2019 Asian Cup China VS Korea match schedule

2019 Asian Cup China VS Korea match schedule
At 21:30 on January 11, Beijing time, the second round of the 2019 Asian Cup Group C started, and the national football team defeated the Philippines 3-0.In the first half, Feng Xiaoting once rescued his chest, but Wu Xi’s header just missed slightly, Wu Lei scored the world wave!In the second half, Wu Lei once again staged the flying fairy, and Yu Dabao came off the bench for 17 seconds.After the two-game winning streak of the national football team, the group qualified in advance to advance to the top 16.In the final round, the national football team will die in South Korea, competing for the first team.The Chinese football team made an advance appearance. Chinese fans warmly cheered the 2019 Asian Cup finals match, which took place in the UAE from January 5 to February 1.The national football group match against the Philippines on January 11 and the final round against South Korea on January 16.Wu Lei vs. Philippines scored twice for the 2019 Asian Cup schedule: Group A January 5 UAE VS Bahrain January 6 Thailand VS India January 10 Bahrain VS Thailand January 10 India VS UAE January 14 UAE VS Thailand  January 14 India VS Bahrain Group B January 6 Australia VS Jordan January 6 Syria VS January 10 Jordan VS Syria January 11 Syria VS January 15 United States VS Syria January 15 Palestine VS Jordan C组1月7日韩国VS菲律宾1月7日中国VS吉尔吉斯斯坦1月11日菲律宾VS中国1月11日吉尔吉斯斯坦VS韩国1月16日韩国VS中国1月16日吉尔吉斯斯坦VSVS组  1月7日Iran VS Yemen January 8 Iraq VS Vietnam January 12 Yemen VS Iraq January 12 Vietnam VS Iran January 16 Iran VS Iraq January 16 Vietnam VS Yemen Group E January 8 Saudi Arabia VS North Korea January9 Qatar VS Lebanon January 12 North Korea VS Qatar January 13 Lebanon VS Saudi Arabia January 17 Saudi Arabia VS Qatar January 17 Lebanon VS North Korea F Group January 9 Japan VS Turkmenistan January 9 UzbekistanStan VS Oman January 13 Turkmenistan VS Uzbekistan January 13 Oman VS Japan January 17 Japan VS Uzbekistan January 17 Oman VS Turkmenistan 1/8 finish field 37 A2 VS C2 field sequence 38 D1 VS B/E/F3 field sequence 39 B1 VS A/C/D3 field sequence 40 F1 VS E2 field sequence 41 C1 VS A/B/F3 field sequence 42 E1 VS D2 field sequence 43 A1 VS C/D/E3 field sequence 44 B2 VS F21 / 4 Finals 45 45 Winners VS 38 Winners 46 46 Winners VS 40 Winners 47 41 Winners VS 42 Winners 48 43 Winners VS 44 Winners Semifinals49 45 winners VS 46 winners field order 50 47 winners VS 48 winners final field order 51 49 winners VS 50 winners According to the schedule, the 2019 Asian Cup opener will be played between the host UAE and Bahrain, the time isJanuary 5, 2019.The national football team greeted the focus battle with Kyrgyzstan on the 7th. The success or failure of this game will directly influence the team of the national football team.In addition, the national football team will face the Philippines and South Korea on the 11th and 16th respectively. Original title: Asian Cup January 16 China VS South Korea specific timetable 2019 National Football Asian Cup match schedule

