2014 10 size forward forecast: Zhanhuang Durant fights for melon third _1

2014 10 size forward forecast: Zhanhuang Durant fights for melon third
On August 21st, Beijing time, ESPN expert Bradford Dulit used the WARP lateral placement tool to rank players in various positions in the NBA in the new season.In this issue of the small forward ranking, LeBron James, who returned to the Cleveland Cavaliers, topped the list, Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder and Carmelo Anthony of the New York KnicksRanked second and third.  (Note: The WARP value, the full name of winsabovereplacementplayer, is often translated as the contribution value of victory.Simply put, this value is used to predict the player’s contribution to the team.To be more precise, at the expected playing time, a player (usually the starter) will bring more victory to the team than other players in the same position.) 1) LeBron James predicted the WARP value for the new season: 20.0 win rate: 75% want to take the emperor’s position, it takes more than one year.Last season, Durant’s WARP value led the league and surpassed James.You know, in the previous five seasons, James’ WARP value is the highest in the league.Although James WARP may be ranked second in next season, this is his 10th consecutive season in the top two in the league.In short, this performance is amazing.  James’ efficiency and output have remained basically unchanged in some respects, but his rebounds, steals and blocks all overlap.This change can be directly reflected in the true positive and negative values, and his true positive and negative values on the offensive end reach 8.7, set its highest since joining the Heat; but the true positive and negative value on the defensive end is only -0.8. Below the league average.2) Kevin Durant’s predicted WARP value for the new season: 17.1 win rate: 69% Last season, Durant has been ranked first in the league for the first time in the ranking of WARP value, and also took the MVP trophy from the regular season from LeBron James.Today, only the spread data on his resume: an NBA championship.In the regular season, Durant performed better than ever, and his WARP value and winning percentage set new career highs. To some extent, this needs to be attributed to his passing ability.  In the first three seasons of entering the league, Durant’s assist rate was only 3.2%, since then, his data began to increase.Last season, his assist rate and 2012-13 season (6.4%) Doubled locally.There is no doubt that Durant has gradually reduced his turnovers in the past two seasons.He is one of the best players in the NBA today, and he is entering the peak of sports.3) Carmelo Anthony’s predicted WARP value for the new season: 10.4 Win percentage: 59% There have been enough reports about Anthony becoming much better since joining the Knicks.In fact, he has never been as good as he is now.Not just dream fame, in terms of statistics, he is the top 10 players in the league.  Last season, his WARP value reached 14.2. It is 3 higher than the highest personal value in the previous 10 seasons.2, and ranked ninth in the league.In addition, his true positive and negative value is 3.8. Set a career high.Therefore, his influence can be reflected from the team level.Now, Anthony, who has turned 30 years old, will play in a system that may further improve his efficiency, and may also enhance his passing ability.4) Gordon Hayward’s predicted WARP value for the new season: 10.3 Win rate: 59% Not every young player has the opportunity to see themselves as the core of the team’s offensive, but last season, this opportunity came to Hayward.The WARP value of his career high is more based on production than efficiency.With the improvement of the Jazz’s strength, Hayward’s round share is expected to decline, but even if it does not decline, his three-point shooting should be higher than last season’s 30.4%.Hayward’s ability has been recognized in the free agent market this summer, and has gained a fat contract.5) Nicholas Batum’s predicted WARP value for the new season: 9.6 Win percentage: 57%    Maybe this is from France, but think of Batum, Noah and Dior!These three players have brought great value to their respective teams, and their skills are very comprehensive.  Last season, Batum’s WARP value reached 8.7. Ranked 29th in the league, even if his round share fell to the lowest since the rookie season-16.5%.In addition, his true shooting percentage has increased significantly, and his passing and rebounding are better than ever.He is entering the peak of his career and has enough time to improve his shortcomings.  Note: The 6th to 10th places are: Giannis Antetocompo, Andre Iguodala, Kowai Leonard, Chandler Parsons, Rudy GayYi.(Rosen) Extended reading: 2014 NBA summer signing transaction summary: Zhan Huangluo signed with Cavaliers ESPN to retire in the new season. Team prediction: Lakers Rockets top two Knicks again on the list

In some areas, the flying Maotai fell below 2,000 yuan, and some dealers passively sell

