2016 ATP year-end finals opener Djokovic sends egg to reverse Tim to take the lead _1

2016 ATP year-end finals opener Djokovic sends egg to reverse Tim to take the lead
Beijing time on November 14th, the 2016 ATP year-end finals started in London, the singles opener match, the world’s second Djokovic team in the Rendell group against the finals Tim Tim.As a result, he made timely adjustments in the case of a tiebreaker defeat. In the end, he sent an egg 6-7 (10) / 6-0 / 6-2 to reverse Tim and get the group stage starter.Druid celebrated the play Druid and Tim League played three times, the Serbian king won a single victory, this is a singles opener, for Druid, if he wants to regain the world No. 1 from Murray, his result of each gameBoth are very important, and Tim naturally looks forward to getting a good start. Both of them have not been in the best form recently, but Druid’s game experience is even better.  In the first set game, Djokovic took the lead in serving. As a result, he lovegame made it easy. Tim’s service was 40-15 ahead and was chased to 40 draws, but he still won the game with a strong serve and a straight line.Two points, smooth service, and since then the two services have been successfully served, so that the score alternately rose to 5-5.  In the 11th inning of the first set, Druid returned the ball to the net to send a break point, but the Serbian made a two-point thriller and threw the pressure to Tim 6-5. The Austrian star blasted the ACE and successfully secured the first set.Seven, in the middle of the tie-break, the small German net saved the ball accidentally and fell to the ground. After changing the side 2-4, Tim overcomes the 5-2 lead caused by the high pressure in front of the net, and each scored a point. Tim took 6-3In the three counts, but he made two double errors in a row, Xiao De took advantage of the situation to catch up to 6-6, and since then both shots played a good show to save the inventory, Tim cashed in the 7th inventory with a forehand win, 7-6 (10) Career took the first set from Druid for the first time.  Djokovic quickly adjusted and broke 3-0 in the second set. After a short break, Djokovic easily maintained a 4-0 lead. In the fifth game, Djokovic took over the brave,Tim made mistakes again and again. The Serbian broke the service 5-0 for the third time and entered the service victory set. Eventually, the gradually overcame service was cashed in, and the game was brought to the final set 6-0.  In the start of the tiebreaker, Tim defended strongly and stopped the continuous decline. However, the small Germany had adjusted the state to a 2-1 lead, and then both of them defended their own.-2 Continue to have an advantage.In the seventh inning, Tim made too many mistakes. Druid broke the serve again and entered the serve to win the game 5-2. As a result, the Serbian scored four points and scored 6-2 to achieve the reversal.

Sports Morning News: Guoan war with Chiang Rai United will not be postponed, China Xiaohua wins the first 20

Sports Morning News: Guoan war with Chiang Rai United will not be postponed, China Xiaohua wins the first 20
The first game of Guoan New Year will challenge Chiang Rai United on the road.【AFC Champions League】 Guoan’s war with Chiang Rai United is scheduled to be affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic. The AFC has adjusted the AFC Champions League schedule twice, in addition to Beijing Guoan’s war against Chiang Rai UnitedWas postponed.Although the Chinese Football Association and Guoan have submitted applications for the postponement of this game, the match will not be postponed, and the Guoan team will play as the “super seedling” of the Chinese Super League in February.Details >> Guoan complete lineup for the AFC Champions League[tennis]Chinese florets defeated TOP20 for the first time in the women ‘s singles first round of the 2020 Hua Hin Thailand match last night, the world ranked 134th China ‘s post-00 xiaohua Wang Xiyu took 6He beat the No. 2 seed 3, 6 and 4 and ranked No. 15 in the world. Martic made his first victory against a TOP20 player.In the second round, Wang Xiyu will challenge the Austrian girl Haas.In addition, Wang Qiang, Peng Shuai and other Chinese Jinhua also successfully advanced to the second round.[La Liga]Barcelona winger is expected to be injured for 6 months. The Barcelona club released news this morning that the team winger Dembele has received a surgical operation on the proximal tendon of the right thigh femoral biceps in Turku, Finland, on Tuesday.The injury will be stopped for about 6 months.Dembele played only 9 games on behalf of Barcelona this season. Among them, 5 started and scored 1 goal. Six months of injury means he basically missed the rest of the season.[Serie A]Juventus renews contract with main goalkeeper Serie A giant Juventus announced that it will renew its contract with Polish goalkeeper Szczesny until 2024.Shichensi played for Arsenal, Roma and other teams.In the summer of 2017, Juventus signed him.This season, he played 22 games for Juventus, with 8 zero seals.As of now, Szczesny has won two Serie A titles, one Italian Cup title and one Italian Super Cup title with Juventus.Editor Zhang Yunfeng Proofreading Liu Jun

[Learn to make pot armor]_Learn to make pot armor

[Learn to make pot armor]_Learn to make pot armor

Nowadays, with the improvement of the social and economic level and the changes in people’s living conditions, people are getting more and more food. Some foods with regional characteristics will gradually be brought to all parts of the country.