Princess Huirou Ren Min: 20-year-old real troubles and pride | New actors

“Princess Huirou” Ren Min: 20-year-old real troubles and pride | New actors
The first time I saw Ren Min was after the first screening of “Sadness Against the River” in 2018. Several small actors walked onto the stage, standing in the middle and looking at the audience timidly. It was Ren Min who was not yet 19 years old.Then, he looked at the host for help at a loss, not like the hysterical explosion in the film.After playing Yi Yao in “Sadness Against the River”, Ren Min also appeared in the female drama No. 2 Zhao Huirou in the costume play “Qing Ping Le”. The encounter in the play made the audience very sorry, and there was “the most miserable princess”Title.Although not many works, Ren Min left an impressive performance for the audience.When I saw Ren Min again, I asked her what she was thinking while standing on the stage. She said, “I just kept telling myself not to shake, don’t shake, even if you shake, you must lower your head a bit, and you can’t reveal your double chin.”The pride and troubles of this 20-year-old girl’s youth are so subtle but true.Ren Min ‘s birthday: December 17, 1999 School: Masterpiece of the Performance Department of the Central Academy of Drama: “Sadness Against the River”, “Hello, Yesterday” and “Qing Ping Le” video performance, Ren Min reproduced the classic fragments of “Qing Ping Le”.Production: Sauna Night Net News A side: “Actor” Ren Min “Sadness Against the River”: After the shooting, I dare not remember the role for a long time. In 2017, Ren Min, a freshman in the performance department of the Central Theater Academy, was replaced by Guo Jingming.The heroine of “Sadness Against the River” plays Yi Yao, a female student who was rejected by her mother and bullied by her classmates.The first drama I received was a big production by a professional team, and it was also a heroine. The people around me congratulated and envied her. Ren Min was a little bit misty, and didn’t particularly think about why he would position himself.It took a long time to admit that it seemed that I was really “lucky”.The reporter asked her at what moment she was determined to be a good actor?Ren Min thought and wanted to answer, it should be the time to sign the contract, “Written in black and white, I suddenly found a sense of responsibility, thinking that the contract is three to five months, then I will carefully do these three to five months, After the filming, I will return to my previous identity. “This sincere amused the staff at the scene, but Ren Min said seriously.The bullying theme in “Sadness Against the River”, the repressed tone and the character’s character have caused great pressure on Ren Min. Before the shooting, the performance instructor arranged other actors to buckle the trash can on her head and shoved and abused,Even isolate her and help her get into the role.During the period of official shooting, Ren Min had crying scenes almost every day, and he had to maintain his emotional fragility at all times.The last scene in the film was Yi Yao ‘s emotional outburst at the beach, complaining about his experience, recalling the shooting at the time, Ren Min said that at that time he did n’t have too many systematic performance studies and could not find too many other movies.The performances that can be referred to in the above, plus the fact that I rarely notice people saying a lot of words, when I was shooting, I was very worried and dazed.In addition, the scene was in the late stage of the whole shooting. The previous performance has accumulated too much emotions, which eventually led to emotional collapse, insomnia, auditory hallucinations, and crying for no reason.She wrote on her Weibo: “The sunshine that afternoon was so good, the surface of the water was golden, and I suddenly hoped to be tightly wrapped in this warm river.When the staff finally pulled me back from reality to the reality, the river had not passed my chest.Long after the filming ended, Ren Min dared not recall the role.Even in the interview, he tended to shoot in the rain, and Ren Min would still be sad and unconsciously red eyes.”Qing Ping Le” Hui Rou dare to love and hate, is the type of character I like Ren Min said, as a newcomer, in fact, he does not have too many options, but it happens that Hui Rou dare to love and hate in “Qing Ping Le” is his favoriteRole type.Not only can you put on your favorite costume, Zhao Huirou in the play is gentle and kind. In order to love everything, after entering a forced marriage, the moody and frustrated pattern change is also what Ren Min wants to try.”Qing Ping Le” Princess Hui Rou, however, the actual shooting will not follow the development of the plot, so Ren Min needs to constantly jump in and out of the two states.After making more crying dramas and getting used to releasing emotions, the biggest problem she encountered was how to leave this emotion.She discussed with the director and learned from the seniors in the same group, but still said that she still did not master it well.The lines are also a major difficulty.By learning Chinese dance background, Ren Min did not spend much time on the posture, charm, and movement of the costume, but it was still a surprise to Ren Minmin relative to the amount of lines in the classical Chinese and the drama.At that time, she would read the lines as long as there was time on the set, read the original novels, and even open the lines when facing the impromptu performances of the sauna night net.Ren Min joked that after playing “Qing Ping Le”, he was no longer afraid to recite the lines.She feels that every girl has a princess dream. Although Hui Rou did not live a happy life with the prince as in fairy tales, even the audience was dissatisfied with her. Why ca n’t she choose some sunny youth roles, but Ren Min is verySatisfy.”If you have the chance next time, you should play Princess Pea, because my friends around me call me Doudou, and every time I mention Princess Pea, I feel that she has an inexplicable fate with her.”Princess Hui Rou in” Qing Ping Le “has a personality contrast in the play.Face B: The girl Ren Min faced doubts: dissatisfied with her appearance, and thought about going to a facelift. “I know that the Internet is very developed. It has its critical nature, and I also have fear.”” After gaining a lot of affirmation, Ren Min is still not confident.The acting part can be improved through learning and shooting again and again. She trusts the director ‘s opinions and her instincts, but she can accept it with humility for the role type labels that everyone puts on her, and urge her to progress.The physical attack turned into a point she couldn’t get around.”From the first poster of” Sadness “to the first poster of Hui Rou, there are still a lot of questions.I am still a newcomer, and I will reflect on my own problems when I see people questioning me. “Despite a lot of aura and praise for her acting, she still feels that she is not good-looking, not as delicate and thin as in the past, nor in line with public aesthetics, so she will deliberately find some angles in the shooting, or help herself through clothing and makeup, evenWhen I was sad, I thought about going for a facelift.One of Ren Min ‘s 20-year-old birthday wishes is “I hope I can lose weight”, and Weibo is full of determination to lose weight.Or appearance is this young girl’s biggest youth trouble at present.But after a while, when she mentioned what she loved to eat, she immediately regained her spirit, her eyes were full of happy light, and concluded: “I love eating too much.”Why are there so many delicious things.”Fresh graduates: A few days before the class study and the script group were as important as polishing, Ren Min graduated after the cloud defense. The translation of the thesis is” Talking about the similarities and differences between drama performances and film and television performances. “Can be a little more “.Ren Min said that some of the actors may be talented players and do not need too many courses to study, but for themselves, the school even taught her the way of acting and gave her some thinking modes of thinking about roles, so even there is already a crew经验,她依然重视学校的学习:“很多时候在剧组要拍摄什么,都会想起来‘噢,我们之前上课做过一个练习,刚好可以拿出来用’。”Because she has been filming in the crew for a long time, Ren Min doesn’t have much time in school. She regrets that she has been alienated from her classmates. Like all 20-year-old girls, she misses everyone eating skewers together, fighting landlords, talking about the worldday.On the other side of this man, she is the girl who loves to talk and move. She sometimes confesses that she talks too much and her colleagues ignore her.She also maintains the habit of practicing body shape and dancing for an hour every day. She likes to watch women’s group shows. Sometimes she has to secretly practice women’s group dance. “It will be good to see the beautiful girl’s youthful vitality.”She stayed at home during the epidemic. She also taught herself guitar and piano.In Ren Min’s life, the “List of Love Items” is constantly being updated.Sauna, Ye Wang Li Yan editor Tian Nie proofreading Lu Qian