In some areas, the flying Maotai fell below 2,000 yuan, and some dealers passively “sell”
“Feitian Maotai has lowered its price again, should it be shot?”Recently, the price of Maotai has continued to fall, causing concern.According to Sauna and Yewang, as of March 18, the original price of Feitian Maotai in Hebei has been as low as 1930 yuan / bottle, and the price of loose bottle cattle is as low as 1800 yuan / bottle.In some areas such as Beijing, Fujian and Guizhou, the original quotation has fallen below 2,000 yuan per bottle.The analysis believes that in the case where the consumer end has slowly cancelled the “release package” and new products have gradually arrived in the channel, some distributors are eager to sell the Moutai liquor to return funds, causing a temporary price drop.However, in the long run, when the market is reactivated, Moutai is still just in need, and the price rises.Multi-channel prices are loose. “The whole ox price of 1900 yuan was thrown away, and 1800 yuan for loose bottles was introduced.”Hebei distributor Zhang Yu (pseudonym) told the sauna and Yewang that the price of the 500ml Feitou Moutai 53 degrees has been declining in the past week, and it is both the cattle and the dealers who are eager to throw the goods.It has dropped to 1930 yuan / bottle. In 2018 and 2019, old wine is also falling.Another dealer reported that the Shenzhen wine merchant ‘s original price of Feitian Maotai on March 16 has been reduced to 1990 yuan / bottle.In addition, group purchase sales are also “very poor”, and channel prices have fallen below 2,000 yuan per bottle.Sauna and Yewang noticed that at present Taobao and Pinduoduo platforms all have Feitian Moutai liquor participating in the “10 billion subsidy” promotion, which must have been loosened.On March 18, the “subsidy price” of the 2019 Feitian Maotai liquor sold by Taobao merchant “Zuidian Famous Liquor Auction Shop” was 2159 yuan / bottle, the original price was 2390 yuan / bottle;After the price has been as low as 1999 yuan / bottle, the original price was 2399 yuan / bottle.However, there are also more than 2,200 yuan per bottle.The “Guizhou Liquor Exchange Moutai Liquor Price Index”, which combines data from multiple expected channels, shows that the terminal price of Moutai liquor reached 2346 yuan / bottle in January this year, and has continued to fall since then.Since February 6, Moutai has fallen below 2200 yuan / bottle, and has fallen below 2100 / bottle on March 11.As of March 16, the terminal price of Moutai liquor was 2028.2 yuan / bottle, about 1 drop the day before.51% is at the lowest level in history this year.Dealer funds are under pressure According to the sauna, Yewang understands that the price increase of Feitian Maotai appeared around the Mid-Autumn Festival in August last year, once reaching 2800 yuan / bottle, and the wholesale price had reached 2,450 yuan / bottle last year, and was 2150 in late FebruaryAbout RMB / bottle, now it is below RMB 2,000 / bottle.Poor inventory sales combined with the new wine in place in the second quarter have caused many distributors, the cattle, to rush to sell.Zhang Yu expects that this sell-off may last at least a month.”In the early stage of the outbreak, the Maotai colonial price was loosened because of channel funding pressure, but everyone was very confident in Maotai’s performance after the outbreak.The outbreak is now happening all over the world, and everyone’s emotions are also affected.At present, Moutai new wine has been put in place one after another, but the Air Force ‘s inventory has not gone much. Neither the ox nor the dealers are naturally in a hurry to sell.”An analysis article pointed out that there are currently Maotai liquors shipped out of the market in March, and the distributors’ liquors have also arrived in the second quarter and circulated to the market. At present, the same price has appeared in 2019 and 2020, plus oneThe amount of wine hoarded in the quarter, “While continuing to be difficult to sell, wine merchants have also panicked.”As early as February of this year, Maotai Group said in 2020 that” the plan will remain unchanged, the tasks will not be reduced, and the indicators will not be adjusted. “This means that there will be 3 this year.45 Moutai liquors are supplied to the market.According to wine industry analyst Cai Xuefei, the regions with the most price reductions in Feitian Maotai are Hebei, Henan, and Fujian, because these regions are the provinces with the largest consumption of sauce and wine, and have more inventories.From a national perspective, many distributors were affected during the epidemic, and they used a passive sell-off in order to return funds and use them.”Many friends asked me if Maotai fell below 1900 yuan, should I start?My suggestion is that in the short term, the impact of the epidemic on the liquor market will continue until the second half of the year. Meetings, wedding banquets, and business banquets may all shrink in size, leading to shrinking Chinese alcohol consumption markets and sales pressure.But in the long run, Moutai, which has the attributes of consumer goods, luxury goods and investment goods, is still just needed when the gift market is activated, and the price is expected to rise again.”Cai Xuefei said.Sauna, night net Guo Tie pictures from Guizhou Moutai Liquor Co., Ltd. official website screenshot editor Peng Yali proofreading Li Shihui

