High album sales?The value of the digital music era is more than that

High album sales?The value of the digital music era is more than that
In the second decade of the 21st century just past, the Chinese music industry has undergone a tremendous transformation from the traditional record to the digital era. The wave of copyright reform has spawned a new music market model. According to the “2019 China Music Industry Development Report”, 2019The scale of the digital music industry jumped to hundreds of billions annually and undoubtedly became the core growth engine of the music market.Tencent Music Entertainment Group recently announced the 2019Q3 financial report, which also shows that China’s online music discovery users have reached 35.4 million.So, in 2019, why do fans expect higher quality content?Behind the eye-catching album sales, how is the industry’s value ranking born?Sauna and Yewang will take you through the analysis of the 2019 digital music sales charts by third parties.  Digital albums become the “new normal” of music works In 2014, Tencent Music Entertainment Group and Jay Chou jointly launched the first digital album “Hey, not bad” in Mainland China, creating a new model for the release of digital albums.After five years have passed, digital album sales have continued to rise and refresh on major music platforms, marking the birth of a “new normal” for the release of works by musicians-once, “Ouch, good” album sold for 20 yuan a piece160,000 copies, and looking at the sales of digital albums in 2019, a total of 7 digital albums sold more than 500,000 copies, 6 of which were released from Tencent Music’s platform (QQ music, Kugou music, Kuwo music).The top three R1SE “Burst Explosion” sold 2.97 million copies, and Li Yuchun’s “Wow” and Taylor Swift’s “Lover” sold 1 million copies.  In the 2019 digital album album ranking by third-party inventory, 8 of the top ten works were released by platforms owned by Tencent Music Entertainment Group, of which Cai Xukun digital album “Young” released on QQ music and other platforms.It has exceeded 50 million, ranking first in the sales of the entire network.In addition to Cai Xukun, these 8 lists include not only R1SE, Rocket Maiden, an excellent new-generation group devoted to music career, but also cover the international music “top stream” Taylor Swift, as well as cross-talk music crosstalk actorsZhang Yunlei.At the same time, Zhang Yixing, Li Yuchun, Jay Chou and other musicians maintained the top of the list with stable output music quality, showing the strong influence of high-quality music content on user consumption habits.  Known as Inspur to promote the music industry to develop music as a content product, it integrates the work of music creators and industry people. Users find that habits and content value stimulation are particularly important.In the return of the value of high-quality music content, behind the continuous growth of users’ music consumption enthusiasm, in fact, it is inseparable from the Chinese digital music platform’s constant insight into user needs and the cultivation of perception awareness, and continuous innovation attempts in the digital music business model.  Take Tencent Music Entertainment Group as an example. As the leader of China’s online music entertainment service, it has been committed to helping the music and cultural entertainment industry to release the value of nuclear energy to the greatest extent.The next meeting, sharing will enhance the interaction between artists and fans.For novice singers with potential but lack of opportunities, Tencent Music Entertainment Group has also created a “Tencent Musician” support plan to continuously expand the wide display platform for original musicians.In terms of the linked cultural and entertainment industry, Tencent Music Entertainment Group has linked games, film and television and other pan-entertainment-related industries and successfully launched “TME +”, breaking the relative isolation of various industries and making music an accelerator for the development of the cultural entertainment industry.In the end, through the interlocking links of business models to create an active consumer market, the upstream, middle and lower reaches of the music industry can be deeply connected, and an open and win-win music ecological environment was born.  Writing / Sauna, Yang Chang

Brother Hammer said he liked the Raytheon 4 script, The final version is very crazy

