NBA rookie list: Parker beats Wiggins Rockets two newcomers into the top ten

NBA rookie list: Parker beats Wiggins Rockets two newcomers into the top ten
On November 27th, Beijing time, the NBA official announced the new rookie ranking list today. In the new rookie list, Jabari Parker continued to pressure the No. 1 player Andrew Wiggins ranked first, Bo Yang-BoGedanovic continued to sit in the third place, Nerons Noel moved up one place to fourth, and Dante Exxam ranked fifth.Two Rockets rookies, Tallerke Black and Costas Papanicolau, both reached the top 10.Parker continues to lead the rookie list 1, Jabari Parker Bucks (ranked last week: 1) through Noel’s displacement, and Parker’s performance in the past two weeks, no one has been able to shake him in this list.The top position in the list.Parker’s offensive and rebounding contributions allow him to consolidate his first position, but he still needs to be more stable.However, for a rookie, having such a performance at this stage of the season is already a good foundation.2. Andrew Wiggins Timberwolves (ranked last week: 2) Yes, after the Timberwolves’ top player Kevin Martin suffered a wrist injury, Wiggins immediately took the predecessor’s gun and played two games within 24 hours.The game performed well: scored 14 points against the Spurs in 33 minutes and 29 points against the Kings in 41 minutes.However, in the past four games, Wiggins has only had a single field goal percentage of over 40%, which is the game against the Kings, but only 9 of 22 shots (40.9%).Now he’s averaging to 12.5 points, has surpassed Parker, ranked first among all rookies.3. Bojan Bogdanovic Nets (ranked last week: 3) Bogdanovic feels like a cold winter. In the past two games, there have been no sports goals, but onlyThe Thunder scored 3 points for free throws and scored 2 for the Spurs.Despite his hot hand against the Heat, he has 8 of 11 shots, but in the past 5 games, he has only made 15 of 44 shots and 34.1% hit rate.If there are other people with wonderful performances, then he will immediately fall out of the top three.4. The 76ers of Nellen Noel (ranked last week: 5) scored 17 points and 12 rebounds against the Knicks, scored 12 points on 6-of-7 shooting against the Trail Blazers, added 3 steals and 2 blocks, and scored against the Celtics.To 8 rebounds, Noel began to rebound.The most surprising thing about him is his shooting percentage after injuries and ups and downs, reaching 62 in four games.1%, and not all plays come from within three seconds.However, he still needs to be more active in the fight for rebounds.5. Sir Dante Exxam (ranked last week: 6) Jazz is very satisfied with Exxon’s performance on the defensive end. He has made considerable progress since entering the NBA, especially in protecting the ball.In addition, his most recent statistic is that in the 67 minutes played in the last 4 games, he only made 2 turnovers and the assist-to-turnover ratio reached 2.79-1, this has been able to rank in the top 20 of the league, although this can not hide him only 39.4% shooting percentage, but also amazing enough.6, K.J.-Mike Daniels 76ers (ranked last week: 4) The 32nd pick can bring a lot of defensive end contributions. In all rookies with more than 7 appearances, Mike Daniels can be 6 feet 6 inches tall.Ranked second in the top, ranked fourth, ranked sixth in shooting and three-point shooting, ranked eighth in playing time, and ranked ninth in assists.Although his statistics are not particularly impressive, he is indeed very comprehensive.7. Tallerke Black Rockets (ranked last week: 10) In the game against the Lakers, Dwight Howard missed due to injury. Black got 9 rebounds in 35 minutes of playing time. After two games, there was no WarcraftOn the court, he scored 7 rebounds in 14 minutes against the Mavericks and 5 rebounds in 17 minutes against the Knicks.Despite averaging only 16 minutes of playing time per game, Black still has the third most rebounds among rookies, and he can score 10 every 36 minutes.9 rebounds.8. Shabazz Anthony Heat (ranked last week: not on the list) In a conversation with Magic Payton, Pear and his team all won and pushed their opponents out of the top ten of the list.With a good fighting ability, the Colonizer gained too much playing time, and his shooting percentage reached 53 in the past 6 games.5%, so far the season has hit 46.At 6%, the three-point percentage is 41%.To maintain this position on the list, he needs to maintain this shooting percentage, or improve his assist-to-turnover ratio.9. Costas Papanicolaou Rockets (ranked last week: not on the list) Maybe Papanicolaou 31.The 9% shooting rate is not ideal, but he has performed very well in other areas.The Rockets used Thomas Robinson to get his signing power from the Trail Blazers and it was really worth it.He has a good game feel, can pass the ball on the court, and ranks fourth in rookie rebounds.10. Nikola Mirotic Bulls (ranked last week: not on the list) Due to the crowded frontcourt of the Bulls, Mirotic and teammate McDermott’s playing time may fluctuate greatly, almost every weekThere will be no small changes, only played 27 minutes in the first 5 games, but played 99 minutes in the next 4 games.He has a good enough contribution to beat Payton and McDermott, thus replacing the last one on the list.  Rookies who fell out of the list: Doug McDermott (Bulls), Elfried Payton (Magic), Aron Gordon (Magic).(Big speakers)