For example, pot helmet, this is a kind of pasta that is very popular in northern areas. Nowadays, whether in the south or the north, it can be easily enjoyed.

Of course, you can also make your own pot helmet according to the following methods!

First, the production method changes the development of history. People continue to summarize and improve the production of Qianzhou pot armor.

The original Chai He burned in a small pot was changed to coal roasting and roasted in a 鏊, and the original kneading surface was changed to a wooden stick pressing surface.

In this way, it is baked up and down, with high temperature and gas protection, uniform fire color, and sufficient cookedness, to achieve the purpose of resistance to placement.

Press the noodles with a wooden stick and knead the noodles to make the ochre white, rich in aroma, and delicious.

The specific method is: ten pounds of flour, four pounds of water (water temperature must be mastered according to the season), leavened noodles in summer five or two, spring seven or two.

One pound in winter, soda noodles according to the season 0.5 to one or two, noodles leaven noodles, put on soda noodles, and make dough, put on the case with a wooden bar to fold and press, during the pressing process, add flour 2About one pound, press it until the surface is smooth and smooth. When the leaven is uniform, divide it into one pound, three or two pieces, and then press each side with a wooden bar one by one and turn it to make a circle with a diameter of eight inches and a thickness of six points.Round chrysanthemum cake, baked on top.

The first ravioli is to heat up and down. The heat should be small and stable. The main purpose is to color the ravioli with the color of the waves produced by the wooden bar, let the fermentation surface further ferment and final shape, and then enter the second ravioli.

The second salamander is one side of the fire, and the heat is more prosperous. Because an iron ring can be placed inside the salamander, the salamander will be in the air, mainly for braking. The two salamanders will reach three to six revolutions in total, which can be baked in about ten minutes.production.

Second, production method Two main ingredients: 415
g of wheat flour, auxiliary materials: 230ml of warm water, 5g of yeast, 10g of cotton sugar, 2 tsp of sesame, 5 tsp of refined salt, 2 tsp of spiced powder, 6 tsp of cumin powder, appropriate amount of soybean oil Step 1.

Flour, yeast, warm water, white sugar, 1 tsp of salt, mix, and smooth into dough, and leave to warm and ferment.


Take out the fermented dough and knead with air.


Divide the dough into two portions and knead each portion.


Roll each portion into thin slices.


Apply oil.


Sprinkle with 2 teaspoons of salt, 2 teaspoons of spiced powder, and 3 teaspoons of cumin powder and spread well.


Bottom up, rolled up tightly.


Knead slightly.


Roll up the pan and tuck the trailing end underneath.


Roll out a little.


Sprinkle with a spoonful of sesame seeds, roll with a rolling pin a few times, and roll into a green shape.


Cover the two green pots and cook for 30 minutes.


Supor “flaming red spot” 2nd generation of oil-free frying pan, pour a little oil, not too much, at this time the red heart in the pot is not solid.

When Supor’s “flaming red spot” 2nd generation fume-free wok pan becomes solid, it means that the optimal cooking temperature is about 180, and the cooking fume-free.

So at this time we gently add the green pot armor green that has been made for the second time.

Burn over low heat, burn one side, and turn it gently.


Just bake both sides golden.

18 years old

Cook the pot helmet, add it to the pan and cut into pieces.

If not finished, cover with a cloth after cooling to prevent it from drying out.

Third, tip 1, the amount of warm water should be increased or decreased according to the water absorption of the flour.

2. The noodles should be a little softer than the noodles, and it will be loose after the pot armor is finished.

3. The pot helmets in the northwest are so big that they are not suitable for family production. This pot helmet is an improved family version. It uses nearly a pound of noodles to make two pot helmets.Combine the amount of seasoning for the two pot armors.

4. Be careful when rolling and reeling, so that the pot helmet won’t be strong.

5. The secondary fermentation can be omitted, but it is better not to use it, because the secondary fermentation can make the green body more fluffy, and then the thickness of the pot helmet will come out.

6, be sure to fire a small fire, let the pot armor slowly expand, taste better.

7, unfinished pot armor, cover with a cloth after cooling to prevent it from drying out.

[Can diarrhea eat boiled corn?