“Brother Hammer” said he liked the “Raytheon 4” script, “The final version is very crazy”
According to foreign media reports, although there are still two years before the release of “Raytheon 4”, the film’s script has been completed and is quite excellent.Recently, Thor’s actor “Brother Hammer” Chris Hemsworth said in an interview, “I like this script!This is one of the best scripts I have read in recent years. Director Taiga Viditi has played his highest level and made the best works.If the version I participated in was the final version of Thor, it would be crazy.”Raytheon 4” will be released on February 18, 2022.>>> Chris Hemsworth shows Thor ‘s Hammer, saying that he is most afraid of tutoring children ‘s homework at home. Natalie Portman, “Hammer” and “Valkyrie” will star in “Thor 4″Gather. It is reported that Thor is currently the only superhero in the Marvel movie universe that will have four personal movies. This is related to Marvel’s plan for the future movie universe. One of the reasons is also because of “Raytheon 3” (Mainland Box Office 7.400 million yuan, the global box office 8.(US $ 500 million) was highly praised. Last year, Marvel Pictures Chairman Kevin Fitch announced at the San Diego International Marvel Exhibition that he would develop “Raytheon 4”, which will continue to be directed and returned by Taiga Viditi, Chris· Hemsworth, “Valkyrie” Tessa Thompson and Natalie Portman will star in “Thor 4”.Sauna, Yewang Editor Zhou Huixiaowan Huang Jialing Proofreading Wu Xingfa

Before you become familiar with this drama, let ‘s do this test paper | Beijing Daily x National Theater Daily Sign

Before you become familiar with this drama, let ‘s do this test paper | Beijing Daily x National Theater Daily Sign
You must be familiar with the following questions.These language classes familiar to us in the era of reading are now reappearing on the stage. Huang Ying’s “Language Class” is about to return from January 15 to 18. We can solve problems on the stage together.The inspiration of “Language Class” intervenes in our Chinese teaching materials from small to large.In the play, seven ordinary people who have experienced Chinese language education explore how the subject of Chinese, which is love and hate but cannot be avoided, has profoundly affected their different lives.The whole script is interactive and interactive, each audience on the scene will be distributed to textbooks, pencils and erasers will participate in the drama under the guidance of actors.”How did we get from being a little kid wandering around to be ourselves today?”This is a long-standing question deep in Huang Ying’s heart.After reviewing 24 Chinese textbooks for 12 years of compulsory education, he found some clues.”Language has a subtle effect on shaping a person’s thinking mode, but the effect of Chinese textbooks and the entire education process on our human shape has been surpassed.” This discovery eventually became the motivation for his creation of this drama.In addition to rereading the textbooks, Huang Ying and his creative team inspected the current status of education in China, and obtained information from kindergarten teachers, university professors, and teachers from the education industry.If you are interested in revisiting this work, you may wish to enter the theater to experience this special “Chinese class”, return to the campus era, and find the feeling of being a student.Tianye Ni proofreading editor Liu Jun

2019 Asian Cup China VS Korea match schedule

2019 Asian Cup China VS Korea match schedule
At 21:30 on January 11, Beijing time, the second round of the 2019 Asian Cup Group C started, and the national football team defeated the Philippines 3-0.In the first half, Feng Xiaoting once rescued his chest, but Wu Xi’s header just missed slightly, Wu Lei scored the world wave!In the second half, Wu Lei once again staged the flying fairy, and Yu Dabao came off the bench for 17 seconds.After the two-game winning streak of the national football team, the group qualified in advance to advance to the top 16.In the final round, the national football team will die in South Korea, competing for the first team.The Chinese football team made an advance appearance. Chinese fans warmly cheered the 2019 Asian Cup finals match, which took place in the UAE from January 5 to February 1.The national football group match against the Philippines on January 11 and the final round against South Korea on January 16.Wu Lei vs. Philippines scored twice for the 2019 Asian Cup schedule: Group A January 5 UAE VS Bahrain January 6 Thailand VS India January 10 Bahrain VS Thailand January 10 India VS UAE January 14 UAE VS Thailand  January 14 India VS Bahrain Group B January 6 Australia VS Jordan January 6 Syria VS January 10 Jordan VS Syria January 11 Syria VS January 15 United States VS Syria January 15 Palestine VS Jordan C组1月7日韩国VS菲律宾1月7日中国VS吉尔吉斯斯坦1月11日菲律宾VS中国1月11日吉尔吉斯斯坦VS韩国1月16日韩国VS中国1月16日吉尔吉斯斯坦VSVS组  1月7日Iran VS Yemen January 8 Iraq VS Vietnam January 12 Yemen VS Iraq January 12 Vietnam VS Iran January 16 Iran VS Iraq January 16 Vietnam VS Yemen Group E January 8 Saudi Arabia VS North Korea January9 Qatar VS Lebanon January 12 North Korea VS Qatar January 13 Lebanon VS Saudi Arabia January 17 Saudi Arabia VS Qatar January 17 Lebanon VS North Korea F Group January 9 Japan VS Turkmenistan January 9 UzbekistanStan VS Oman January 13 Turkmenistan VS Uzbekistan January 13 Oman VS Japan January 17 Japan VS Uzbekistan January 17 Oman VS Turkmenistan 1/8 finish field 37 A2 VS C2 field sequence 38 D1 VS B/E/F3 field sequence 39 B1 VS A/C/D3 field sequence 40 F1 VS E2 field sequence 41 C1 VS A/B/F3 field sequence 42 E1 VS D2 field sequence 43 A1 VS C/D/E3 field sequence 44 B2 VS F21 / 4 Finals 45 45 Winners VS 38 Winners 46 46 Winners VS 40 Winners 47 41 Winners VS 42 Winners 48 43 Winners VS 44 Winners Semifinals49 45 winners VS 46 winners field order 50 47 winners VS 48 winners final field order 51 49 winners VS 50 winners According to the schedule, the 2019 Asian Cup opener will be played between the host UAE and Bahrain, the time isJanuary 5, 2019.The national football team greeted the focus battle with Kyrgyzstan on the 7th. The success or failure of this game will directly influence the team of the national football team.In addition, the national football team will face the Philippines and South Korea on the 11th and 16th respectively. Original title: Asian Cup January 16 China VS South Korea specific timetable 2019 National Football Asian Cup match schedule