Top 10 public opinion incidents of online consumption

Top 10 public opinion incidents of online consumption
Public opinion is a mirror reflecting society.Combing the top ten public opinion events in the field of online consumption, and exploring the consumer demand of netizens, it also exposed the shortcomings behind the instant prosperity of the housing economy.The sudden outbreak hit the fast-forward button for the entire online consumer industry, and the “house economy” was ignited.In the 30th year of the Chinese New Year, Juzui plans to throw out a tens of billions of subsidies.The epidemic gave birth to China’s housing economy, and the supplementary plan for cost-effectiveness continued to be carried out to 3 with great fanfare.8 Women’s Day.A gimmick after a gimmick, online shopping made a pot of money.On New Year’s Day, the online broadcast of “囧 妈” stirred up a pool of spring water, and a Weibo topic attracted 7.With 500 million readers, Xu Zheng had to express his foresight and the powerful strength of streaming media to overtake in the corner during the epidemic.As each step of the epidemic progresses, professional medical platforms such as Lilac Garden and People’s Daily, Baidu, Tencent and other media platforms have launched online epidemic query functions, and the national epidemic situation is updated in real time, successfully opening the Internet medical spring.In a month and a half, the “house economy” broke out across six major “tracks” in fresh food delivery, online education, remote office, leisure and entertainment, online medical treatment and online shopping.”Mom”, Xiaohongshu, hot pot OR net class, which track is hot?With 1.4 billion people and six “tracks” of housing economy, which one is hot and which has strong eye-catching ability?Figure 1: Proportion of public opinion information in the six major areas of online consumption from January 23 to March 13 / Qianlong Think Tank Qianlong Think Tank Big Data Full Media Public Opinion Information Technology Monitoring Platform shows that from January 23 to March 11On the day, the amount of public opinion information about online consumption in the public opinion field accumulated about 27.43 million.Among them, online education has the largest amount of information, reaching 15.57 million, accounting for 57%; followed by remote office and leisure entertainment, accounting for 15%; the third echelon is fresh food delivery, online medical and online shopping,The proportion is 5%, 4% and 4% respectively.Although the online education policy is good, during the period of multiple embarrassment and aggression caused by “car overturning”, “downfall” and “traffic”, the nationwide primary and secondary schools are gradually opening, and online education has become “just needed”.On February 3, all provinces and cities across the country started online teaching one after another.On February 6, the Ministry of Education organized 22 online course platforms, including 1,291 national quality online open courses and 401 national virtual simulation experiment courses.More than 40,000, covering 12 subject categories of undergraduate courses and 18 major categories of junior colleges and vocational colleges, this policy has been widely recognized.Dozens of online education companies such as New Oriental Online, Xueersi Online School, Ape Counseling, Homework Help, NetEase Youdao, etc. all offer free courses to students across the country.Qianlong think tank monitoring shows that the attention of online education in the public opinion field has been continuously increasing in the past one and a half months. Until March 13, the amount of online education-related information has exceeded 15.57 million pieces.Take Weibo Topic # 2.More than 40,000 online courses are free to open # as an example, it attracted 4.700 million readers and 12 netizens’ discussions.Ten thousand.Figure 2: The trend of public opinion in the field of online education during the epidemic period (January 23 to March 13) Cartography / Qianlong Think Tank However, online education has also encountered successive “car rollover” incidents.On February 7th, “online courses are too bullying” went on hot search!Weibo topic #Net lesson is too bully # triggered 4.600 million netizens watching and reading, 19.Ten thousand comments vomited, “It’s too difficult, there are all kinds of emergencies” “I hope to start again after school starts” “I have been online classes from six o’clock in the morning to ten thirty in the evening.From February 8th to March 10th, the public opinion field appeared successively the information of online education platform “net collapse”, stuttering, flashback, dropouts and other issues were frequently staged.People Zhiyun, Tencent Classroom, etc. were not spared.On March 3, Wuhan, “College students owe nearly 700 yuan after online classes?””Public sentiment is exposed, and online education is again in trouble.Although the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology responded quickly, “Operators should launch preferential data packages,” it immediately triggered a round of “Internet users questioning mobile phone card packages.””discuss.Preliminary experts