]Diarrhea_ can you eat

[Can diarrhea eat boiled corn?
]Diarrhea_ can you eat

Corn is a very common coarse grain. The nutritional value of corn is very high. Many people usually like to eat corn. Diarrhea is also a relatively common disease. In general, there are many causes of diarrhea, but if diarrhea occursSymptoms, in addition to the need to take medicine for treatment, also need to pay attention to diet. Corn has high nutritional value. Can I eat it if I have diarrhea?

Can diarrhea eat boiled corn?

Diarrhea is usually a poor digestive function of the body. You can eat corn, but it is best to eat less and eat more easily digestible food.

Does corn diarrhea eat corn?

Corn is rich in fiber supplements, which can stimulate gastrointestinal peristalsis, help digestion, accelerate fecal excretion, and implant feces, which generally does not make people diarrhea.

However, if you eat too much or eat it improperly, it may still cause diarrhea.

What is the diarrhea after eating corn? A small number of people have diarrhea after eating corn, which may be caused by the following reasons: too much corn is consumed too much at one time, and corn is not easily digested food, eatToo much can affect the digestion of the stomach and intestines, leading to indigestion and diarrhea.

Physical reasons: The rich crude fiber in corn can stimulate the stomach and intestines and promote bowel movements. People with weak gastrointestinal function may experience diarrhea if the stomach is stimulated.

Uncooked When you cook the corn, you can eat it directly. After eating, it will cause indigestion and diarrhea.

Pesticide Residues If pesticides are used during the growth of corn, but they are not cleaned when eating corn, resulting in residual pesticides or bacteria, diarrhea will also occur.

What to do when eating corn diarrhea 1. Stop eating corn.

Corn has a laxative effect, and it is not easy to digest. If you continue to eat corn when you have a diarrhea, it may worsen diarrhea.

2, the right amount of water.

When diarrhea, the body will lose a lot of water and continue to lose electrolytes. At this time, it is best to drink some fresh water to prevent dehydration and resonance interference, and drinking water can promote the body’s metabolism.

3. Recover by yourself.

Of course, the most common cause of diarrhea in eating corn is indigestion. Generally, the symptoms of diarrhea after a long time can be relieved and you can wait for its own recovery.

It is not recommended to take antidiarrheal medicine when diarrhea occurs, unless it is more serious, you can take it after consulting your doctor.

4. Seek medical treatment.

If you have a severe diarrhea after eating corn, it can’t be relieved. It is recommended to seek medical treatment in time.

[How to make yam lily porridge]_Homemade yam lily porridge

[How to make yam lily porridge]_Homemade yam lily porridge

Maybe you go to school outside, maybe you are busy with work every day, but you have to eat even if you are busy, because this is the basic condition for you to live.

There are many ways to eat, but we have to eat healthy. We have to cook our own food to eat. Only in this way can we be healthy.

Therefore, Xiaobian here first talk about the practice of yam and lily porridge.


Wash the yam first.


Peel off the skin.


30 grams of barley.


25 grams of lily.


9 jujubes.


70 grams of sticky rice.


Wash the indica rice, glutinous rice, and red dates, and put them in the pot.


Cut yam into small pieces and add to the pot, add the right amount of water.


Press the porridge button and the porridge will be ready in more than 30 minutes.

Automatically jump to insulation function.


Serve in a bowl and eat.

Yam lily porridge is not difficult to make. From the introduction of the steps above, everyone should be able to see.

So now you can try it in the kitchen.

You pay sweat and you will find out how sweet this dish is.

Covering all ugliness, but cannot cover your illness

Covering all ugliness, but cannot cover your illness

Some people say that this is an era of looking at the face. There are many benefits to a man being handsome, but someone immediately jumped out and said “a high cover and a hundred uglies”. Height is the most important!

Recently, there is a news that gives confidence to men who are not perfect in height: A study in the United States shows that although tall men may enter the marriage hall earlier, their marriage is not as long as that of short men.

The study also says that taller men are more likely to do housework and shorter men are more likely to work.

See how much height can affect.

  In fact, height doesn’t just affect marriage. Scientists have more to say about height, some kind of health.

Do you know that height is still related to cancer?

Take a look at the study together.

  Tall women and cancer In a long-term health tracking study, researchers calculated the overall incidence of cancer in the population and further segmented according to the location of the disease, and calculated the incidence of 17 cancers in women of different heights.

Statistics show that for every 10cm increase in height, the risk of developing cancer is increased by 16%.

The relative risk of cancer was increased by 37% in the highest 175cm group compared with the shortest 155cm group.

  Relative risk of cancer increased by 30%!

Well, these numbers look really scary.

Although careful analysis will find that the relative risk of 30% seems surprising, in fact, the absolute cancer risk increased every year is only about 0.