National Opera Grand Ceremony pays tribute to Da Zhai Men, Chen Baoguo Liu Peiqi Siqin Gaowa reunites

“National Opera Grand Ceremony” pays tribute to “Da Zhai Men”, Chen Baoguo Liu Peiqi Siqin Gaowa reunites
On December 19th, Anhui Satellite TV 2019 “National Opera Festival” officially announced that it will be broadcast on January 1, 2020.The show will pay tribute to the classic “Mansion Gate” 18 years ago.In the face of such a classic national drama, 18 years later, Siqin Gaowa called the evaluation still quite high, “I think it can be recognized as beautiful with” Dream of Red Mansions “, tasteful, and chewing.”Chen Baoguo, Liu Peiqi and Siqin Gaowa walked out of the gate of the mansion reappearing on the stage of the national drama ceremony.Official photo. In 2008, when the first Anhui Satellite TV Gala was founded, classics such as “Da Zhaimen” appeared as a tribute to the national drama. The director Guo Baochang starred in Siqin Gaowa.on the stage.Eleven years later, they gathered again on the same stage.Chen Baoguo said frankly at the scene: “Remember we have all said that after seeing the script of” Da Zhai Men “, we know that it is a script that meets every 50 years.We are very honored to participate in the performance of this play.Speaking of the honor of special contribution, I think it should be the screenwriter and director of this play Mr. Guo Baochang.”Liu Peiqi also said that I would like to thank Guo Baochang for the drama he wrote with his life,” at this moment I also feel that the honor of “National Drama Grand Prix” is heavy.But no matter what award or honor you get, return to zero and return to the starting line.Otherwise, it will float, swell, and will be arrogant, no one in the eyes, I am not willing to be such a person.I want to read the script seriously, act seriously, and act honestly. This is what I want in my life.”Sauna, Night Net Editor Liu Wei Tong Na proofreading Wei Zhuo

Ding Junhui’s Haikou Open finals thrilling victory was repeatedly spoiled by flies _1

Ding Junhui’s Haikou Open finals, thrilling wins were repeatedly “spoiled” by flies
Minnan News March 13 Yesterday, in the second round of the 2014 World Snooker Haikou Open, Ding Junhui completed a reversal and defeated Advani.In the game, flies and flying insects repeatedly “choke”, Ding Junhui also stomped anxiously, but ultimately won the tiebreaker victory.Despite winning the game, CCTV commentator Jiang Yi pointed out that Ding Junhui’s status is slow and hot, and he is so thrilling to advance that no one can stand it.  In the first half, the two had a 2:2 draw. Although the opponent got the match point 4:2, Ding Junhui finally reversed to achieve promotion.In the sixth inning, Ding Junhui led 8:1. Waving his hand on the ball before hitting turned out to catch the flies. Then the referee cleaned the table. The body of the worm was on the table. Jiang Yi ridiculed not to spend money to watch the game fall.Ding Junhui won the seventh inning to save a match point. When he hit the red ball in this inning, a fly stopped on the ball, but Ding Junhui ignored it and continued to hit.  Jiang Yi commented on Ding Junhui’s performance: “Even after completing the tiebreaker streak, but still have to criticize Ding Junhui’s slow-heating state, who can’t stand anyone playing Ding Ding’s adventures.””