said that the current online education is still at a relatively shallow level of competition, and the focus of online education companies is on products and services.Polishing products and services, and comprehensively improving the learning experience. After the epidemic, these “internal strengths” are the fundamental direction for the development of online education companies.Fresh food is hot, takeaway food is hot, online shopping is hot, and human capacity has become a BUG. Figure 3: Freshness e-commerce, takeaway delivery, and online shopping companies’ participation in the field of communication, word cloud map (January 23 to March 13)/ Qianlong Think Tank On February 13, the Chongqing Municipal Commission of Commerce released 35 “zero-touch” hot pot takeaway phones. The news was hot, and the Weibo topic # 火锅 外卖 # hit 6.500 million readers, 12.10,000 evaluation posts madly drying various hot pot pictures.On February 23, Meituan released the “Big Data for 2020 Chinese New Year’s Residences”, the search volume of baked goods on Meituan’s takeaway increased by 100 times, including the average sales volume of food products such as vegetables, meat, seafood and other chains.Up to 200%.Reports show that fresh e-commerce platforms such as Hema have increased the supply of semi-finished products, such as pepper pork belly chicken pot, Korean troop pot, and Japanese Sukiyaki.It is 10 times as usual.Too many well-established restaurants in Beijing have also joined the ranks of online consumers, selling more special dishes into semi-finished products, and its sales of semi-finished products even exceed the take-out of finished products.At the press conference of the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council on February 26, the data released by the Ministry of Commerce showed that “the number of single-day catering takeaways in Wuhan on February 25 reached 130,000 orders”, which once again caused heated discussions.Since the Spring Festival, fresh food, takeaways, online shopping, etc. have contributed to consumer data and have also become a controversial protagonist in the public opinion field.Qianlong think tank monitoring shows that since January 23, the amount of information on “fresh food delivery” and “online shopping” in the public opinion field has reached 2371602, netizens praised the convenience of online consumption, lamented the hardship of the take-away brother, frequented variousAt the same time of gourmet food, problems such as shortage of goods, shortage of personnel, lack of transportation capacity, system collapse and other issues are frequently vomited.In order to cope with the overfilled orders in special periods, the major fresh e-commerce companies used a large number of stocks in a timely manner, placed orders by dispatch, and shared employees to alleviate them.Just as Ren Modaiqing, the e-commerce research center of the Netease’s e-commerce research center, said that the epidemic is a “test” of fresh e-commerce, and the platform needs to be further improved for goods, supply channels, distribution, services and many other aspects.Aiqiyi collapsed, Xiaohongshu collapsed, nails collapsed, online consumption collapsed on the platform during the epidemic, and “XX collapsed” became a topic of great concern and enthusiasm among netizens in the public opinion field.On January 27, “play it down”, on February 2, “Korean TV and TV collapsed”, on February 3, “the nails collapsed”, on February 3, “the watercress collapsed,” and on February 5, “Mango TV””Broken”, “Small Red Book Collapsed”, “Peace Elite Collapsed”, “NetEase Strictly Collapsed” on February 8, “Aiqiyi Collapsed”, “Xiaomi TV Collapsed” on February 16, February 24″Play and collapse again” on March 2, “Knowledge collapsed” on March 2, “Tencent classroom collapsed” on March 4, “People’s wisdom cloud collapsed” on March 9, and appeared on March 10The BUG went on a hot search . Ali, Huawei, and Tencent Cloud Interactive Services all have problems of exceeding pressure.Figure 4: Comparison of netizens’ discussion volume on the micro topic of “XX crashed” (January 23 to March 13) cartography / Qianlong think tank Qianlong think tank monitoring showed that until March 13, “XX collapsed” public opinion field informationThe amount reaches 74.40,000, and the number of discussions on related Weibo topics increased by 39.200 million times, with more than 92 discussions gradually.20 thousand.As netizens commented on the “sweet little sweet tea”, “Chinese people are server killers when they are idle.”Fundamentally, individuals said that the problem of continuous crashes on the platform is only due to the flaws in the product itself, and the other is the sudden increase in traffic and excessive server concurrency.The collapse of the platform just exposed the current flaws in the centralized cloud computing storage.To deal with huge traffic in the future, China’s Internet technology needs to be improved whether it is from hardware upgrades or decentralized technology research.(Qianlong think tank of: Cheng Hui Chen Longfei data support: Liu Haoyuan) Source: Qianlong Original title:[public opinion]public opinion online spending ten events