[Can eczema eat ice cream]_Ice cream_Can I eat

鍦ㄥ钩鏃舵垜浠偅鏈夋煇绉嶇柧鐥呯殑鏃跺€欙紝鍦ㄥ緢澶氭柟闈㈤兘浼氭湁绂佸繉锛岀壒鍒槸鍦ㄩギ椋熸柟闈紝濡傛灉鍦ㄩギ椋熸柟闈笉娉ㄦ剰鏈夊彲鑳戒細鍔犻噸鐥呮儏鐨勩€傛箍鐤规槸鎴戜滑韬竟姣旇緝甯歌Introduce the cre rugged setting of the ょ ょ ょ ょ ょ ょ 墾 凨 庨 偅 叅 涜 綡 粡 Ning draft  浜 叜 圢 圢 圢 幀 幆 湆 湧 尧 璢 緢 璹 篹 篤 篽 篽 璽 駾 簾 炾 篾 篾 駾互鍚庡湪楗涓婁篃闇€瑕佸澶氱殑娉ㄦ剰锛屽浜庨偅浜涙补鑵诲埡婵€鐨勯鐗╁敖閲忎笉瑕佸悆锛屽簲Xuan Yakult Huweiqier Juanhongfuben Yuechongcenlian Feng Yu ra dead town f Gudingguangjian Mashanshijuan Qiangshiyanggang Xiefeiliji?涓€銆佹湁婀跨柟涓嶈兘鍚冧粈涔垼?銆佷笉鑳藉悆楂樼硸椋熺墿鎮f箍鐤逛笉鑳藉悆涓€浜涢珮绯栫被鐨勯鐗┿€備汉浣撴憚鍏ラ珮绯栫殑椋熷搧涔I am afraid that I am fine, and I am afraid that I am with you, I am arrested, and I am arrested, and I am afraid that I am thin and thin, and I am afraid that the key is very delicate and the picture is drawn.嚭鐜般€傚緱浜嗘箍鐤逛笉鑳藉悆浠€涔堬紝鍥犳鎮h€呰蹇岄楂樼硸椋熺墿锛屽鐧界硸銆佸啺绯栥€佺孩绯栥€佽憽钁$硸銆佸阀鍏嬪姏銆佸啺娣囨穻绛夈€?The use of tweezers to save data is very difficult. If you want to save it, you will be able to use it to save it. You will be able to use it to make a copy of it.€佺緤鑲夈€侀浮銆侀腑銆侀箙銆佽姳绮夌瓑寮曡捣锛屽簲褰诲簳绂佸繉杩欎簺椋熺墿锛屼互鍏嶅紩璧峰彉鎬佸弽搴旓紝瀵艰嚧婀跨柟澶嶅彂鎴栧姞閲嶇梾鎯呫€?銆佷笉鑳藉悆杈涜荆鍒烘縺椋熺墿婀跨柟鎮h€呬笉瑕佸悆钁便€佸ぇ钂溿€佺敓濮溿€佽荆妞掋€佽姳妞掔瓑杈涜荆鍒烘縺鐨勯鐗╋紝鑰楅槾鍔╅槼锛屽婀跨柟鏄竴绉嶅埡婵€锛屽簲璇ラ伩鍏嶉鐢ㄣ€?銆佷笉鑳藉悆鍙戞箍銆佸姩琛€銆佸姩姘旈鐗╀腑鍖昏涓哄鐨偆婀跨柟鐨勪汉鏉ヨ锛屽簲璇ヨ蹇屽悆鍙戞箍鐨勯鐗╋紝濡傜绗嬨€佽妺澶淬€佺墰鑲夈€佽懕銆佸銆佹ⅷ銆佽挏绛?鍔ㄨ鐨勯鐗╋紝濡傛厛鑿囥€佽儭妞掔瓑;鍔ㄦ皵鐨勯鐗╋紝濡傜緤鑲夈€佽幉瀛愩€佽姟瀹炵瓑銆備簩銆What are you talking about? How do you draw a hoops?銆 佸 闸 勸 嬶 間 間 鐆 雲 駄 駄 铄 铄 勭 hua 鐢 熺 礌 A 銆 佺 貺 鐢 熺 礌 B1 銆 佺 佺 菺 離 熤 珤 C2 鐆 俆寸敓绱燛;杩樺惈鏈夎嫻鏋滈吀銆佹煚妾吀锛岄挋銆佺7銆侀搧鍙婄暘鑼勭⒈绛夌墿璐ㄣ€傚叿鏈夌敓娲ユ鍜炽€佸仴鑳冩秷椋熴€佸噳琛€骞宠倽銆佹竻鐑瓑鍔熸晥銆傜暘鑼勪腑鐨勬灉閰稿缁寸敓绱燙鏈変繚鎶や綔鐢紝鏁呰€岃兘鏈夋晥鍦拌ˉ鍏呯淮鐢熺礌C;鐣寗纰辨湁鎶戣弻娑堢値銆侀檷浣庤绠¢€氶€忔€т綔鐢紝鎵€浠ュ鐢ㄧ暘鑼勬眮娌荤枟婀跨柟鍙捣鍒版鐥掓敹鏁涚殑浣滅敤銆?銆佽嫤鐡滐細鑻︾摐鍐呭惈濂庡畞銆傚叿鏈夋竻鐑В姣掋€佺婀挎鐥掍箣鍔熴€傚彲鐢ㄤ簬娌荤枟鐑瘨銆佺枛鐤€佺棻瀛愩€佹箍鐤圭瓑鐥呯棁銆?銆侀煭鑿滐細闊彍鍐呭惈鑳¤悵鍗滅礌銆佺淮鐢熺礌B锛氥€佺淮鐢熺礌C鍙婇挋銆傜7銆侀搧銆佽泲鐧借川銆佺氦缁寸礌绛夈€傞煭鑿滆繕鏈夎В姣掔婀跨殑鍔熸晥锛屾晠闊彍姹佸鎼藉彲娌绘箍鐤广€備笁銆佹箍鐤规What’s the problem?銆侀ギ椋熷閫夌敤娓呯儹鍒╂箍鐨勯鐗┿€傚缁胯眴銆佽丹灏忚眴銆佽媼鑿溿€佽崰鑿溿€侀┈榻胯媼銆佸啲鐡溿€侀粍鐡溿€佽幋绗嬬瓑锛屽皯椋熼奔銆佽櫨銆佺墰缇婅倝鍜屽埡婵€鎬ч鐗┿€?銆佸鍚冨瘜鍚淮鐢熺礌鍜岀熆鐗╄川鐨勯鐗┿€傚缁嶅彾鑿滄眮銆佽儭钀濆崪姘淬€侀矞鏋滄眮銆佽タ绾㈡熆姹併€佽彍娉ャ€佹灉娉ョ瓑锛屼互璋冭妭瀹濆疂鐨勭敓鐞嗗姛鑳斤紝鍑忚交鐨偆杩囨晱鍙嶅簲銆?My father and my wife are different, and our parents are in trouble, and we are told that you will be able to use the following methods: “Don’t worry about it”, “Don’t worry about it, don’t worry about it.”In the village, the village is so creaky, cre, cre, chuck, chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum?