2%, but still shows that there is a certain link between women’s height and cancer.

    Tall people are prone to cancer. Breast cancer: Women taller than 175 cm are very susceptible to lung cancer and die from it.

One reason is that hormones that affect a woman’s height cause an increase in milk duct tissue in the breast.

This tissue is where most breast tumors occur, so the more catheters there are, the more susceptible you are to diabetes.

  Pancreatic cancer: Men over 185 cm and women over 168 cm are 81% more likely to develop pancreatic cancer.

This may be because people’s growing hormones also increase the chance of cancerous cells growing.

  What shorts can cause cancer and heart disease: Men shorter than 170 cm are more likely to develop heart disease than men higher than 185 cm.

The reason is that the blood vessels of short men are correspondingly narrower and more likely to be blocked, which can lead to heart disease.

  Gastric cancer: Gastric cancer is related to Helicobacter pylori infection, and this virus is also the direct cause of gastric ulcers.

Infection with Helicobacter pylori during childhood can cause slowed growth.

  Abnormal height and disease In addition to the above examples, there are some data that prompt attention to the relationship between abnormal height and disease.

For example, musculoskeletal developmental defects in patients with dwarfism, the main symptoms are stunting of growth retardation and mental retardation, patients with Marfan syndrome who are tall and thin, and so on.

  Aging and height American experts believe that there is an important relationship between height and health, but life in the early years will affect human condition and height, and health decisions in the second half of life will also have an impact.

Shortening is a natural phenomenon of the human body after aging. Its causes include muscle loss, flattened arches, fluid loss between lumbar discs, osteoporosis, and narrowing of the lumbar spine.

Too much “shrinkage” increases people’s fractures and men’s risk of developing high blood pressure, and is also associated with impaired cognitive function, such as memory loss.

  Of course, there are some other studies on height and health, such as height and mental health, height and IQ, height and longevity, and so on.

Taken together, there are advantages and disadvantages to height (in fact, this sentence is a bit nonsense, but it is a fact).

Because parents are worried that their children are not tall, adults want to do everything possible to look taller, and most of them are considered from the appearance. If only from a health perspective, it is good as long as it is not pathological.

Four reasons why love walks into the grave


Four reasons why love walks into the grave

Studies by social and psychologists have found that: around us, many people who have been fighting in marriage for many years, almost no longer look back at the existence of love in marriage, and it seems to have become the grave of marriage, that is love; andThose who are about to enter the marriage hall are also fearful.

     Some psychologists say: In a way, marriage is the grave of love.

     How did love walk into the grave?

Xu Shunsheng, Department of Clinical Psychology, People’s Hospital of Wuhan University believes that love gradually entered the grave through the establishment of marriage life.

It is mainly caused by the following reasons: First, the “halo effect” disappears. When you look directly at the strong light source body, you will feel that the “halo” formed by this light source body diffuses to the surroundings, causing a large area nearby.The shroud is almost as dazzling as the light source body.

When in love, our bodies have at least one of the great advantages of fascinating each other. In the eyes of lovers, they will “cover the ugliness.”

This is a psychedelic feeling that is fermented in love.

Once married, they live a trivial, monotonous life without covering each other, the “halo effect” disappears, and both sides return to their original appearance.

So the shortcomings that have been attached to the body have emerged and have been magnified.

     Second, when the roles of the two sides change, when the two are in love, the two become together as lovers and treat each other. The relationship between the two sides still belongs to close heterosexual friends.

Lovers are independent, equal, and respectful of each other, and in order to achieve the purpose of marriage, each other can be considerate of each other, accommodate each other and more or less aggrieved.

However, after marriage, they relaxed their self-discipline, and psychologically wanted each other to adapt to themselves, obey themselves, and some even intentionally or unintentionally wanted to control each other, resulting in irreconcilable contradictions.

     Third, the seductiveness of sex is reduced. After repetitive sexual relationships are confirmed and fixed in the form of marriage, the interest of men and women in sex is greatly relieved, and the feeling of sex is not as strong as before.

     Fourth, there is no new content to promote the development of love in marriage. When in love, couples put “I miss you” and “I love you” every day.

However, after marriage, the lover felt that they would no longer have to work so hard, and they turned their attention to each other and began to think for themselves.

Demystifying the nutritional value of soybeans

Demystifying the nutritional value of soybeans

What is the nutritional value of soybeans?

Life is now improving, causing bad harm to people’s health!

So pay special attention to the nutrition diet, don’t eat unnutritive food!

The elderly must pay attention to the nutritional value of soybeans!