Crazy for her in the 1980s, still intoxicated for her today-Ye Wen

Crazy for her in the 1980s and still intoxicated for her today | 夜 问
Answer: From top to bottom, they are the movies “Returning to 20”, “Platform”, “Jasmine Blossom” and “Fanghua”. The corresponding options are A-C-D-B.May 8, 2020 is the 25th anniversary of the death of singer Teresa Teng. Today, 25 years ago, she died in Thailand, leaving the world with infinite regret.In 1953, Teresa Teng was born in Taiwan, China, formerly known as Teresa Teng, and sent her parents the hope that she would be as tall and tough as bamboo.Because she likes singing, she has participated in various singing competitions since she was a child.When she encountered financial difficulties at home, she turned her hobby into a means of supplementing her family. She sang very hard at the venue and made a little money.In this process, she is not tired, because singing is the real love in her heart.After recalling her fame, she recalled her childhood and said, “It’s not that adults want me to sing, but I want to sing myself.””In this way, I sang all the way to Southeast Asia and went to Japan to develop and conquer the Japanese audience.Unfortunately, for the rest of her life, she failed to sing in the mainland.But in the 1980s, mainland listeners did not miss Teresa Teng ‘s music, and the mainland music scene was also deeply influenced by her.At first, people could only secretly listen on the radio or pirated tape.It was not until the 1990s that the mainland officially introduced Teresa Teng ‘s song, and her song has already affected countless people.In addition to music creation, this influence is also reflected in the creation of film and television. When people hear Teresa Teng, they hear the feeling that spring is coming.The most recent movie was “Returning to 20” in 2015. The heroine changed from 70 to 20. She sang Teng Lijun ‘s song “Repay”, which she loves, at the age of 20.Girls sing such retro songs, a sense of time and space makes the theme more vivid.In Jia Zhangke’s “Platform”, Teresa Teng’s song also functions as a time shuttle.This movie tells the story of a group of literary youths in a small county town in Shanxi in the era of the spring breeze.At that time, people were still confronting the poles of tradition and rebellion.Teresa Teng’s “Wine and Coffee” and several other popular songs of that era, a series of epochal changes are connected in series in the film to reflect the inner role of the protagonist.Feng Xiaogang’s movie “Fang Hua” in the movie “Fang Hua” has a similar effect. It is one of the good memories of the director who lived from that era.The movie “Jasmine Blossoms” tells the stories of women in the 30s, 50s, and 80s of the last century, full of frustration, bloodshed, and strength. It uses different songs to suggest to the audience when the story happened.In the third story, Teresa Teng’s “Story of the Small Town” is used, which implies that the time has come to the 1980s.Written by Wu Longzhen, proofread by Liu Baoqing

[How to make pumpkin flower steamed buns]_Homemade method of pumpkin flower steamed buns_How to make pumpkin flower steamed buns_How to make pumpkin flower steamed buns

[How to make pumpkin flower steamed buns]_Homemade method of pumpkin flower steamed buns_How to make pumpkin flower steamed buns_How to make pumpkin flower steamed buns

For animals, eating is a verb.