[Can you eat American Ginseng for insomnia]_Recommended diet

[Can you eat American Ginseng for insomnia]_Recommended diet

People who suffer from insomnia are very distressed. Poor sleep quality often leads to fatigue the next day, making work efficiency very poor. There are many reasons for insomnia, and endocrine, physical health, and psychology all have very important reasons.When insomnia appears, it should be well-nourished and eat American ginseng appropriately, which has a good improvement effect.

The active ingredients in American ginseng can strengthen the nerve center of the person, and promote people to go to sleep quickly. It has a very good meditation effect. Eating American ginseng can also relieve the fatigue of work and life, and has the effect of enhancing memory.Irritable mood appears during the day, and sleep cannot be achieved at night, which has a good conditioning and improvement effect.

There are many reasons for insomnia. First, if the symptoms of insomnia are obvious and serious, you should go to the hospital to check in time to see what is causing it. If it is due to improper adjustment of the neural mechanism or excessive fatigue, you canImprove the symptoms of insomnia by taking American ginseng.

American ginseng has very good anti-fatigue effect, which is very suitable for people who are tired during the day. For the fight against insomnia, you can take American ginseng twice a day, either by chewing directly or by soaking in water.Improve the effect of insomnia.

The above is a simple understanding of whether or not insomnia can eat American ginseng. If the insomnia is serious, you should go to the hospital to check in time to see what causes it. Taking American ginseng can also improve the symptoms of insomnia, can alleviate fatigue and regulate people’s spirit.State, proper taking can also improve the body’s immunity and has a good nourishing function.

[How to make crab loofah soup]_ stewed crab seeds _ how to make

[How to make crab loofah soup]_ stewed crab seeds _ how to make

Loofah is a common vegetable. The content of vitamins in loofah is very high. Often eating loofah has the effect of soothing and whitening. Loofah contains many trace elements required by the human body. The content of protein and amino acid in crab is very high.High, crab crab and loofah soup is rich in nutrition and tastes delicious. What is the practice of crab crab loofah soup?

