin (phenyl dihydroquinazoline), which is a newly invented neurotransmitter related to the thinking reaction.

So drinking honey water before going to bed is also helpful to relax before going to bed.

銆€銆€If you think that drinking honey is a bit monotonous, you can use half a cucumber to make juice, add honey and warm water, and turn into cucumber honey water, the effect is better.

銆€銆€Many women often stay up late because of Internet or overtime, etc., and they are hungry; or the pressure is huge, and the quality of sleep is not high.

At this time, you can choose some foods that are low in speed and can relieve nerve pressure and help sleep.

We recommend the following weight loss foods for you!

銆€銆€Banana bananas are actually “sleeping pills” wrapped in peels. In addition to stabilizing serotonin and melatonin, they also contain magnesium which can relax muscles.

In addition, bananas are low in calories and rich in dietary fiber, which can promote bowel movements.

銆€銆€However, it should be noted that the speed of bananas is not low, and each banana contains 80 to 100 kcal transitions (1 bowl of white rice contains about 200 kcal conversion).

Eating bananas before going to bed should be done on the basis of a light diet for dinner.

If you eat too much starch and meat at dinner, then bananas are still less delicious.

Eat bananas before going to bed and eat only one.

How to maintain the old sex is not old

How to maintain the old “sex” is not old

The human body will grow old, but the degree of sexual aging is different.
銆€銆€”Men generally develop mature in the age of 20-22, and the physiological functions gradually reach the peak. After that, they begin to slowly decline.
Jiang Hui said that it is generally believed that male sexual aging is around 50 years old.
At this time, male male hormones are obviously reduced, and the body will have many discomforts, such as lack of concentration, bad mood, thinning hair, decreased physical strength, etc.; sexual aspects will also change, such as loss of libido, slow sexual response, erectionDecreased ability, genital atrophy, decreased semen volume, etc.
銆€銆€Experts pointed out that although sexual aging is terrible, it can be prevented.
From the following aspects, we can help you to achieve “people are not old.”
銆€銆€Strong and strong must first be strong.
If you want to have a good sex, you must maintain a healthy state of mind and not be mentally aging.
Be optimistic and open-minded in life, do not care about trivial matters, and communicate with your wife and family.
銆€銆€Aphrodisiac is not as good as fitness.
Exercise can keep people healthy, but also beneficial to the secretion of androgen, so that the body is full of vitality, to achieve the purpose of delaying aging.
Proper outdoor activities can also make you feel good and relieve tension.
銆€銆€Caress more than sex life.
Mutual love and hug between husband and wife play an important role in sex, which can also stimulate the secretion of gonadotropin and maintain young sexual function.
As you grow older, the importance of caressing is more important than substantive love.
銆€銆€Matching is better than big supplement.
In terms of diet, try to avoid high-calorie foods such as polysaccharides, salt, and oil.
Eat more whole grains and foods that can improve gonadal function, such as fish, shrimp, mutton, leeks, walnuts, etc.; eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, and the vitamins can also delay aging.
銆€銆€Quit smoking and stop drinking.
Smoking, drinking, staying up late. these unhealthy lifestyles can damage the secretion function of male testes and accelerate aging.
Therefore, we must develop good living habits in order to delay the aging of sexual ability.

TCM health theory and method


TCM health theory and method

The “Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” gathers the principles of the pre-Qin philosophers, and explores health and longevity from a medical perspective, creating many health theories and methods.

銆€銆€The view of nature is “the combination of heaven and man.”

The human body must conform to the laws of nature in order to maintain normal life activities.

“In the case of disasters, it is a disaster.

銆€銆€”According to the four o’clock, the method of adopting spring health, summer raising, autumn raising, winter raising, and raising spring in spring and summer, and nourishing the yin in autumn and winter, that is, the way of nature, raising nature, and achieving the overall unity of man and nature.
銆€銆€The view of the will “will, the soul, the warmth, and the angry.”

“Play the role of human will combined with the characteristics of the season, and adjust the spiritual will.”