[How to make baby food cold salad]_Cool baby food_How to make_How to make

[How to make baby food cold salad]_Cool baby food_How to make_How to make

Baby dishes are pakchoi. In normal times, baby dishes can be put into different cuisines, which have high nutritional value and are very conducive to absorption. Generally, the practice of baby dishes mainly includes a lot, which can be matched withGoji duck blood, spinach and so on.

Spinach duck blood soup ingredients: Ingredients: duck blood, spinach, wolfberry, petrel.

The practice of spinach duck blood soup: 1. Put the oil in the casserole and heat, add the ginger slices, and boil the water after the scallions are fragrant. 2. After the petrel is cleaned, put them in the casserole and cook for 15 minutes.3, Wash and slice the duck blood, cook in the pot, skim off the foam; 4, add salt and seafood powder at the end, add the spinach segment, and cook the wolfberry for another two or three minutes.

Tofu small fish dried miso soup production method: Ingredients: tofu sea squid dried zucchini and onion accessories: ginger onion Korean soybean sauce Korean chili sauce Korean paprika seafood powder black pepper salt 1, pour water into the casserole, add the onion, gingerBoil 2 and add the cleaned sea squirt, boil, and simmer for 10 minutes 3, add soy sauce, chili sauce, paprika, black pepper, and continue to boil until the sauce is thick 4. Add quatin and tofu煮到八九成熟5,最后加入葱头块,盐,海鲜粉再煮2、3分钟即可木耳清沙拉制作方法:主料:黑木耳白木耳海燕鱼干辅料:橄榄油盐 柠檬汁等黑,白木耳Wash the hair, wash the petrels and drain the black water. Cook the white fungus in the water, heat it with corn oil in a shredded spare pot, fry the petrels until golden, and mix the black and white fungus.Pour in olive oil, salt, and lemon juice.

[Hakka Meatballs]_Hakka Meatballs_How to do_How to do

[Hakka Meatballs]_Hakka Meatballs_How to do_How to do

China has many advantages, and each has its own unique characteristics.

Many people now like to eat first-class cuisine, not only can eat different cuisines elsewhere, but also satisfy their own taste.

Hakka meatballs are a special kind of cuisine. The raw materials for making Hakka meatballs are not pork and pork belly. Seafood will be added to them. Let’s take a look at the specific method of making them.

Ingredients: 300g pork, winter food, 1 pack of squid, 1 sweet potato starch, 50g of seasoning, 5g of salt, 5g of raw soy sauce, 5g. Method 1, Wash the squid, soak it in water, wash the pork and winter vegetables, and cut the pork 2.Cut the squid into pieces, chop the pork and winter vegetables with a knife, chop the pork and winter vegetables with a knife 3, add the minced mixed puree with sweet potato starch and soaked squid water 4, mix the puree with salt, and stir-fry, And beat it hard, the meat mud beats sticky, squeeze out each meatball, put it in a dish5, put the prepared meatballs on the rice with a steaming dish when cooking, and the rice is cooked, the meatballs are steamedCooked (meatballs can also be placed in a steamer and steamed over medium heat for 20 minutes)

[How to make warm beef curry shabu shabu in winter]_Home warming method of warm beef curry shabu shabu in winter_How to make warm beef curry in shabu shabu _How to cook warm beef in shabu shabu in winter

[How to make warm beef curry shabu shabu in winter]_Home warming method of warm beef curry shabu shabu in winter_How to make warm beef curry in shabu shabu _How to cook warm beef in shabu shabu in winter

Food stresses nutritional matching, which basically does not make you fat, but also allows you to eat a slim and healthy body. For those who lose weight, please come and watch it. Today, I will introduce the method of making warm curry beef shabu-shabu in winter.


Peel and dice potatoes (if not cooking for a while, soak them in cold water to avoid blackening), wash carrots and cut into hob pieces, slice onions, and cut burdock into large pieces 2.

After burdock water, rinse well 3.

Add to a pressure cooker, add boiling water, fragrant leaves, star anise, peppercorns, smashed ginger, and pressure for 20 minutes after steaming (you can add beef extensions if you like soft spots) 4.