The method of crab crab loofah soup is introduced in detail below.

The practice of crab loofah soup Main ingredients: green crab, loofah accessories: garlic, ginger, cooking wine, salt, cooking oil, monosodium glutamate, pork minced green crab loofah soup practice: 1.

Clean the green crab, remove the gills, thin the abdomen, peel the crab shell, and cut 2 1/2.

The loofah is rinsed, peeled and cut into large pieces, then removed after 3 times of hot water.

Slicing ginger and patting garlic 4

Pour the loofah into the pot, stir fry, and then add the minced pork, then salt, and wait until the loofah becomes soft.

Heat the pan again and pour it into the oil-heated pan, then add the ginger slices and heat the garlic until there is an aroma 6.

Pour the cut crab into the pan and shake it gently, then cook the wine and fry the crab slightly until it becomes red 7.

Then add some water, boil and pour into the fried loofah, then season with MSG, then cover the pot and burn for three minutes. Then you can take out the effect and effect of the loofah1.The effect of phlegm and detoxification.

Because it is cold, it is more suitable for body heat and thirst during fever, and hot and dry mouth in summer.

2. The milk gourd is a good thing in the hearts of many mothers. It can help pregnant women to lactate, which means to milk.

Of course, specifically, the synergistic prolactin effect in loofah is loofah, which is a vascular bundle of the fruit of loofah. It has the function of passing meridians, cooling blood and detoxifying. Generally, traditional Chinese medicine will dry the loofah and use it to cure qi and blood., Meridians and so on.

A common practice is to stew loofah and broth, which can help with the effects of lactation.

Therefore, when eating a loofah, do not lose the loofah, or you will lose the effect of milking.

3. Beauty There are many skin care products that sell loofah water on the market, so this can be trimmed to have a certain beauty function. We often change the skin cleansing, removing skin oil, hydrating and moisturizing, delicate skin, removing small wrinkles and improving the skin.Rough and wrinkled condition.

4. Loofah in the treatment of irregular menstruation loofah is a rare medicine, it can help women to regulate irregular menstruation, especially for women’s menstrual disorders, it can be used to directly burn the loofah with fireAsh, which is served with brown sugar, salt water, rice wine, etc., has a good effect on the treatment of female symptoms such as dysmenorrhea, menstrual disorders, menorrhagia, and uterine bleeding.

5. Enhancing myocardial loofah contains saponin substances. Such substances only exist in ginseng medicines, which have a strong cardiotonic effect, mainly to enhance the function of myocardium.

[How to make scrambled eggs with laver]_ Fried with food _ Production method

[How to make scrambled eggs with laver]_ Fried with food _ Production method

Many people will not lose the important “role” in breakfast. Eating an egg for breakfast can effectively supplement the nutrition they need. Even eating eggs every morning is nourishing. Eggs can be used in a day’s diet.It provides nutrition to the human body, and it is also a very good way to eat eggs with a lot of ingredients.

So, what is the practice of scrambled eggs with laver?

First, what are the methods of scrambled eggs with laver?

The method of laver scrambled eggs is introduced in detail and its effects: kidney recuperation recipes, qi and blood double tonic recipes, brain tonic recipes, hypertension recipes, flavors: savoury and savory craftsmanship: scrambled seaweed, scrambled eggs, making materials: ingredients: seaweed (dry) 30 g, 50 grams of egg seasoning: 5 grams of salt, 50 grams of vegetable oil, pour the laver thoroughly, tear it into pieces, and drain the water; scoop the eggs into a bowl and mix with the laver, salt, and stir; place the wok on the fireHeat, add plain oil, and let the oil burn to 60% heat; add eggs, use gentle fire to fry one side first; then fry the other side, and cook on both sides.

Tips-Health Tips: This product has the effect of nourishing kidney and nourishing blood, reducing blood pressure, and can be replaced by patients with renal-yin metastatic hypertension; symptoms include headache, dizziness, tinnitus, hot head and face, five upset fever, soft waist and knee, Palpitations, insomnia, tender red tongue, thin moss, pulse count, etc.

Second, eggs: eat with goose meat to damage the spleen and stomach; eat with rabbit meat, persimmons cause diarrhea; at the same time should not be eaten with turtles, carps, soybean milk, tea.

The practice of seaweed egg soup is introduced in detail to improve and effect: Liver recuperation recipe, blood supplement recipe, brain nourishment recipe, anti-cancer anti-cancer recipe, osteoporosis recipe taste: salty umami craft: boiled seaweed egg soup making material: main ingredients: egg 100G, seaweed (dry) 30g seasoning: 3g salt, 1g monosodium glutamate, 15g sesame oil, 10g scallion eggs into a bowl and beat well; set on a fire in a saucepan, pour 1,000g water, boilPour the eggs evenly into the pot; add the laver to the boil for a while, add the appropriate amount of salt, monosodium glutamate, sesame oil, and sprinkle the shallots to serve.