“Spring March, this is to send Chen to make Zhisheng”; “Summer March, this is said to be a show, so that there is no anger”; “Autumn March, this is Rong Ping, Zhi Zhining”;In the month, this is meant to be closed, so that it is so confusing.”

In a word, the spiritual will of the person, the spring should be comfortable, the summer should be full, the autumn should be stable, and the winter should be hidden, so as to keep “nothing, nothing, no anger, instinct, spiritual integrity, no souls,Repentance can not afford, five hidden infinite evil.”

銆€銆€Proof of the view that “the saints have not been cured, they have not been cured, and they have been treated without disorder.

The disease has become a cure for the disease, and the chaos has become a cure. For example, it is not too late to wear a well.

“Proposed the prevention thought of the first disease prevention.

“The evil spirit thief wind, avoiding it sometimes; faint nothingness, sincere qi; from the spirit, the disease is always!

“External avoidance of six kinky evils, internal and mental stimulation, emotional changes, to achieve the first disease prevention.

銆€銆€The view of the essence of “the endless cravings, and the sorrows are not limited, the essence is slack and bad, the glory has been removed, so God goes to it, and the disease does not heal.”
鈥?”The rise and fall of the essence determines the growth and aging process of the human body, and it is also the source of the body’s resistance to disease.

Therefore, the health care must be careful room, full of God.

銆€銆€”The energy can be static, and the solution is longevity.

“Propose the form of God and raise.

According to different time, the shape is adjusted.

In the spring, “the night is getting up early, and the steps are wide in the court”; in the summer, “the night is getting up early, and you don’t get bored with the day”; in the autumn, “the morning is getting up early, and the chicken is happy”; in the winter, “the morning and the evening are up, you must wait for the daylight.”

銆€銆€Diet therapy is a food for the people.

Advocate “the diet has a festival” to maintain the source of the spleen and stomach.

For example, 鈥渢he diet is self-doubling, the spleen and stomach are injured鈥? and the injury is insufficient, and it is easy to be sick.

At the same time, swear to the people, carefully reconcile the five flavors, avoid taboo.

“Poisonous drugs attack evil, the grain is raised, five fruits are help, five animals are beneficial, and five dishes are full.”

The scent is combined to supplement the essence.

“It is the reason and the five flavors, the bones are soft and sturdy, the blood is flowing, and the sorrow is dense.”

If it is, then the bones are refined, and the law is like the law.


Home cleaning can not be ignored details


Home cleaning can not be ignored details

Due to improper cleaning, dust will be lifted in the air. These dusts are easily inhaled into the human body. Although the nasal cavity of the human body has a certain barrier function, the nasal cavity can only exclude dust with a diameter of more than 10 micrometers. A large amount of dust drives straight into the respiratory system.The elderly cause high blood pressure, rhinitis and other diseases.

銆€銆€People always mistakenly believe that the focus is on the upper pollution barrier. The indoor environment is of course better than the surface area, but a large number of studies have confirmed that the concentration of pollutants in the indoor air sometimes exceeds the upper limit, even reaching the highest 2-5 times.

Because a large part is caused by dust inside the room.

In particular, sweeping the floor with a broom, wiping the table with a dry cloth, rubbing shoes at home, shaking clothes and tapping the trapped dust, etc., easily lift the deposited dust and cause indoor air pollution.

銆€銆€Due to improper cleaning, dust will be lifted in the air. These dusts are easily inhaled into the human body. Although the nasal cavity of the human body has a certain barrier function, the nasal cavity can only exclude dust with a diameter of more than 10 micrometers. A large amount of dust drives straight into the respiratory system.The elderly cause high blood pressure, rhinitis and other diseases.

Dust particles less than 5 microns will deposit in the end of the respiratory tract – alveoli, damage the respiratory mucosa, causing bronchitis.

According to some data, most common chronic bronchitis is related to dust.

銆€銆€In addition, the double dust that causes indoor pollution itself has its additional functions.