Pour a small amount of oil into the wok. After 80% of the heat, add potatoes, carrots and onions, fry until the surface shrinks, and remove it for 5 minutes.

Put the burdock and fried vegetables in the stew pot, add the broth just cooked in the burdock, and just dip the ingredients.

After the fire has boiled, add three pieces of curry paste 6.

Cook over medium-low heat for 20 minutes, then pour in coconut milk and mix well to turn off the heat.

In the meantime, you can taste the taste, and decide whether to mix salt and sugar according to each person’s taste.If you focus on doing it, you can do it a few times.

In addition, if you open a small stove for yourself, your mood will become more beautiful, and people will naturally be healthier.

Ten night beauty tips


Ten night beauty tips

Early to bed and early to get up is, of course, a beauty compulsory course worth promoting!

However, if you have encountered a very happy time during the Lunar New Year, observing the New Year, partying, and having fun, let alone rest at midnight, I am afraid you need to stay up all night to celebrate.

How can skin care be enhanced to make you look good every day during the New Year holidays?

Share ten night beauty tips, you can be energetic even after sleeping late!

  1. Sleep late and wash not too late. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that skin care must conform to changes in the environment and physical state, so do not wait to clean the skin before going to bed. Try to cleanse the skin in advance to reduce the burden on the skin and prevent acne.

Cleansing does not prevent the use of a two-in-one cleanser that can remove and cleanse at the same time, and cleans in 2 minutes.

Some facial cleansers containing fruit or salicylic acid have a deep cleansing effect.

In particular, salicylic acid is currently the only complex component that can really penetrate into hair follicles for cleaning actions. It can increase the metabolism of keratinocytes, reduce the accumulation of waste and toxins on the skin surface, and make you even sleep late.Tired expression.
  2, do a good job of moisturizing care late at night, stay up late and excessive fatigue make the skin’s water retention worse and dry.

So apply cleansing lotion as soon as possible after cleansing.

It is best to use a cotton pad to dip the beauty liquid until the cotton pad is transparent, you can see the fingers through the perspective, then start from the center of the face, and gently tighten the skin with the force that makes the skin sink slightly.

Care should be applied to the areas around the eyes and mouth that are easy to dry and dull; the cheeks that are easy to dry should be fully absorbed. Finally, use the entire palm to gently press the remaining lotion on the skin to fully penetrate the skin.

  3. Alternative masks quickly improve dryness. If you are as worried as I am about applying daily masks to over-maintenance, you can use a moisturizing beauty solution to soak the paper mask and apply it to the skin.

After 10 minutes, the moisture in the film will be absorbed by the skin, and then a layer of lotion will be sprayed. After 5 minutes, the skin will become hydrated and soft, and you don’t have to worry about overloading the skin even if you do it every day.

If you do n’t even have a paper mask, you can put a paper towel on the surface and spray moisturizing lotion on the paper until the tissue is soaked, wait 1?
3 minutes.

  4. Evening detox night cream for night sleep Even if you fail to fall asleep before 23:00, the best liver detox time, you can absorb the essence night cream with detox repair function before 23 o’clock, and apply a simple 30-second massage when applying,Can promote blood circulation, improve cell metabolic vitality, and eliminate skin toxin waste, which will greatly reduce the damage of staying up late.

Occasionally need to strengthen the maintenance, you can apply a little thicker as a good night mask, multi-purpose.

  5. Use the essence before zero as far as possible to complete the essence application step before midnight, which helps the nutrients in the essence to exert its utmost.

Some night repair essences containing nano-penetrating technology or a variety of plant extracts are more likely to penetrate deep into the skin, strengthen cell vitality, and promote metabolic cycles.

Just like an invisible cell engine is implanted in the skin, no time-consuming and labor-intensive massage is needed, and the nutrition can be fully absorbed by one without falling, creating a perfect foreshadowing for the subsequent light cream.

  6, the trick of applying night cream Our cream application method is simple and effective.

When applying the cream, first apply the cream evenly at five points on the face (forehead, cheeks, nose and chin), wrap the entire face with the palm of your hand for 5 seconds, and then bring the cream remaining on the palm to your neck.For the skin, use your left hand to pat the right neck and right hand to shoot the short neck 10 times. You can press and hold the skin at the same time to prevent wrinkle displacement.