What is the practice of scrambled eggs with laver?

Rinse the prepared seaweed with water, do not wash the disposable, cut the pepper obliquely, smash the garlic, shred the ginger, and cut the shallot into sections.

Break the eggs that you have prepared in advance, and stir well with chopsticks. Use a little more force to make them evenly uniform.

Put an appropriate amount of oil in the pot, turn on a medium-low heat, add egg liquid, and fry the eggs.

Add a little oil, add garlic, pepper, ginger, stir-fry.

Then add seaweed and stir fry for a while, then add the fried eggs and stir fry, crush the eggs with a shovel, and finally add an appropriate amount of oyster sauce and salt to fry evenly.

Readme of Wife Abuse Husband

Readme of Wife Abuse Husband

Why should I beat my wife and make it clear that my wife and I formed a family after being introduced by a colleague.

Not long after the marriage, my wife and I felt from their paranoid personality differences that our hasty union was a mistake.

In my opinion, a man can be an insignificant “small role” in society. He has no power or power, and is shy in his pockets. But at home, he should naturally be the “number one”.

Because he needs “man’s dignity” to support his otherwise weak physiology.

On the other hand, a man who can feed his family outside can still bear to swallow, and when he comes home, he still has to look at his wife’s face. How aggrieved he should be when he lives!

The wife thinks that men who are full of wandering outside are not qualified to engage in a “patriarchal dictatorship” at home.

  My wife and I started an open fight for the “sovereignty” of the family.

I said that I had fried noodles at noon, but my wife bought chives dumplings. My wife said that for your mother ‘s sixtieth birthday, we only buy two roast ducks, and I do n’t spend any other penny.”Cai Juan, also holding a camera,” shake his head “in front of his wife; the wife asked me to accompany her to shop, and I said that I was panicked when I arrived at the mall.

The wife said, if you want to compete with me, I can’t write you, don’t believe it.

My wife turned on the tape recorder and the barking pop songs disturbed me.

On the weekend night, my wife waited for me to sleep with her for a good night on the bed, but I lied at my desk that the editor of the Evening News tomorrow morning would “wait for rice.”

  My wife and I accused each other of having a “psychological disorder”, but could not find a doctor to seek treatment.

Until they talked to each other, they felt that there was a “thief’s heart” in their good words.

I pointed at the tip of my wife’s nose and said sternly: “With me, you can’t miss anything!

The wife yelled on her hips and shouted, “Yeah, in the society, even the big sesame seeds are not mixed up, but teach me every day?”

A man who can only cross in the nest!

What kind of man?

“I said,” I have to decide what I want!

“The wife also Zhenzhen said:” You have the final say?

Are you rich or powerful?

Tell you, I’m not a man made of soft persimmons!

“I patted the table indignantly:” Look at you as a foolish woman, and I’ve lost my mold for eight lives! ”

“My wife also jumped and said,” Marry you, a man who can only compete with my wife. I was blinded! ”

“I don’t know why or from which day, when I heard my wife’s words, the thorny maggots rose up, until my mind” hummed “, and I could no longer care about the scholar’s Sven, looking at his wife’s faceAn ear scraper.

The wife then slammed back, grabbed, scratched, and scratched until she was “out of breath”.

The wife’s nose showed blood, my area, and the whole body also scratched out of the blood channel, and the young son was so scared that he cried.

My wife dared to fight back against me, which aroused my cruelty and beat her harder than ever.

At one time, my wife and I were too noisy to ignite the local heating a few days in advance.

I pointed impatiently at my wife’s forehead: “I see you dare to put out the stove?

I beat you!

“The wife really turned and went straight to the kitchen, plucked the fire hook, and then hooked the stove.

I sneered, and couldn’t help but tell, holding my wife’s hair together, splitting my face into a few mouths!

Late at night, my wife and I were fighting outside the courtyard.

The neighbors stopped persuading them that they were accustomed to my “war” with my wife.

  My wife and I had a pitiful relationship. In the hostile fight, there was only one layer of skin left, and that was our son.

None of us “transformed” who satisfied us.

We are very tired and at a loss.

  Faced with the wedding photos of that year, the wife’s eye sockets became swollen and bluish. She looked at my eyes coldly, and made a sneer or two from time to time, which made me scared.I think my wife’s revenge must be after I fell asleep tonight.

Is she the big knife for chops in the kitchen?

Or use a folding spring knife in a plastic compote?

It seems that I have to sleep with my eyes open tonight.

  My wife’s gaze stared at me was still cold and scary, but she said something very calm: “Divorce.

Please find your marriage certificate.

“I braced my spirit and replied calmly:” I can fulfill you, and go to the divorce procedure tomorrow.

“I turned up and down in the study to find the marriage certificate in the kraft paper pocket, but when I heard my wife in the son’s room, I cried and said to the son,” I ca n’t let your dad fight, Mother can only divorce her father.

Mom is unemployed and has no fixed income, so you have to follow Dad . “” Mom!

“My son cried and said,” Mom, I don’t agree with your divorce from my dad! ”

“I couldn’t help the tears in my eyes, wiped my face, and my heart hardened again.