For us humans, this can be done in two ways.

There are many aspects to eating, both delicious and good for the body.

And if you can do it yourself, both will be satisfied.

Now, let me introduce the practice of pumpkin pattern buns.


Prepare all ingredients and divide the flour into 2 portions.

Select golden yellow pumpkin, peel and cut into pieces, steam and cook 3.

With white dough, put a little warm water in the yeast and dissolve in the flour 4.

Add milk slowly, stir with chopsticks while kneading, knead into white dough 5.

The pumpkin is steamed and pressed into a puree 6 with a spoon.

Add yeast water and pumpkin puree to the flour to make a yellow dough. Add milk while stirring. Don’t overdo it.

Both doughs are fermented to double large 8.

Vent the fermented dough and knead evenly.

Take one yellow and white dough each and roll them into oval dough pieces 10.

~~ 11.

Two sheets of sheet stack together 12.

Roll up slowly13.

Use a knife to cut evenly-sized buns. I cut both ends and combined them to make a little hedgehog14.

Wake in the steamer for 15 minutes, burn for 13 minutes on high heat, and turn off the heat for 15 minutes.

Make a small hedgehog, use scissors to slowly cut out the oval dough, add black sesame to make eyes16.

~~ 17.

Make piglets, make small yellow dough into mouths and ears, use black sesame as eyes, and poke two small holes 18 in the nose.

~~ 19.

To make a rose, divide the yellow dough into six small squeezers, one for the stamen, and the other five rolled into a round skin 20.

~~ 21.

Put the flower core on the dough sheet, and then slowly roll up the five pieces of dough, and cut a knife in the middle to form two yellow roses.

twenty two

~~ 23.

Make two large hedgehogs 24 from yellow dough.

It’s not difficult to understand the family-style pumpkin trick buns, but to do it well, it requires your patience and persistence.

Of course, I believe that you will definitely be able to make different flavors with perseverance.

[How to tell if the green mango is ripe]_Identification_Inevitable

[How to tell if the green mango is ripe]_Identification_Inevitable

Qingmang as its name implies is blue mango.

This mango has very high nutritional value, and the price is more expensive than ordinary mangoes, and it is also larger.

However, many people have difficulties in selecting green awns, because whether they are mature or not, the skin is green, so it is easy to be confused whether they are ripe or not.

In fact, there are still a few tricks in selecting green awns. Here are some methods for selecting green awns.

The green mango skin is cyan, and it is still cyan when it is ripe, and it is slightly yellow. You can squeeze it a little, and you can eat it if it feels a little soft, or you can wait for its color to become a little yellow.

When picking, choose green and yellow, and it is slightly soft when pinched. This color and hardness of green bark is high in maturity, and it will not have a sour taste.

The green mango can also be eaten. The unripe green mango is also an edible ingredient. It can be cut into strips and then pickled with bayberry powder or other materials.

Green awns are also green-skinned, with oval-kidney fruits and obvious groin; mature peels are blue-yellow or dark green.

If you feel too hard and sour, you can ripen.

The general ripening methods are: prepare some yellow banana peels, put them in the same plastic bag with green awns and tie the mouth of the bag tightly. In a warm environment, the yellow banana peels will produce a small amount of ethylene during storage.Ethylene has a significant ripening effect. After a few days, the green awns in the second middle school will be ripe and soft and can be taken back for direct consumption; or the drug ethylene and water will be sprayed directly on the surface of the green awns, and then a small quilt orCover the green awns with a blanket. The green awns will become soft and ripe in about two days, and the ripening effect is particularly good. A tropical fruit, which is a type of post-ripe fruits, can usually be used when you ripen green awns.To ripen, wrap the green mango with a newspaper and place it in a fruit box that can be sealed. Then put the fruit box in a warm environment and open it every day to avoid rot. About three days or so,The green awn can be cooked thoroughly and can be taken out directly.