  7, super effective 3 minutes skin rejuvenation Chinese medicine believes that the facial skin’s luster and health depend on whether the facial meridian qi and blood are unblocked, and you can enhance facial meridian activity and improve fineness by just taking a simple massage for 3 minutes before going to bedStreaking and prevent acne.

  Step 1: Rub your hands together, and quickly cover your palms on the whole board after rubbing.

  Step 2: After feeling the heat loss, cover your face with both hands and massage 10 times from top to bottom.

  Step 3: Continue rubbing your hands and repeat the above action 3?
5 times.

  Step 4: Use the fingers of your fingers to “play the piano” on the face in the order of “from the center to the distal end” and “from bottom to top”, and pat the skin on the face.Focus.
  8, eyebrow shaving method to solve N kinds of eye problems If you have dark circles, eye bags and eye swelling and other problems, do not miss this method.

Chinese medicine believes that the eyebrows, the middle of the eyebrows, and the acupoints at the end of the eyebrows, including the bamboo shoots, weeping, silk hollow bamboo points, etc., have a significant effect on eliminating puffiness and eye fatigue.

And you don’t need to write down the specific location of each acupoint, just apply face cream or eye cream before bedtime, by the way, use index finger and middle finger belly from the center of the eyebrow to the end of the eyebrow.Fatigue, eliminate dark circles, and can prevent eye puffiness in the early morning.

  9. Vitamin C supplementation is most effective before going to bed. When the skin does not get enough sleep, nutrition will be lost too much.

If you have the habit of taking oral beauty products every day, it is recommended to take vitamin C and oral collagen products before bedtime. This is not only better than the absorption effect during the day, but also helps the skin to get adequate nutrition and restore elastic gloss during sleep.
  10. Use essential oils to awaken the skin’s radiance. Before bedtime maintenance, add a few drops of essential oil in a basin of hot water and stir well. Steam the face with steam first. After the water temperature decreases, you can immerse your face in water for three to five minutes.

This method has a good effect on improving dryness and dullness.

  Essential oils recommended for different skin problems ● Dry and peeling skin-rose + sandalwood + chamomile essential oil ● dehydration oily skin-geranium + lavender + ylang ylang essential oil ● rough and dull-rose + geranium essential oil ● acne and pimples: geranium +Mint + Eucalyptus + Frankincense Essential Oil

Peanut Jujube Soup tonic and nourish skin

Peanut Jujube Soup tonic and nourish skin

Many women’s faces are dull, yellow, and lackluster, which is actually caused by insufficient blood.

If you want to brighten the complexion, the face is like a peach blossom, you must effectively blood.

Yao Lanying, chief physician of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Hangzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, said that Qi and blood can make the complexion ruddy, normal menstrual blood, and strong.

She recommended a peanut and jujube soup for everyone.

  Take 100 grams of red dates and 100 grams of peanut kernels. After soaking in warm water to remove impurities, add an appropriate amount of water to the pot, cook on low heat until it is soft, and add 200 grams of honey until the juice is thick and cease to cease.

You can also use a pressure cooker to cook peanut kernels and red dates for 30 minutes. Add honey after cooking.

  In addition, black fungus, mulberry, and black sesame substitute for “blood-forming materials”, which is also helpful for brightening the complexion.

Six celery medicated diets that can lower blood pressure

Six celery medicated diets that can lower blood pressure

Celery has the effects of clearing heat and removing annoyance, regulating liver and regulating menstruation, promoting acute toxicity, cooling blood and swelling, and stopping bleeding.

Celery contains acidic antihypertensive ingredients, which can lower blood pressure; it contains diuretic active ingredients, which can eliminate body water, sodium retention, and diuretic swelling.

Celery is a high-fiber food. It produces an antioxidant through intestinal digestion, and its high concentration can inhibit carcinogens produced by intestinal bacteria.

Generally, it can speed up the operation time of feces in the intestine, reduce the contact between carcinogens and colonic mucosa, and achieve the purpose of preventing colon cancer.

Celery has a high iron content, which can supplement women’s menstrual blood loss and nourish blood.

  200g cold celery kelp celery, 100g water kelp, 50g black fungus, soy sauce, sesame oil, refined salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate.

Shred kelp and black fungus and cook in boiling water.

Cut celery into 3 cm long pieces and cook in boiling water for 3 minutes.

After the kelp, black fungus, and celery are cooled, add them to the dish, add soy sauce, sesame oil, salt, sugar, and monosodium glutamate, and serve immediately.