The red satin-breaded marriage certificate has been found. When I opened it, 13 years ago, my wife and I looked young with bright smiles.

Today, the photos are still there, but the bright smile is heartbreaking.

My heart was flat and my teeth were bitten. I handed my marriage certificate to my wife.

My wife raised her tears and stared at me.

I noticed that my wife’s mouth grinned with a grimace.

The wife lowered her head and stroked the photo with trembling hands.

  ”Our fate is over .” The wife’s tears dripped on the photo.

  There was a despair of loss in my heart.

Soon, I was very angry again: “Do you think we really have fate?

13 years, I’m too depressed!


Do you understand?

“The wife covered her swollen eye sockets and said,” I have suppressed you for 13 years?

This, I never thought about it, which women don’t love me?

I just want you to get rid of some problems that are not suitable for our common life. It can also be said to make you better . “” That’s enough!

“I patted the coffee table:” I hate that you say ‘perfect’!

What qualifications do you have for ‘perfect’ me?

In the past ten years, I have done almost all the housework, shopping, cooking, bringing children, washing and washing . But you always raise my nose and eyes, and accuse me of no reason!

“The wife stood up in excitement, and she said,” No matter how big my mistake, you can’t just raise your hand and hit?

You read many books and write articles, but you are so rough!

Forget it, let’s break up!

“My heart filled with regret. On the day I wrote an interview in the office, it was almost 3 am when I got home.

The wife was not asleep and still thoughtfully sitting on the sofa.

That’s it, I don’t want to say anything to my wife.

I just feel tired and never tired.

I sat on the other side of the sofa and closed my eyes sleepily.

My mood is extremely bitter.

  ”Did you hate me particularly?”The wife broke the embarrassing silence with a husky voice.

  I opened my eyes and said, “No, I only hate myself.

“Then why did you give me your marriage certificate?”

You’re not forcing me . “The wife shed tears and didn’t say any more.

  I frowned and asked, puzzled: “Aren’t you going to the court tomorrow?

The wife sobbed and said, “You, you don’t understand a woman’s heart at all.

You shouldn’t give me your marriage certificate, you shouldn’t . I was amazed at my wife’s tears, her eyes bloodshot, her heart pounding.

Somehow, his wife became tender and amiable at this moment.

I remembered that on many nights, my wife had held me a glass of soaked American ginseng; she had quietly placed on me a bag of walnut kernels she had smashed out.

The wife often said that you stay up all night writing articles and brains.

I know that these supplements were bought for me by the wife with the money she earned from working after she lost her job.

The wife said that the reason why I agreed to marry you was that I wanted you to be more literate than me, and I like cultural people.

Thinking of my wife’s affection for me in the past, my heart was very unpleasant. I actually moved towards my wife and held my wife’s hand.

The wife said, “Just because I am your daughter-in-law for more than ten years, you really shouldn’t hit me like that!

I am your wife . “The wife cried, weeping.

  Looking at my wife’s eye socket and the messy bruise on my cheek, my heart was filled with regret.

I cried too.

I took my wife’s hand and hit me at both ends.

The wife broke free from my hand and said, “Don’t do this. For the sake of this family, we both have trouble living.

Have you thought about it, you beat me again and again in front of your son, where do you let my face go?

How does this affect my son?

If your son grows up and fights with others as soon as you commit a turmoil, in case of any major disaster, we will be restless in our lives.

For my son, you can’t hit me again if I ever get wrong again.

Please . “I cried with tears on my face, and felt pain in my heart.

  My wife wiped the tears from my body and said, “I speak with a straight temper, so don’t tell me anything.

You are 5 years older than me, my brother, please ask me to be my sister in the future!

Sometimes, I’m upset, and let me vent to you if I don’t vent to you?

You are my closest person, and you should coax me like an elder brother, husband.

I know, I always irritate you, and I can’t help you in many places . “I reflect on my wife and myself, but my heart is still heavy today.

My actions have constituted domestic violence, and it will shame my wife all my life.

Five Mistakes You Have Made

Five Mistakes You Have Made

Water is the source of our life, and it is also one of the most important material resources that human beings rely on for development and survival. Our life is also inseparable from water. Water is one of the most important materials in human lifeBut you know what?

You have to drink water properly.

  Five Misconceptions of Drinking Water One: Drinking too much water, drinking too fast or too much, causing the water to be absorbed too quickly, the body’s water rapidly increases, and the burden on the heart is greatly increased.Difficulty breathing.

Patients with heart disease should pay particular attention to repeated drinking of small amounts.

  Misunderstanding 2: Drinking too much or too cold water will burn the mouth, esophagus, and gastric mucosa and reduce gastric function.

Too cold water can irritate the gastric mucosa, cause the stomach to contract, and cause gastric dysfunction.

  Misunderstanding 3: Excessive drinking water before going to bed. Because there is too much water in the body, it will increase the burden on the kidneys, affect kidney function, increase the frequency of urination, and affect sleep quality.

In addition, it will cause eyelid and facial edema after getting up in the morning.