Green Mango Concentration: The biggest benefit of raw green mango is that it can be used for skin care, because raw green mango is rich in a variety of vitamins that are good for the human body, especially the content of vitamin C and vitamin E is relatively high. These two vitamins can directlyAbsorbed by human skin cells, it can lighten pigmentation and promote skin cell regeneration. Frequent eating can whiten and nourish the skin.

Green mango contains some acidic components that can make the body digest and absorb food, and it can also break down excess traces in the human body. In addition, green mango has a large amount of cellulose. This substance can promote peristalsis and promote stool production.With the discharge, the usual consumption of raw green mango can not only moisturize the bowels, but also reduce weight and prevent obesity.

Bactericidal and anti-inflammatory is also one of the important functions of raw green mango. It contains vitamin C, a natural anti-inflammatory and bactericidal ingredient. It can eliminate bacteria, influenza germs and staphylococci in the human body. Usually people eat raw greens.Mango can prevent a variety of common complications and has great benefits for improving the human body’s immunity.

[How to make rock sugar pear juice]_Home made sugar rock pear juice_How to make rock sugar pear juice_How to make rock sugar pear juice

[How to make rock sugar pear juice]_Home made sugar rock pear juice_How to make rock sugar pear juice_How to make rock sugar pear juice

Deterioration of living environment, study.

Increasing work pressure is slowly eroding our health, so health action is urgent.

There are many ways to keep in good health, and the simplest is to eat and keep healthy.

Below, I will introduce to you the method of rock sugar pear juice.


First put the lowest amount of water in the pot. I am a milk pan for drinking by myself, so that the heat can be more uniform, and the pears can all be underwater.

Peel the pears and cut them into thin slices.

Put the dried wolfberry into the pot (if conditions permit, you can soak it in warm water first, and put it in the water after boiling).

After the water has boiled, turn to low heat and cook, be sure to cover a part, and then the water vapor will continue to circulate in it, which can exert the effect of the pear. After the water is boiled, cook for about 10 minutes. 5

Turn off the heat and take out the prepared rock candy at this time. I bought the rock sugar, put it in the pot, cover it, and don’t turn on the fire for about five minutes, the sugar will melt 6.

After five minutes, pour the prepared soup into a bowl. This way, a bowl of rock sugar pear juice will be prepared. Maybe someone in your family will make rock sugar pear juice, but I believe the method is different.

Therefore, in order to realize this difference, you should do it yourself. Only by giving yourself will you realize its value.

Easy to get acne-free


Easy to get acne-free

Finally say goodbye to the painful acne, but the acne is gone, but the acne mark is left.

Looking at these traces, dark or light, or dark or gray, you are very distressed.

There are actually ways to remove these acne marks.

However, just like fighting acne, removing acne marks is also a hard and outstanding struggle.

You need perseverance and patience to achieve flawless beauty.

  At any time, we should adhere to this principle in the issue of removing acne marks: prevention is the main and treatment is the supplement.

Wait until the acne marks have formed, and of course it is better to prevent them before they appear.

Therefore, do not squeeze yourself during the period of redness and inflammation of acne.

Most severe acne scars are related to squeezing on your own.

Unsterilized skin and finger instruments, unprofessional methods, and incorrect judgment of the degree of acne are all incorrect methods.

In this way, it is easy to hurt the dermis when squeezing acne, and the pits and stains left are a regret that cannot be eliminated for life.

  Aged acne marks are like nicks burned into the bladder, which is difficult to wear away. No matter how they are treated, they can’t be turned into original shapes and can only be improved.

The skin management center of Huamei Zixin Medical Beauty Hospital has a series of treatment plans for acne, acne marks, reflected laser, IPL bright light, cold light treatment and so on.