This meal is crisp and refreshing, simple raw materials, cheap and good quality, can nourish and moisturize, clear liver and heat, promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis.Therapeutic fracture.

  Celery rose flower soup 300 grams of celery, red dates 50 grams, rose flowers 10 grams, rock sugar itself.

Wash the first three flavors and fry them into soup. Add rock sugar.

It can activate blood and nourish blood, suitable for those with headache and blood stasis.

  Shredded chicken with celery, 100 grams of chicken breast, 200 grams of celery, salt, monosodium glutamate, and sesame oil.

Wash the chicken breasts, cook them, and shred them into filaments.

Remove celery roots, leaves, wash, cut into sections, simmer in boiling water, add chicken shreds, salt, MSG, sesame oil, mix well.

It can nourish yin, calm the liver and lower blood pressure, and is suitable for adjuvant treatment of hypertension.

  Celery porridge with 120 grams of celery root, previously 250 grams of rice.

Wash the celery, add 2,000 ml of water to the same pot as the previously washed rice, boil over high heat, and boil over low heat to make gruel.

It can strengthen the spleen and reduce phlegm, and is suitable for supplementary food therapy for tinnitus caused by spleen and stomach phlegm rising.

  Celery fried pork heart celery 50 grams, pork heart 250 grams, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, ginger, and sesame oil each amount.

Wash and cook the pig heart, cut into thin slices, wash the celery and remove the leaves, and cut into 2 cm long sections.

Set the pot on fire and add sesame oil. After the oil is hot, add soy sauce, ginger, shabu-shabu, stir-fry with celery, add pork heart slices when celery is cooked, and stir well.

Add the balsamic vinegar to the platter after cooking.

Be clear of heart, raise your heart.

  100 grams of celery celery, 150 grams of soy flour, salt, MSG amount.

Wash celery leaves, boil in boiling water, add soy flour, salt, monosodium glutamate, knead into a vegetable ball, and steam them in a basket.

It can strengthen the spleen, nourish qi, and clear the liver, and is suitable for high symptoms with edema and dizziness.

I can lose 10 pounds a day in 2 minutes a month.

I can lose 10 pounds a day in 2 minutes a month.

The reflex zone of each organ exists in the sole of the foot, massage and stimulate the corresponding reflex zone, which can promote local blood circulation, thereby achieving the purpose of detoxification and fat burning.

It can reduce excess excess and regulate endocrine.

Let you slim down at the same time, the spirit is a hundred times, showing youthful vitality!


Strike the soles of the feet and hit the soles of the feet with your fists every night before going to bed. It can eliminate the fatigue of the day and promote the circulation of the whole body. It is the function of visceral detoxification, which makes the excretion function of blood vessels in the body unimpeded and accelerates the fat burning speed.

  Method: With the sole of the foot as the center, the rhythm is carried out, with a slight pain, about 100 times per foot, and the exercise is completed for about 2 minutes.


If the blood circulation of the feet is not good, visceral dysfunction and endocrine disorders will occur. Physical toxins cannot be eliminated in time, and the metabolic rate is too slow to cause slight accumulation and obesity.

Simple local stimulation of the foot can promote blood circulation and speed up metabolism.

  Method: Sit on the bed or on the floor, let your feet shake in the air, then rotate your feet like a bicycle.

For 2 minutes, the province’s blood circulation is immediately smooth, burning adults and helping to improve sleep.


The biggest advantage of walking barefoot is that the palm is an opportunity to exercise. The palm is an important part of maintaining the balance of the body. When walking, you can stimulate the palm. Try to walk on the pebble road, or prepare a strip at home.
  Method: Let the five fingers separate movement is also a big advantage of walking barefoot. In order to lose weight and good health, at home, you can let your feet liberate from the shoes and socks and walk barefoot.

Hold on for 2 minutes.


The body of the toes, claws, and toes are also enhanced by memory.

  Method: You can use both hands to grasp the big toenails of your feet, make sputum, squat several times a day, 2 minutes each time, or you can use your hand movements to lick the outer side of the small toe, because the memory is related to the cerebellum.The small toenail is also the reflex zone of the cerebellum, so the small toe helps to enhance memory.

揉搓 2 minutes.


The foot massage allows the feet to close together and rub against each other, so that the blood circulation is smooth, and when the foot feels warm, the body can be detoxified and fat-burning in a short time.