Indoor air pollutants mainly include cooking fumes, smoke from smoking, toxic chemicals released from furniture, harmful substances produced by household appliances, bacteria and microorganisms, and dust is the carrier of all these substances.

When dust enters the human body, it will cause a variety of diseases, such as insufficiently burnt carcinogenic microparticles, which will lay a “bane” for the occurrence of cancer; heavy metals and chemicals left behind by decoration will easily cause diseases after entering the human body;Bacteria, viruses, etc. are attached to the dust, leaving a “hidden danger” for the spread of the disease.

銆€銆€There are expert suggestions for these non-conforming cleanings. In addition to increasing indoor ventilation frequency and increasing indoor humidity, the key to eliminating indoor air pollution is to clean and remove sanitary corners.

Of course, the way to clean is very important. You can use a vacuum cleaner to clean the mop and rag, then wipe the floor, wipe the table, wipe the shoes, tap the dust on the mat and clothes to reduce indoor air dust.

In addition, you should develop some good habits, try not to take the dust home, such as not wearing a jacket to wear shoes into the room, change the coat after arriving home, etc., can also effectively reduce indoor air pollution.

Stroke essential medicine Niuhuang Qingxin Wan


Stroke essential medicine Niuhuang Qingxin Wan

Niuhuang Qingxin Pill, also known as Bureau of Niuhuang Qingxin Pill, is a national essential medicine.

The main axis of the Song Dynasty “Tai Ping Huimin and the agent of the Bureau” volume one of the “Niu Huang Qing Xin Yuan” is a long-lasting test of prescription.

In the Qing Dynasty, after the addition and subtraction tailoring of the party, it was designated as the secret recipe of the Qing Dynasty. After more than 200 years of clinical application, the doctors continued to improve it, making it safer, more effective and more reliable, and became a common drug for clearing heart and nourishing and strengthening.It is also one of the top ten famous medicines in Tong Ren Tang.

Nowadays, with the continuous improvement of living standards, more and more people adopt Niuhuang Qingxin Pill.

銆€銆€Chinese medicine believes that this side can nourish qi and nourish the blood, and the town is amazed by the gods.

It is used to treat the thoracic stagnation caused by hotness, convulsions, irritability, head vertigo, stroke, speech, skewed, half-length, unclear speech, unconsciousness, sorrow and embolism.

Modern Chinese medicine believes that Niuhuang Qingxin Pill is a detoxification of Qingxin, a product of phlegm and blood stasis, which can not only reconcile the qi and blood, but also clear the heart and relieve the heat.

The compatibility of this party is exquisite, the temperature is cool and harmonious, it is not cold or hot, there is a supplement in the Qing Dynasty, and there is a clear in the middle, no matter the person of the real or the real, the physical strength can be taken, the preferred medicine for the treatment of the wind, in the Chinese medicine industryThe name of “scientific herbal tea”.

銆€銆€Modern pharmacological research found that Niuhuang Qingxin Pill has the effects of sedation, antipyretic, anti-hypoxia and lowering blood pressure, which can improve the symptoms caused by myocardial infarction.

Clinically, it can treat vertigo, neurasthenia, aura of stroke, sequelae of cerebral thrombosis, hypertension, and mental dysfunction.

銆€銆€Modern research on improving heart and brain function shows that Niuhuang Qingxin Pill has the effects of sedation, blood pressure lowering, antipyretic, anti-hypoxia, anti-thrombosis and anti-atherosclerosis.

Among them, yam can lower cholesterol and dilate blood vessels; ginseng saponin, the main component of ginseng, can significantly improve the excitability of the nervous system, and also enhance the body’s anti-fatigue effect; Musk can not only enhance the central nervous system’s tolerance to hypoxia, but also expand the coronary artery.Relieve angina pectoris; bezoar has sedative, anticonvulsant, antihypertensive, hepatoprotective effect; Chuanxiong can significantly dilate the coronary artery, and anti-thrombosis; antelope horn can be calm, hypnosis, anticonvulsant and moderate blood pressure.

In short, the multi-flavor drugs in Niuhuang Qingxin Pill have a significant improvement in heart and brain function.