Most customers can almost improve acne under this comprehensive treatment, and even suppress the secretion of sebaceous glands, the pores will shrink and the skin quality will be greatly improved.

It will not be easy to get acne in the future.

Simple skin care method that will not cost you beauty


Simple skin care method that will not cost you beauty

Life is comfortable. I am taken care of by the air conditioner wherever I go. The skin seems to be seduced by the flirtatious, but it is actually secretly damaged. When the insects can not use the air conditioner, try not to let the skin breathe free air.Replace the water, replenish yourself anytime, anywhere, walk around every time, massage your skin, many small habits can protect your skin.


Applying protein-it is difficult to apply makeup to blackheads, noses, and reds. Going to blackheads is definitely not the same day as dating, but it is best to do it one day in advance.

The method is to break an egg, apply egg white to the nose, then apply a piece of paper (without soft cotton) to the face and apply it on the face. Wait for 10?
After 15 minutes of facial tissue drying, pull up the tissue paper from bottom to top, which is very effective at removing blackheads, but remember that after the tissue paper is removed, you must apply an alcohol-free toner.


Water is the source of a woman’s life. Water is the cheapest and healthy drink, so drinking more water is a must.

Generally sugary drinks only make you fat, while water can promote your body’s metabolism and make you healthy and beautiful.

But don’t drink a lot of water before bed because you are worried about your body’s lack of water, otherwise you will see puffy faces and eyes the next morning.


Don’t neglect the eye and lip skin. Before going to bed, you must absorb the moisturizing eye cream and lip cream, so as to avoid fragile eye and lip skin due to dry lines.


Eye cream massage-for dark circles, eye massage has the effect of removing dark circles, if you apply eye cream, by the way, circular massage on the eyes 15?
30 times, the lower eyelids will accelerate blood circulation, and the dark circles can even change from black to dark red in time. Try it!


Hot water lip-easy to peel off dry and dry lips. I only noticed when I applied lipstick. Can I tear it off by hand?


You must see blood, and it is easy to cause allergic symptoms. It is best to apply a thick layer of lip balm and apply hot moist cotton pads on the lips for 15 minutes.

Then gently brush the lips with a toothbrush to brush off the lip.


Strengthen the air humidity and keep the skin locked in water. Do n’t think that the air humidifier is only used in winter. At this time, in order to maintain the humidity in the bedroom air at night and avoid excessive dryness of the skin, a small humidifier needs to be placed on the bedside.Device, adjusted to a suitable value according to the indoor humidity.

Couple Yoga Recommended Romantic and Fitness

Couple Yoga Recommended Romantic and Fitness

Recommended yoga for couples ★ Recommendation 1: Both sides sit side by side, bend their knees, put their feet against each other, hold their arms against each other, lift their legs above their heads, and hold their knees, both arms clasped together, straight forward.

  Efficacy: It can correct the distortion of the lumbar spine, so that hormones can return to normal functions, eliminate abdominal abnormalities, and have the effect of bunching hips.

  ★ Recommendation 2: Reduce one leg, bend the other leg at the self-alignment position, lift the leg to the former, and rest the heel and sole sides above the former.

One hand was raised above the top, the two hands were holding each other, and the other two were facing in front of each other.

  Efficacy: Enhance the flexibility of legs and feet, and expand the bust.

  ★ Recommendation 3: Sitting in both sides, with legs straight forward, reclining left (right) feet inward, bending right (left) knees outward, legs extended to the floor, lift right calf upward, elbow on right(Left) Toe, raise left (right) hand, maintain posture, subject to comfort.

  Efficacy: It can compress the entire spine, strengthen muscle groups, accelerate blood circulation, strengthen digestion, adjust the activities of the adrenal and gonads, and return the urine system to normal function.

  ★ Recommendation 4: Sit on one side with your hands on the ground, inhale and straighten your knees, raise your hips, and let your heels touch the ground. On the other side, use the other person’s shoulder as a support point and do the same movement.

  Efficacy: It can eliminate heel and shoulder pain and strengthen the sciatic nerve.