NBA rookie list: Parker beats Wiggins Rockets two newcomers into the top ten

NBA rookie list: Parker beats Wiggins Rockets two newcomers into the top ten
On November 27th, Beijing time, the NBA official announced the new rookie ranking list today. In the new rookie list, Jabari Parker continued to pressure the No. 1 player Andrew Wiggins ranked first, Bo Yang-BoGedanovic continued to sit in the third place, Nerons Noel moved up one place to fourth, and Dante Exxam ranked fifth.Two Rockets rookies, Tallerke Black and Costas Papanicolau, both reached the top 10.Parker continues to lead the rookie list 1, Jabari Parker Bucks (ranked last week: 1) through Noel’s displacement, and Parker’s performance in the past two weeks, no one has been able to shake him in this list.The top position in the list.Parker’s offensive and rebounding contributions allow him to consolidate his first position, but he still needs to be more stable.However, for a rookie, having such a performance at this stage of the season is already a good foundation.2. Andrew Wiggins Timberwolves (ranked last week: 2) Yes, after the Timberwolves’ top player Kevin Martin suffered a wrist injury, Wiggins immediately took the predecessor’s gun and played two games within 24 hours.The game performed well: scored 14 points against the Spurs in 33 minutes and 29 points against the Kings in 41 minutes.However, in the past four games, Wiggins has only had a single field goal percentage of over 40%, which is the game against the Kings, but only 9 of 22 shots (40.9%).Now he’s averaging to 12.5 points, has surpassed Parker, ranked first among all rookies.3. Bojan Bogdanovic Nets (ranked last week: 3) Bogdanovic feels like a cold winter. In the past two games, there have been no sports goals, but onlyThe Thunder scored 3 points for free throws and scored 2 for the Spurs.Despite his hot hand against the Heat, he has 8 of 11 shots, but in the past 5 games, he has only made 15 of 44 shots and 34.1% hit rate.If there are other people with wonderful performances, then he will immediately fall out of the top three.4. The 76ers of Nellen Noel (ranked last week: 5) scored 17 points and 12 rebounds against the Knicks, scored 12 points on 6-of-7 shooting against the Trail Blazers, added 3 steals and 2 blocks, and scored against the Celtics.To 8 rebounds, Noel began to rebound.The most surprising thing about him is his shooting percentage after injuries and ups and downs, reaching 62 in four games.1%, and not all plays come from within three seconds.However, he still needs to be more active in the fight for rebounds.5. Sir Dante Exxam (ranked last week: 6) Jazz is very satisfied with Exxon’s performance on the defensive end. He has made considerable progress since entering the NBA, especially in protecting the ball.In addition, his most recent statistic is that in the 67 minutes played in the last 4 games, he only made 2 turnovers and the assist-to-turnover ratio reached 2.79-1, this has been able to rank in the top 20 of the league, although this can not hide him only 39.4% shooting percentage, but also amazing enough.6, K.J.-Mike Daniels 76ers (ranked last week: 4) The 32nd pick can bring a lot of defensive end contributions. In all rookies with more than 7 appearances, Mike Daniels can be 6 feet 6 inches tall.Ranked second in the top, ranked fourth, ranked sixth in shooting and three-point shooting, ranked eighth in playing time, and ranked ninth in assists.Although his statistics are not particularly impressive, he is indeed very comprehensive.7. Tallerke Black Rockets (ranked last week: 10) In the game against the Lakers, Dwight Howard missed due to injury. Black got 9 rebounds in 35 minutes of playing time. After two games, there was no WarcraftOn the court, he scored 7 rebounds in 14 minutes against the Mavericks and 5 rebounds in 17 minutes against the Knicks.Despite averaging only 16 minutes of playing time per game, Black still has the third most rebounds among rookies, and he can score 10 every 36 minutes.9 rebounds.8. Shabazz Anthony Heat (ranked last week: not on the list) In a conversation with Magic Payton, Pear and his team all won and pushed their opponents out of the top ten of the list.With a good fighting ability, the Colonizer gained too much playing time, and his shooting percentage reached 53 in the past 6 games.5%, so far the season has hit 46.At 6%, the three-point percentage is 41%.To maintain this position on the list, he needs to maintain this shooting percentage, or improve his assist-to-turnover ratio.9. Costas Papanicolaou Rockets (ranked last week: not on the list) Maybe Papanicolaou 31.The 9% shooting rate is not ideal, but he has performed very well in other areas.The Rockets used Thomas Robinson to get his signing power from the Trail Blazers and it was really worth it.He has a good game feel, can pass the ball on the court, and ranks fourth in rookie rebounds.10. Nikola Mirotic Bulls (ranked last week: not on the list) Due to the crowded frontcourt of the Bulls, Mirotic and teammate McDermott’s playing time may fluctuate greatly, almost every weekThere will be no small changes, only played 27 minutes in the first 5 games, but played 99 minutes in the next 4 games.He has a good enough contribution to beat Payton and McDermott, thus replacing the last one on the list.  Rookies who fell out of the list: Doug McDermott (Bulls), Elfried Payton (Magic), Aron Gordon (Magic).(Big speakers)