  Method: Sit on the bed or on the floor, lift your feet and rub each other hard, if the hands are rubbing at the same time.

Just rub hard about 20 times, about 2 minutes.

This method also helps sleep.

Practice hot yoga to quickly detox and lose weight

Practice hot yoga to quickly detox and lose weight

Outdoor high-temperature yoga can even increase the flexibility of our body, regulate personal emotions, promote metabolism, strengthen immunity, and improve joint complications.

At the same time, it can sweat a lot during the exercise, burn the adults in the body, stimulate the lymphatic system, expel toxins from the body, quickly eliminate fat, and make the skin bright and shiny.

  First, what is high-temperature yoga? Indian Bick Rom established the hot yoga system in the United States, and once it was launched, it caused a sensation in the yoga world.

Although this practice is considered by some classical yoga teachers to be inconsistent with traditional concepts and norms, hot yoga does have loyal followers.

Hot yoga has strict requirements on the venue and temperature. Practitioners need to practice 26 basic postures in a high temperature environment between 38 ° C and 42 ° C. Basically, they will sweat heavily after 10 minutes.

  Second, the characteristics of high-temperature yoga sweating can take away toxins from the body surface and purify the nervous system.

The traditional Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga make the practitioners sweat a lot in asanas, so as to achieve the purpose of discharging garbage from the body.

The high-temperature environment of hot yoga replaces the hard work of contraction. After ordinary people go in, they will sweat even if they don’t do any exercises.

Many celebrities rely on hot yoga to lose weight, and more and more people try this yoga system in China.

  Third, the role of high-temperature yoga Hot yoga has a good effect on weight loss, detoxification, and sculpted figure. It is a relatively popular innovative practice method at present.

  Muscles and tendons are stiff at room temperature, and in high-temperature environments, you will find that your body is surprisingly flexible, giving you confidence in yourself.

This is also a major feature of hot yoga.

  In addition to losing weight, long-term practice of hot yoga can also improve migraine, back pain, cervical pain and gastrointestinal diseases.

In the introduction of hot yoga, such texts appear repeatedly, and many people who come to practice hot yoga with enthusiasm also have this purpose.

Hot yoga classes are held three times a week for about one hour each time. The hot yoga room always gathers the highest popularity. Yoga mats are spread on the ground. Scholars are in their early 20s to 50s, mostly white-collar workers.

  Through gentle exercise on the human body, the softness of the spine can be improved. Squeezing the cervical spine in the opposite direction can treat migraine and cervical pain through Shujinghuoxue, which is especially suitable for people who often sit in the office.

Insufficient exercise, intense mental stress and excessive weight loss will cause the body’s cold physique, and hot yoga just combines warmth and exercise, allowing people to brave the cold to experience the “dislocation” of the season.

  Fourth, is hot yoga suitable for me?

  People who are in good health, without major illness or hidden dangers, who want to lose weight and detox.

Heart disease, high blood pressure, severe eye and ear diseases, diabetes, overwhelming illness, maternal, sub-healthy people are not suitable for practice.

  Fifth, the precautions of practicing high-temperature yoga First, practicing hot yoga will bring a certain amount of stress to the heart and respiratory system, lower blood pressure, hypotension or weak people should be cautious.

Beginners may feel dizzy, this is normal.

Pay attention to the mastery of time during the exercise, rest appropriately and replenish moisture.

  In fact, it is recommended that scholars do not eat for three hours before the exercise, drink a large glass of water 20 minutes before the start of the exercise, and do not eat for 1 hour after the end of the exercise.

Due to the cold winter, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor penetrations, we must pay special attention to prevent colds, it is best to bring a thick piece of clothing, the road from the hot yoga room to the dressing room can not be careless.

It is best to take a shower 20 to 30 minutes after the end of the exercise, otherwise the muscles and joints that are completely relaxed during exercise will easily become stiff.

  If you experience symptoms such as excessive sweating, dehydration, nausea, fatigue, and abdominal pain, stop practicing immediately and go out for ventilation.

If the symptoms do not improve after several attempts, it means that your constitution is not suitable for this yoga system. It is recommended to choose another one.

  Bring a towel and water when practicing.

Do not take a bath immediately after the exercise, wait for the sweat to dry, and wash after the pores shrink, which is more conducive to the discharge of toxins.

  Frequent visits to the gym make it easier for people who value exercise.

If you do not exercise very often, it is recommended to choose carefully.

You can try it out first to see if your body can accept it.