銆€銆€Treating upset and restless Wang was rushed to the hospital by a colleague because he was confused and incoherent.

Checking his tongue, he found that the patient’s tongue is red, and there is a thorn in the tip of the tongue. This is an obvious symptom of excessive heart fire. Take two pills of Niuhuang Qingxin Pill, and at the same time intravenously drip the blood vessels. At night, his mind is basicallyIt is back to normal.

Many middle-aged and elderly people often have Niuhuang Qingxin Pills in their homes. When they feel upset, they will take a pill.

Chinese medicine believes that upset is the main manifestation of a strong heart, because this medicine can be cleared of heart.

In addition to upset, if there is a slight disturbance of consciousness and blood pressure is elevated, you can also eat Niuhuang Qingxin Pills, and go to the hospital for careful examination. You can not only use Niuhuang Qingxin Pills, because it can only slow down the condition and increase the treatment time.

銆€銆€Lowering blood pressure Modern and old middle-aged people use Niuhuang Qingxin Pill as an antihypertensive drug. Studies have shown that this drug does have a certain antihypertensive effect, but it must be dialectical when applied.

According to its qi and nourishing blood, calming and calming the nerves, and the effect of phlegm and blood stasis, Niuhuang Qingxin Pill is suitable for high blood pressure caused by lack of blood and heat.

Mainly manifested as head vertigo dizziness, headache, shortness of breath, fatigue, spontaneous sweating, chest tightness, chest stagnation, convulsions, virtual annoyance, respiratory sputum, red tongue, yellow greasy, pulse string slippery embolism.

銆€銆€Other applications of neurological headaches: patients with headaches, some with persistent pain, some with paroxysmal pain, or tingling, sometimes short-term pain.

The application of Niuhuang Qingxin Pill can be used in the prescription for treating headache, and often receives good results.

銆€銆€鈽?vertigo: the patient’s head is dizzy, but the heart is turning, or there are tinnitus, dry vomiting, memory loss, insomnia.

Can be used with Niuhuang Qingxin Pills, 1 pill each time, 3 times a day.

Dizziness is a common complication. In summary, the pathogenesis is nothing more than wind, fire, sputum, imaginary, and the urgency of the urgency is more partial, more alternatives to extinguish the wind and yang, clearing the fire and phlegm;With nourishing qi and blood, Yishen Yanggan, Yiqi Jianpi and other methods.

Hypertensive vertigo patients with virtual standard, lack of yin blood, liver heat disturbance, with Niuhuang Qingxin Pill Qingxin Yangxue, Qi and spleen, Pinggan Qianyang, can achieve sedative, antipyretic, labor-resistant, stable blood pressure.

銆€銆€鈽?Fever: patients with external or internal injuries, fever, body pain, cough, cough, respiratory pain, can be combined with the application of Niuhuangqingxin pills, especially for patients with heat syndrome.

銆€銆€鈽?Oral ulcers: ulcers appear in the patient’s mouth, varying in size, sometimes in the form of flakes, contact with food, pain when drinking water, affecting sleep at night, often repeated attacks.

You can use Niuhuang Qingxin Pills, 2 pills each time, 3 times a day.

銆€銆€鈽?chronic laryngitis: the patient’s throat pain, dry mouth and bitterness, convulsions, vomiting, often repeated, lingering and difficult to heal.

Niuhuang Qingxin Pill can be used orally with Liyan Drug.

銆€銆€Contraindications In the acute phase of infectious diseases, high fever and fainting, proverbs, should not be used; sweating, cholera diarrhea, long-term vomiting and long-term diarrhea, large blood loss leading to yin and blood deficiency, smoking, phlegm, phlegm, should not be treated with this drug;Desperate, cold limbs, cold sweat on the forehead, and prostration patients with incontinence are not suitable.

銆€銆€How to use This product can be swallowed or added with a small amount of water to swallow and swallow. After chewing and grinding, the absorption area of the drug and oral mucosa is increased, the absorption is accelerated, and the curative effect is enhanced. In case of emergency or dysphagia, the drug is orally ground from the patient.The front port angle is a small amount of frequent feeding.