  ★ Recommendation 5: One knees on one leg, supports the ground with both hands, twists and straightens, the body is quadrangular, the left and right wrists, and the arms forward.

The other party does the same.

  Efficacy: It can shrink the spine and sciatic nerve and reduce fat.

  ★ Other recommended actions are similar to back-to-back games.

The two are backed correctly, their feet are apart and their hands are held together.

The front end always stays tight, the man’s upper body leans forward so that it is parallel to the ground, and the woman is dragged up.

Women’s legs are raised, and they form an “X” with men’s legs.

Keep moving for 3-8 breaths and restore.

Be careful not to sink your head too much in people with high blood pressure and hypertension.

  Efficacy: Fully relax and contract the muscles around the thighs and spine; increase the blood supply to the head and brain; and have a massage effect on the internal organs.

  Love corner moves take the yoga triangle contraction.

The two spread their legs apart back to back, with their left feet extended 90 degrees to point perpendicular to themselves.

Turn your right foot 45 degrees inward, also pointing to your own vertical.

The upper body is twisted towards itself, with the right hand being able to turn to the left foot, and the left hand being raised to touch the opposite direction.

Keep your legs straight and keep breathing evenly.

Keep moving for 3-8 breathing times, slowly return to the other side.

  Efficacy: The triangular cone type allows the spine to be subdivided laterally, and the nerves around the spine are adjusted.

Increase the elasticity of the crotch, retina and thigh muscles.

Eliminate excess waist and massage abdominal organs.

  The lover tree moves are taken from a yoga tree pose.

The two of them shrank side by side in opposite directions, placing their right heels on the left groin, pointing to the outside of the body.

The right hands are locked on the back of each body.

Lift your left hand and cross your fingers.

Pay attention to breathing evenly and keep your balance.

  Efficacy: It can regulate leg, contraction, toe and foot muscles; promote spinal pedicles; encourage the balanced development of body torso, abdominal and hip muscles.

Husband and wife can’t say anything

Husband and wife can’t say anything

What can’t a husband and wife say?

The way of getting along with a husband and wife is far more complicated than when in love, and it is also considered by the other party and the whole family.It’s a bloody storm, so today I’m here to tell you what you can’t say about a couple’s quarrel?

  Each couple has different personalities. To communicate with each other better, they need to understand their own moods, sorrows, and sorrows, and they must not reach the other person’s bottom line.

You can consider the following topics and attention when couples quarrel.

  First, remember not to say that there are some couples in the society of each other ‘s parents. When arguing, they will talk about each other ‘s parents, or talk about each other ‘s parents; this is the most unfair action to each otherSad language.


If it is caused by their parents, it is recommended to talk about something only, don’t borrow things to talk about it, a whole series of attacks; filial piety to the children, this is hundreds of times more painful than hurting others themselves.


If it ‘s a quarrel caused by something else, do n’t let it go. Silence is the main thing. Afterwards, it ‘s always a party who knows what to do to miss or even appease; if it ‘s the woman and the woman is unwilling to apologize,It is recommended that men be generous and tolerant to women, no matter how angry the woman’s temper will be half.

  Second, do n’t involve your friends when you are quarreling. Whether you are a family member or after you are married, you always have more or less close friends. Your friends are always toward you, which will inevitably cause a quarrel because of something.The reason is not to involve friends.


There will always be people who don’t like or interact with each other’s friends; if the other’s friends are on the shelf, then I’m really sorry for the other person, because after all friends are outsiders, it is appropriate to belittle the friends.


Things between husband and wife, family matters, and work matters are all things; thinking about each other from a different angle may better understand each other’s difficulties, and there will be a tacit understanding between husband and wife.

  Third, don’t confuse people with non-sages on the mistakes they made earlier.

Even the best people and the loving couples will always have some past mistakes or mistakes; forgetting or even slowly diluting each other’s mistakes will make each other more understanding and caring.

  What can’t a husband and wife say?

I believe that you will have some understanding after reading the above article content, so in the future, you must remember that you ca n’t say anything, and once you say it, you may escalate from a small contradiction to a big self-confidence.I hope everyone remembers it.