  Misunderstanding 4: Quick exercise and drinking water immediately after a meal will increase the burden on the stomach and intestines, reduce gastric juice, reduce the bactericidal effect of gastric juice, and prevent digestion of food.

Drinking water too fast causes the blood volume to increase too fast, which suddenly increases the burden on the heart, causing temporary disturbances of electrolytes such as potassium and sodium in the body, and even heart failure, chest tightness, and bloating.

Therefore, after exercise, do not overdose, drink water too fast, and do not drink cold drinks, otherwise it will affect the heat dissipation of the body surface, cause colds, abdominal pain or other diseases.

  Misunderstanding 5: Continuous heating and heating for a long time. If tap water or barrel water is placed in the home, in order to prevent secondary pollution, you can consider boiling the water and then heating it.

  However, if the boiled boiling water is repeatedly heated, it will cause a large loss of nutrients in the water, and the deposition of certain heavy metals and the generation of nitrite substances will occur. At the same time, it will cause carcinogenesis in the stomach fluid after entering the bodyOf nitrosamines.

Therefore, repeatedly heated water for a long time is harmful to the human body.

  What are the benefits of drinking plenty of water? 1. Detox After getting up in the morning, drink a glass of salt water to promote detoxification.

In the morning, when the blood viscosity of the human body is the highest, drinking salt water will cause our blood pressure to be higher, especially for people with poor heart function, including people with high blood pressure.

  2. Beauty water is essential for beauty, and good skin cannot be separated from water.

But it doesn’t mean that the more water you drink, the better, 8 glasses of water a day is enough to meet your needs.

In addition to these 8 glasses of water, we can also add a lot of water through food. Drinking more water will increase the burden on the kidneys.

  3, people who resolve constipation can drink plenty of water appropriately, be sure to drink large mouthful, swallow faster, so that water can reach the body as soon as possible, stimulate bowel movements, and promote defecation.

While replenishing water, you can also eat chives, celery, apples, and other fruits and vegetables that replace fiber, which can better relieve constipation.

  4. Epinephrine is usually called “pain hormone” to relieve irritability. When a person is suffering from irritability, adrenaline will soar. Like other toxins, it can inject water through the body.

Therefore, when you are upset, you may wish to pour a glass of warm water and sit down in your seat to drink it slowly, which will make you feel more relaxed.

Eat radish alternately in winter and spring to prevent colds

Eat radish alternately in winter and spring to prevent colds

Winter and spring alternate, warm and cold at first, especially in the evening when the temperature is low, people with weak constitutions are more susceptible to cold and cause colds.

In addition, the New Year in the first month has just passed, big fish and meat, and greasy food eaten too much, it is also easy to induce a cold.

At this time, if you eat some radishes properly, you can play a role in preventing colds.

  Radish has a high edible and medicinal value, raw food tastes cold and cold, cooked food is slightly cool.

Radish contains various minerals such as glucose, sucrose, fructose, crude fiber, vitamins, and a small amount of crude protein, as well as a variety of amino acids, which can enhance immunity and even inhibit growth.

Li Shizhen pointed out in the “Compendium of Materia Medica” that radishes can “give down qi, eliminate valleys and neutrality, and remove evil heat.”

Therefore, eating radish in the early spring not only smoothes the air, helps the stomach promote digestion, but also prevents colds.

  If you eat it raw, choose crispy and tender radish, shred it, and mix with vinegar, sugar, sweet and sour.

If you use radish to boil water as tea, it can effectively prevent colds.

The specific method is: take 250 grams of fresh and juicy white radish, wash, slice, add three bowls of water, cook to two bowls, drink one bowl while hot, and drink the second bowl one hour later.

Drink like this for three days.

Health positive and negative electrodes: time therapy health organs

Health positive and negative electrodes: time therapy health organs

The liver and other organs are responsible for detoxifying and detoxifying the body, helping the body remove waste and clean up the toxins after metabolism.

In fact, daily life and rest affect these organs the most.

Accumulated results often cause their functions to become confusing, their efficiency to decrease, and eventually to overload, with various consequences.

Time therapy is to sleep at the right time, adjust your daily routine, and let the body actively absorb and detox at the right time.

  9-11 pm: Detox time for the immune system (lymph), this time should be quiet or listening to music.

If you are still worried at this time, it is bad for your health.

  11 pm to 3 am: Follow the theory of traditional Chinese medicine tendons and pulses. At this time, the liver is running. Detoxification of the liver needs to be performed during deep sleep.

  3-5 am: Detoxification time of the lungs.

Following the theory of traditional Chinese medicine tendons and pulses, this time is the period of lung meridian operation, and the detoxification activity just begins.

  Midnight to 4am: Hematopoietic blood vessels for the spine, you must sleep soundly, not stay up late.

  5-7 am: Detoxification of the large intestine, should go to the toilet to defecate.

  7-9 a.m .: Sorts of large intestinal absorption of large intestine, should eat breakfast.

Those who do not eat breakfast should change their habits. Even eating at 9 or 10 is better than not eating.