Patients who have been inserted into the stomach tube due to coma, nasal feeding; oral, 1 pill each time, 2 pills with serious illness; 2 times a day.

If the throat is humming, it can be sent with bamboo drain.

銆€銆€Related links: “The Bureau of Niuhuang Qingxin Pills” and “Wanshi Niuhuang Qingxin Pills” are different from the former in the Song Dynasty “Taiping Huimin and the Agent Bureau”.

Its efficacy set is to extinguish the wind, reduce the fire, wash the phlegm, dissipate the phlegm, and replenish the imaginary, the main and the subtle, the attack and the combination, and the treatment of both the symptoms and the root causes.銆€銆€”Wanshi Niuhuang Qingxin Pill” was found in the book “The Pox Diseases of the World of Medicine” in the Ming Dynasty. It consists of Niuhuang, Zhusha, Huangqi, Hawthorn and Yujin. Its function is to clear the heat, calm and soothe the nerves, mainly based on evil spirits.Complementary part

Although both are called “Niuhuang Qingxin Pills”, they should be carefully identified from composition to effect.

He Jie restores the sense of hydration and strengthens the love of He Ziming

Recently, He Jie and his boyfriend He Ziming appeared at Shanghai Hongqiao Airport. They were paired with sunglasses, and He Ziming, wearing a gray casual wear, put his hand on He Jie’s shoulder. The two were close to each other, showing a happy smile and always coming out.The airport, without hesitation, is a high-profile show.
  Last year, He Ziming held 99 roses in a romantic and affectionate confession at the press conference of He Jie’s new album. After the romance was released, the relationship between the two men has heated up for a while, and the fans have paid attention to it.He Jie finally re-started a new relationship.
At present, both of them attended various activities. He Jie and He Ziming accepted the interview of “Very Quiet Distance”. The two men blew themselves in love, and the sweet scenes of the show were enviable.
The media asked if there was any intention to get married. He Jie said that he did not intend to get married. He liked to enjoy the feeling of falling in love. In the interview, He Jie broke the news. When he was pursuing He Jie, He Ziming was extremely active and romantic, and his life was cold and warm.Careful and considerate care, let He Jie be deeply touched, what is the reason why He Ziming is so obsessed with He Jie?
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The biggest advantage of this product is: no surgery, no pain, as long as the vaginal opening can repair the private parts, enhance the cell regeneration function, moisturize and smooth, let the private parts recover like a virgin tightness, restore the grip, let the man spiritReversed to improve the quality of sexual life.
查看医生极力推荐的莎娜琳产品缩阴原理及优势>>>小编推荐:干露露护胸有秘方 联袂母妹上演骂剧  刘晓庆养肤减龄方 演绎年轻逆生长童话芙蓉姐姐瘦身秘方 多元发展首当评委  李冰冰顽疾治疗方 顺利拍新片得影后  何洁坦言,自从用了这套产品,以前的松弛状态消失了,私处瞬间紧致水润了,现在男友赫子铭对她寸步不离的,她More confident in the future relationship.
It is understood that Shanna Lin products are developed by Hanban Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., which is a combination of health, safety, effectiveness and greenness. It is called a biomedical scalpel. It has no pain and can not only reduce the negative effect.First-class, and the effect of detoxification and beauty is also very good. It has certain effects on curing some women’s gynecological diseases. According to medical investigations, because men and women have sex too often, women’s private parts may also have loose symptoms, and sex life is not good.To the thrill, if a woman does not prepare for the private parts early, it will hinder future relationships and marriages.
What should I do if my husband is derailed after marriage?
>>> Finally, He Jie said frankly that women are tight and moist in their private parts. It is an important prerequisite for developing love and entering a marriage hall. To have a long-lasting relationship and a happy marriage, we must diligently maintain the private parts and let itKeeping tight and moist at all times, you can tighten your boyfriend and moisturize your love.
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