  The nutritional value of soybeans1, increasing the protein in vitamin soybeans can increase the excitement and inhibitory functions of the cerebral cortex, improve the efficiency of learning and work, and can also relieve depression and depression.

  2. Prevention of cancer Soybean contains protein inhibin. It has been found through experiments that it can inhibit a variety of cancers, and the inhibitory effect on cancer is most obvious.

  3, assisted antihypertensive research by American scientists found that the diet of hypertensive patients absorbed too much sodium and too little potassium.

Ingestion of high potassium foods can release excessive sodium salts in the body, which has the effect of assisting in lowering blood pressure.

Soy beans are rich in potassium, with a potassium content of up to 1503 mg per 100 grams of soy.

Hypertensive patients often eat soybeans, which is very helpful for timely supplementation of potassium in the body.

  4. Phytosterols in soybeans that lower blood lipids have the effect of lowering blood samples.

It competes with cholesterol within the first level and reduces plasma absorption.

While reducing the “bad cholesterol” in the blood of patients with hyperlipidemia, it does not affect the “good plasma” in the blood and has a good lipid-lowering effect.

  5. Make smart soybeans mixed with soy lecithin, which is an important component of the brain.

Eating more soybeans can help prevent Alzheimer’s.

In addition, the sterols in soybean lecithin can increase neural function and vitality.

  The nutritional value of soybeans is to lower blood lipids, make the brain smart, increase energy, and assist in reducing blood pressure!

A nutritional supplement!

The elderly also need to absorb these and be good for health!

Pay attention to the nutritional value of soybeans!

Rice nutrition can’t replace anything

Rice nutrition can’t replace anything

Many people often hear this at the table: eat less, eat more food, have no nutrition, and have nutrition in the dish.

  Thoroughly concerned about women who are too concerned about their own body, this article is regarded as the “sense of good words” for weight loss.

On the surface, this seems to make sense. However, from the perspective of scientific nutrition, if it continues in the long run, it will be extremely detrimental to health.

  The main ingredient of rice and pasta is glucose, which is a transformed nutrient that is both economical and directly convertible.

In terms of the physical structure of the human body, 99% of the human body and the body’s organisms are composed of water, which is the main “basic raw material” that our body needs.

From a chemical point of view, in a reasonable diet, 50% to 60% of the total heat needed by a person comes from carbohydrates.

The proportion of large fish and meat in rice and vegetables should be easily digested, and rice has the irreplaceable necessity of other nutrients.

  The staple food generally has a mild taste, and the other is the light aroma of the rice.

Why do we eat rice all our life, but the big fish and big meat will have an appetite for three days in a row?

This is because the big fish tastes heavy, the color is heavy, and the heavy oil, eat too much, the stomach will produce great resentment and stimulation.

Too many people or too many regionally rich supplements will cause a great burden on the stomach.

  Long-term consumption of high-protein, high-fat, low-fiber dishes is extremely detrimental to health.

Some people think that eating more vegetables is not a bad thing, but vegetables are “eat” oil. Many vegetables are fried with too much cooking oil, and some vegetables are like soaking in oil.

This way, it is easy to get high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and obesity.

TCM treatment of tuberculosis

TCM treatment of tuberculosis

Clinically, the treatment of tuberculosis is usually combined with traditional Chinese and western medicine.

TCM treatment of tuberculosis is mainly achieved by comprehensively conditioning the patients’ lungs, kidneys, spleen and other organs.

  Pulmonary tuberculosis is a pulmonary infection caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Patients often experience symptoms such as hyperhidrosis, night sweats, and hemoptysis.

  Chinese medicine believes that tuberculosis is a deficiency syndrome, which is a comprehensive manifestation of lung deficiency and kidney deficiency, which is caused by sweating and night sweats replacing Qi deficiency.

In the course of treatment, if you can use Chinese medicine for nourishing yin and invigorating qi at the same time as anti-tuberculosis drugs, it can obviously improve the above symptoms, improve the patient’s physical condition, and be more conducive to the success of anti-tuberculosis treatment.

  The compound Taizishen Zhike Yiqi San with Taizishen and Cordyceps sinensis as the medicine is the best choice for nourishing yin and invigorating qi, and treating deficiency.

It can enter the lung, spleen, and kidney meridians simultaneously, and is comprehensively adjusted, which is conducive to the establishment of patients’ internal organs.

The medicine also contains Chinese herbal medicine Fritillaria cirrhosa, trichosanthin, licorice, which has obvious hemostatic properties, and cough and phlegm. After using the compound Taizishen Zhike Yiqi San, the symptoms of night sweats, cough and hemoptysis can be improved.Combined with chemotherapy drugs, can better restore health.