2014 10 size forward forecast: Zhanhuang Durant fights for melon third _1

2014 10 size forward forecast: Zhanhuang Durant fights for melon third
On August 21st, Beijing time, ESPN expert Bradford Dulit used the WARP lateral placement tool to rank players in various positions in the NBA in the new season.In this issue of the small forward ranking, LeBron James, who returned to the Cleveland Cavaliers, topped the list, Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder and Carmelo Anthony of the New York KnicksRanked second and third.  (Note: The WARP value, the full name of winsabovereplacementplayer, is often translated as the contribution value of victory.Simply put, this value is used to predict the player’s contribution to the team.To be more precise, at the expected playing time, a player (usually the starter) will bring more victory to the team than other players in the same position.) 1) LeBron James predicted the WARP value for the new season: 20.0 win rate: 75% want to take the emperor’s position, it takes more than one year.Last season, Durant’s WARP value led the league and surpassed James.You know, in the previous five seasons, James’ WARP value is the highest in the league.Although James WARP may be ranked second in next season, this is his 10th consecutive season in the top two in the league.In short, this performance is amazing.  James’ efficiency and output have remained basically unchanged in some respects, but his rebounds, steals and blocks all overlap.This change can be directly reflected in the true positive and negative values, and his true positive and negative values on the offensive end reach 8.7, set its highest since joining the Heat; but the true positive and negative value on the defensive end is only -0.8. Below the league average.2) Kevin Durant’s predicted WARP value for the new season: 17.1 win rate: 69% Last season, Durant has been ranked first in the league for the first time in the ranking of WARP value, and also took the MVP trophy from the regular season from LeBron James.Today, only the spread data on his resume: an NBA championship.In the regular season, Durant performed better than ever, and his WARP value and winning percentage set new career highs. To some extent, this needs to be attributed to his passing ability.  In the first three seasons of entering the league, Durant’s assist rate was only 3.2%, since then, his data began to increase.Last season, his assist rate and 2012-13 season (6.4%) Doubled locally.There is no doubt that Durant has gradually reduced his turnovers in the past two seasons.He is one of the best players in the NBA today, and he is entering the peak of sports.3) Carmelo Anthony’s predicted WARP value for the new season: 10.4 Win percentage: 59% There have been enough reports about Anthony becoming much better since joining the Knicks.In fact, he has never been as good as he is now.Not just dream fame, in terms of statistics, he is the top 10 players in the league.  Last season, his WARP value reached 14.2. It is 3 higher than the highest personal value in the previous 10 seasons.2, and ranked ninth in the league.In addition, his true positive and negative value is 3.8. Set a career high.Therefore, his influence can be reflected from the team level.Now, Anthony, who has turned 30 years old, will play in a system that may further improve his efficiency, and may also enhance his passing ability.4) Gordon Hayward’s predicted WARP value for the new season: 10.3 Win rate: 59% Not every young player has the opportunity to see themselves as the core of the team’s offensive, but last season, this opportunity came to Hayward.The WARP value of his career high is more based on production than efficiency.With the improvement of the Jazz’s strength, Hayward’s round share is expected to decline, but even if it does not decline, his three-point shooting should be higher than last season’s 30.4%.Hayward’s ability has been recognized in the free agent market this summer, and has gained a fat contract.5) Nicholas Batum’s predicted WARP value for the new season: 9.6 Win percentage: 57%    Maybe this is from France, but think of Batum, Noah and Dior!These three players have brought great value to their respective teams, and their skills are very comprehensive.  Last season, Batum’s WARP value reached 8.7. Ranked 29th in the league, even if his round share fell to the lowest since the rookie season-16.5%.In addition, his true shooting percentage has increased significantly, and his passing and rebounding are better than ever.He is entering the peak of his career and has enough time to improve his shortcomings.  Note: The 6th to 10th places are: Giannis Antetocompo, Andre Iguodala, Kowai Leonard, Chandler Parsons, Rudy GayYi.(Rosen) Extended reading: 2014 NBA summer signing transaction summary: Zhan Huangluo signed with Cavaliers ESPN to retire in the new season. Team prediction: Lakers Rockets top two Knicks again on the list

2016 ATP year-end finals opener Djokovic sends egg to reverse Tim to take the lead _1

2016 ATP year-end finals opener Djokovic sends egg to reverse Tim to take the lead
Beijing time on November 14th, the 2016 ATP year-end finals started in London, the singles opener match, the world’s second Djokovic team in the Rendell group against the finals Tim Tim.As a result, he made timely adjustments in the case of a tiebreaker defeat. In the end, he sent an egg 6-7 (10) / 6-0 / 6-2 to reverse Tim and get the group stage starter.Druid celebrated the play Druid and Tim League played three times, the Serbian king won a single victory, this is a singles opener, for Druid, if he wants to regain the world No. 1 from Murray, his result of each gameBoth are very important, and Tim naturally looks forward to getting a good start. Both of them have not been in the best form recently, but Druid’s game experience is even better.  In the first set game, Djokovic took the lead in serving. As a result, he lovegame made it easy. Tim’s service was 40-15 ahead and was chased to 40 draws, but he still won the game with a strong serve and a straight line.Two points, smooth service, and since then the two services have been successfully served, so that the score alternately rose to 5-5.  In the 11th inning of the first set, Druid returned the ball to the net to send a break point, but the Serbian made a two-point thriller and threw the pressure to Tim 6-5. The Austrian star blasted the ACE and successfully secured the first set.Seven, in the middle of the tie-break, the small German net saved the ball accidentally and fell to the ground. After changing the side 2-4, Tim overcomes the 5-2 lead caused by the high pressure in front of the net, and each scored a point. Tim took 6-3In the three counts, but he made two double errors in a row, Xiao De took advantage of the situation to catch up to 6-6, and since then both shots played a good show to save the inventory, Tim cashed in the 7th inventory with a forehand win, 7-6 (10) Career took the first set from Druid for the first time.  Djokovic quickly adjusted and broke 3-0 in the second set. After a short break, Djokovic easily maintained a 4-0 lead. In the fifth game, Djokovic took over the brave,Tim made mistakes again and again. The Serbian broke the service 5-0 for the third time and entered the service victory set. Eventually, the gradually overcame service was cashed in, and the game was brought to the final set 6-0.  In the start of the tiebreaker, Tim defended strongly and stopped the continuous decline. However, the small Germany had adjusted the state to a 2-1 lead, and then both of them defended their own.-2 Continue to have an advantage.In the seventh inning, Tim made too many mistakes. Druid broke the serve again and entered the serve to win the game 5-2. As a result, the Serbian scored four points and scored 6-2 to achieve the reversal.

2017 World Table Tennis Men’s Singles Final Malone VS Fan Zhendong match video live address entry_1

2017 World Table Tennis Men’s Singles Final Malone VS Fan Zhendong match video live address entrance
【世乒赛-樊振东横扫对手会师马龙 中国包揽男单冠亚军】北京时间6月5日,杜塞尔多夫世乒赛展开男单半决赛的厮杀,中国球员樊振东4-0(11-6, 11-9, 11-6, 11-1) defeated South Korea’s Li Xiangxiu to advance to the final, will compete with Malone for the men’s singles championship, the two men also won the men’s singles runner-up for the Chinese Table Tennis World Championships in advance.  2017 World Table Tennis Men’s Singles Finals Malone VS Fan Zhendong match video live address entrance:    20:30 on the evening of June 5 CCTV live    video highlights of the game: https://v./x/cover/8kgky7w2id16axb/o0024e3t5gc.html  中青在线北京6月5日电(中国青年报·中青在线记者 郭剑)扔出球拍、长啸一声倒地庆祝,龙队又赢了,世乒赛男单决赛上演荡气回肠的七局The war finally ended with Malone’s successful defending!  The Düsseldorf World Table Tennis Championships were packed, and fans of Ma Long and Fan Zhendong shouted one after another in the stands. Applause, cheers, and cheers made this high-level World Championship men’s singles final a veritable home derby.  At the start of 0:4, Malone, who lost 7:11 in the first game, obviously did not enter the state. For the first time, Fan Zhendong broke into the men’s singles final of the World Championships.After struggling in the middle of the second game, Malone also found his rhythm on the court, and the defending champion who shouted his momentum also frequently forced Fan Zhendong’s mistakes.  The 1:3 backward Fan Zhendong did not easily send the victory away. Instead, he used pressure to make Malone difficult to parry. Fan Zhendong, who won two consecutive games, stubbornly dragged the game into a cruel tiebreaker.  The suffocating seventh game allowed no mistakes. Like the whole game, the winning balance finally pointed to the more experienced Malone after swinging left and right.After missing a championship point, Malone finally used a perfect side attack to win the championship with 12:10.  Malone, who was in danger, showed the heart of the Grand Slam champion. Malone said that all he wanted in the game was to focus on playing the ball. The two people’s wonderful performances dedicated a classic battle to the World Table Tennis Championships.  Today the whole game is very dramatic. Anyone who makes mistakes will be caught by opponents to score continuously. Fortunately, I won the game today.Malone commented on today’s game.  For his opponent Fan Zhendong, Ma Long also spoke highly of it: Fan Zhendong has made great progress in recent years. He has the strength to win the championship. The future is his!  As the winner of the Super Slam, Ma Long, who had won the victory over teammate Xu Xin, admitted that his mentality before the game was not sure. Whether he would be happy to deal with it or work hard again, Ma Long couldn’t find a way to find head coach Zhi Duoxing Liu Guoliang to solve the puzzle.However, Ma Long, who refused to disclose details, said Liu Guoliang’s answer was very important to him.  Ma Long, who successfully defended his title, caught up with Zhang Jike in the World Championships. Ma Long thanked Zhang Jike specifically after the game. I would like to thank Jike. He is my idol and is very happy from looking up to him and shoulder to shoulder with him.  Although Zhang Jike won the Olympic title in four years and Zhang Jike achieved the men’s singles title in the World Table Tennis Championship in four years, Ma Long finally used his own efforts and strength to achieve the men’s table tennis twins side by side!Fan Zhendong, who failed to stand on the highest podium, was enough to be respected by his opponents. He tenaciously dragged the game into the tiebreaker and he tenaciously saved a championship point.  However, Fan Zhendong, who watched the whole game as a substitute at the Rio Olympics, still failed to cross the most difficult mountain in the past few years-Malone, but his circumstance and technical progress in the stalemate are obvious to all.Fan Zhendong, who was blushing after the game, admitted that he did a good job, but he was too close to force when he was leading.Fan Zhendong said: Generally speaking, this game was a good one, but when the chance came, the ability to expand the score and catch the fighter was still worse. I hope that I won’t make such mistakes in the future.  Unable to tell whether the face was sweat or tears, Fan Zhendong’s face was full of regret, and his unyielding eyes made people see that the 20-year-old teenager could become the mainstay of Chinese men’s table tennis in the future.Fan Zhendong, who wants to grab the class, is still a bit tender, but it is Fan Zhendong’s responsibility to take over and take over.(Editor of the Ministry of Sports)    (original title: World Table Tennis Men’s Singles Final Malone continues to win thanks to idol Zhang Jike) Extended reading: 2017 World Table Tennis Live Streaming: June 5 schedule for men’s singles finals and women’s doubles finals